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Beautiful Curls Beautiful Curls Shea Butter Curl Enhancing Shampoo

12 oz | Cleanser, Sulfate-Free Shampoo

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Product Rating: 3.40 Curls (Rated 3/5 based on 10 reviews) Login to add your review

Certified Fair Trade, sulfate-free blend of shea butter soap and plant extracts gently cleans scalp and hair without stripping natural oils. Certified Fair Trade shea butter and virgin coconut oil pr Read More...
Rating: Product Rating: 3 Curls

I used the shampoo (wavy to curly) and for my 2c/3a, low porosity curls it does not work - at least not at this point. I liked the smell and the consistence, sadly my scalp did not and my hair was all dried out. For someone whose hair loves shea butter and coconut oil it should be a great product!

Rating: Product Rating: 1 Curls

Smell is weird. Left my hair feeling a little too stripped for sulfate free shampoo. Waste of money. My hair felt super tangled, hard and matted. More harm that good. I do like the ingredients but i also like shush and that would probably do more sitting on top of my hair than this product.

Rating: Product Rating: 4 Curls

Used this on my friend hair. Left her hair feeling moisturizing and using the leave in conditioner together made her curls really POP even her heat damaged curls sprung a lil. Only thing is can't mix it with gel :/

Rating: Product Rating: 5 Curls

This is a great all natural shampoo for my 4a curls. It does not leave my hair feeling like it was stripped of everything ( I am AA and need to retain the natural oils in hair). I follow the CG method in a modified was so when I use a shampoo this is it. Always get hair that is really soft like a pillow. This is great with the leave-in conditioner, would recommend both products for other curly girls to try.

Rating: Product Rating: 3 Curls

I've only used this shampoo once, but I was not impressed. I thought the ingredients would be moisturizing, but it left my hair feeling dry. I normally co-wash, but when I do use a sulfate-free shampoo, I'll stick with DevaCurl's No-Poo.

Rating: Product Rating: 3 Curls

A while ago, I used this and the leave-in about twice a week with good results. However, I learned using this every day will kill your hair. I prefer to use a shampoo that is safe enough for every day use. I started using the leave-in and gel again, but I only plan to use this when I have to clarify.

Rating: Product Rating: 4 Curls

I typically don't shampoo, unless absolutely necessary. Unlike previous shampoos I've used, such as Elucence, I found that this shampoo did not dry my hair out, but helped it to remain moisturized and soft throughout the shampoo process. I did find that the shampoo was not very good at removing buildup in my hair, in the future I plan to use it with ACV rinse to clean the hair better, or only use it when an intense shampoo is not necessary. I also found that the odor wasn't too pleasing; it doesn't smell terrible, but it's not as pleasant as Elucence. It has a medicinal fragrance to it, but it was easily masked by my follow-up butters and leave-in products. Overall, I do recommend this shampoo because it does not dry your hair out and I will use it again in the future.

Rating: Product Rating: 5 Curls

This is my HG! In the summer, I used this with the leave-in and had great results. However, I switched products for a while when I started getting flakes and when I went CG. As I was looking through my old pics, I realized that with all the ones where I had great hair, this is what I was I was using. Now I'm back on it. I use this with my cowash (the leave-in) and style with KCCC, and I clarify with this shampoo once a week. This is awesome for my 2b/2c hair. :)

Rating: Product Rating: 3 Curls

I actually like this shampoo. It seemed to be moisturizing and I didn't feel like my hair was stripped or brittle after using it. I am not really the shampooing type, so I give this product a 3 as it is rare for me to buy shampoo. In any event, I do believe it is a good shampoo with good ingredients and I will continue to use it one my rare shampoo washes.

Rating: Product Rating: 3 Curls

This shampoo was just average to me. I've used the shampoo 3 times to make sure to give it a fair review. I've used more moisturizing shampoos (like Shea Moisture coconut & hibiscus shampoo) and this one didn't dry my hair but it also didn't moisturize it the way I assumed it would due to the ingredients. I liked that it did not tangle or cause my hair to knot up after shampooing. My hair did not feel stripped , which I liked, however I prefer a shampoo that is more moisturizing.

Chamomile (Matricaria recutita) Extract (aqueous), Yarrow (Achillea millefolium) Extract (aqueous), Saponified Shea Butter (Butyrospermum parkii) and Virgin Coconut Oil (Cocos nucifera), Decyl Polyglucose, Cocamidopropyl Betaine, Magnesium Sulfate, Choline Chloride, Coconut Oil (and) Apricot Fruit Extract (and) Ylang Ylang Flower Extract
Ingredient Attributes: moisture, frizz control, anti-humectant

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