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Mielle Organics Mint Almond Oil

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Product Rating: 4.78 Curls (Rated 5/5 based on 9 reviews) Login to add your review

Prevents Breakage and Shedding, Seals in moisture, Promotes growth by improving circulation and stimulating the hair follicles, All natural oil, Lightweight, Can be used as a pre poo, h Read More...
Rating: Product Rating: 5 Curls

I really loved this oil. I applied a little before and after blow drying. I like the peppermint smell and how light yet moisture locking it is. It also gives my hair a light sheen and helps to keep my hair soft.

Rating: Product Rating: 5 Curls

The scent is so refreshing for an oil, considering I usually use a rose scented oil. I only use this oil on wet hair to keep moisture in, but it does that so well. My curls are really soft and I hope this oil lasts on my hair! I would definitely use this oil again.

Rating: Product Rating: 5 Curls

The smell is great I love the peppermint. The oil wasn't too heavy on my hair and its a great moisturizer for myself and my daughter. It also helps with my flakes and kept my hair shiny.

Rating: Product Rating: 3 Curls

I do like this oil a lot but I gave a three rating because, Its just an oil to me. I have used oils that made my hair super soft such as castor oil and a company on ETSY makes great hair oils. The texture of this oil reminds me of a light serum and of course if u like peppermint, the smell is awesome. What I do not like about this oil is that it just sits on my hair, if I apply it to dry hair (just a little) hours later, Im still touching oily hair. Now on wet hair, it just soaks right up,and my scalp soaks it up too. I just can not use it on my hair while its dry it does nothing for me.

Rating: Product Rating: 5 Curls

I absolutely love the packaging!! I especially liked the lady with the curly hair on the bottle, which made me couldn't wait to try out the product. I kind of love the smell of the oil which reminds me of a peppermint candy cane. I liked how light the oil goes on my hair. I liked how this oil is great for many uses. I used this oil after applying the Babassu oil and mint deep conditioner on my hair. I used it to seal in the moisture. Also, I had used it on my scalp. I am glad that this oil did not irritate my scalp. I liked how the peppermint oil is almost the last ingredient on the list. After using this oil, I must admit that my hair did feel soft, and it held moisture as well as making it feel moisturized!!

Rating: Product Rating: 5 Curls

I am in love!! The smell is amazing! I love the fact that it is very light and doesn't make you feel like the product is just building or sitting on your scalp. I massaged the oil into my scalp and then twisted my hair. My hair is definitely moisturized and soft.

Rating: Product Rating: 5 Curls

This oil smells so good! I also love how it adds shine to my hair. I have been using this on my flat-ironed hair and I cannot say how great it makes my hair feel. It is a great smelling lightweight oil that does not weigh my hair down. I love it!

Rating: Product Rating: 5 Curls

Love this product so much!!! I used it to seal in moisture after co-washing my hair and i could literally feel it working on my scalp. My hair has never felt this clean and soft and moisturized. I will definitely continue to use this as my main oil. A huge plus with Mielle Organics is that this product is 100% organic/natural. No silicones, sulfates, or harsh chemicals like shampoos have.

Rating: Product Rating: 5 Curls

This oil blend is lightweight and has the invigorating scent of peppermint, so it's great to use before bed for a "soothing" effect on my senses. I use it to seal in moisture after co-washing my hair (as a daily moisturizer). It makes my curls so soft and defined.

Ingredient Attributes: moisture, detangling, frizz control

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