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Alaffia Kola, Ginger, and Shea Daily Fortifying Shampoo

8 fl oz | Cleanser, Sulfate-Free Shampoo

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Product Rating: 3.00 Curls (Rated 3/5 based on 3 reviews) Login to add your review

This fortifying shampoo contains stimulating Kola and Ginger infusions soothing African wild honey and a revitalizing blend of essential oils.
Rating: Product Rating: 4 Curls

I was very surprised how much I liked this shampoo. "Black Soap" sounds more like something I'd want to wash OUT of my hair rather than something I'd use to wash WITH. Well, shut my mouth. My hair was soft, manageable and seemed somehow changed from the experience. The scent is like an ethnic bead shop, and there's almost no-poo. Prepare yourself.

Rating: Product Rating: 1 Curls

Too strong/drying for my hair. Smelt nice.

Rating: Product Rating: 4 Curls

This shampoo is actually pretty good. I see it in Whole Foods, but I have been hesitant to try it, because I didn't think it would do anything for my 4a/4b hair... but I tried it anyway. It smells good (if you like the smell of natural ingredients like ginger). Washing my hair with it was nice as well, similar to KC's Come Clean. I combed my hair while it was lathered up to detangle and I didn't have a problem. Once I rinsed my hair I felt it and it didn't feel dry or anything... just clean. I followed it with the conditioner and their hair lotion. My hair felt moisturized, but not weighed down. Clean, but not stripped of moisture.

herbal infusion of kola and ginger, liquid African black soap (purified water, saponified shea butter, and virgin palm kernel oil, decyl polyglucose, African wild honey, vanilla extract
Ingredient Attributes: anti-humectant

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