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Bobeam Cocoa and Rhassoul Clay Shampoo Bar

3.8 oz | Cleanser, Sulfate-Free Shampoo

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Product Rating: 4.13 Curls (Rated 4/5 based on 8 reviews) Login to add your review

The Cocoa & Rhassoul Shampoo Bar is made with actual chocolate and is great treats for you hair and body. The bar will give your hair a fresh, clean start by removing build-up and toxins while tanta Read More...
Rating: Product Rating: 4 Curls

Really liked the cocoa fragance. I will cut it so it doesn't dissolve. I have type 3B hair. All in all I would buy this again as it leaves my hair very defined. I would use this 1x a week and then follow up with a conditioner. I bought this product to use for the Rhassoul clay benefits. It didn't dissapoint. I rate it 4 curlies.

Rating: Product Rating: 2 Curls

Like the smell but left my hair very dry, not like squeaky clean dry, just dry and brittle. Will only use it on heavy conditioning days....

Rating: Product Rating: 5 Curls

I love this poo bar! I used it after a pre-poo of vatika oil & condish by (1) sectioning my hair into 4 quarters, (2) saturating my hair with warm water to rinse out all of the oil & condish, (3) ran the poo bar over my roots & scalp then massaging it in to build a lather (I cupped my hands adding a bit more water to allow the lather to run down my hair to the ends), (4) twisted hair into buns allowing the lather to 'sit' on my hair for about 10 mins, (5) lightly finger detangled each section then rinsed thoroughly with cool water. The 3C/4A sections felt great - really soft & moisturized and my curls really popped BUT the rear bottom sections of my hair that are more 4B type felt a little stripped. Overall I am really happy to have added this clarifying bar to my regimen as it does what it claims, which is to leave me with a clean scalp & hair, getting all of the week's gunk out of my hair.

Rating: Product Rating: 5 Curls

For this clarifying/detox bar, she used REAL CHOCOLATE CHIPS!!!!! It smells just like chocolate and it detoxes and clarifies like nobody's business. These bars also last forever since you only have to swipe it across your head 2 or 3 times to get an amazing suds going. And the price is phenomenal! Don't sleep on these bars folks!

Rating: Product Rating: 5 Curls

Love this bar! It IS a cleansing bar but adds some strength to my hair. Since I like to use butters to seal it helps remove buildup and does well in washing away silicones. Luxurious lather a little goes a long way. This bar will last!

Rating: Product Rating: 3 Curls

Don't let the reviews fool you--this is a CLARIFYING bar and as such can be drying to your hair, by their very nature, anything that clarifies works to STRIP hair of product which often includes natural oils. I used this on my 3c/4a hair and by daughters 2a hair and after that we had to condition, condition and yeah--rewash our hair just so it would not feel so drying. I suspect it does what it is supposed to do, but for those who said it is "moisturizing" I would wonder how much natural oil was already in their heads so that by the time the clay did its job it felt anywhere near moisturizing. Great for clarifying, keep a heavy duty conditioner on stand by after you use it especially if you have thirsty, dryness prone hair.

Rating: Product Rating: 5 Curls

Loved this bar! the lather is great and very easy to wash out and the smell is amazing! Its not moisturizing, but didnt strip my hair either. my hair felt very clean, but not Squeaky clean lol. all in all i would definitely purchase again...

Rating: Product Rating: 4 Curls

I loved this shampoo par. It definitely cleaned my hair, as expected. The Rhassoul Clay acts as a detoxifier. Its not the most moisturizing bar available, but I loved it for clarifying. Great lather, plus natural ingratiates. It SMELLS AMAZING! Reminds me of Chocolate cake mix.

Saponified vegetable oils mainly coconut oil, gycerin ( kosher or vegetable origin), purified water, sorbital ( berries, moisturizer), sorbitan oleate( emulsifier), soybean protein
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