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Hair expert Dickey offers tips for curls

Rule #1

Make sure you're using an appropriate cleanser. Using a non-suds, sulfate-free cleanser such as Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream will ensure your hair is left clean and hydrated, without stripping hair of its natural oils. This helps hair to retain its softness and pliability, which unleashes its optimal potential. Conventional shampoos can prevent textures from looking their best and make it difficult for you to recognize your true texture.

Rule #2

Using a non-suds cleanser also helps your conditioner work more effectively. Try using Hair Rules Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner. This thick, concentrated conditioner, hydrates, moisturizes and softens the driest, parched, hard hair.

Rule #3

For optimum results when styling, start with soaking wet hair. Apply a generous amount of product to further saturate the hair, preferably in the shower.

Rule #4

Do not touch hair until completely dry. When drying hair, use either portable hood dryer or a diffuser. If diffusing, use caution touching hair as to not disturb curl pattern.

Rule #5

Fluff and shake hair. Never comb or brush dry curls.


Hair Rules offers these curly hair rules:

  1. Rule #1: Wash and wear styles can be done twice a day but cannot wear for more than two or three days. For twist-out styles, cleanse, condition, rehydrate and re-twist every 5-7 days.
  2. Rule #2: Get a proper haircut every 3 months, with the ends being adequately cut when straight. You can't cut what you can't see on a head of hair that is tightly wound (with shrinkage and a ziz-zag pattern). The timing of these haircuts is essential. Hair grows ¼" to ½" a month. If over a period of three months, you've gained an inch and a half, the idea is that you're only cutting less than ¼". This means you've still gained length!
  3. Rule #3: Condition, condition, condition! You can’t over-condition naturally dry hair.

The biggest misconception about kinky hair is that it is rough and tough. On the contrary, it is the most fragile texture on the texture spectrum and should be cared for like your favorite cashmere sweater, not a tee shirt. Kinky hair—especially when worn straight—needs extreme hydration at every step of your hair care routine (cleansing, conditioning, styling and finishing) to look its best. Kinky hair naturally tangles and locks. If your goal is to grow your hair (and not to lock it), than preventing it from tangling is crucial. The more you rinse, condition and detangle, the more you prevent hair from drawing up, drying out, and breaking. Remember, healthy hair allows you the freedom to wear your hair however you choose, be it kinky, curly or straight.

What To Avoid:

Shampoos that dry out or strip the hair of its natural oils. Products that contain grease and wax that build up, dulling hair, and don’t feel great to touch.

Products where the primary ingredient is silicone because although it can be beneficial for shine and slick-ability, too much can build up on the hair preventing any moisture from entering the hair shaft, ultimately drying out the hair.

We thought it would be fun to show you some of the press we have been involved in over the years. We have been in some amazing magazines - Vogue, Harper's BAZAAR and More. We have styled some wonderful people and here are some of the highlights.

Michelle Obama

Michelle Obama on the cover of More


Dickey styles Vogue cover


Estelle - Shine

Black Eyes Peas

Black Eyed Peas - Monkey Business

Harper's BAZAAR

Harper's BAZAAR



Remember - it is all about Your Choice, Your Hair, Your Rules. We have launched our new blow-out line, so follow us on Twitter as we are giving away a 2 ounce size of Blow Out Your Curls, Waves or Kinks during the month of January.

We recently ran a contest on Facebook to offer the chance to four people to have a complete Hair Experience in our salon in New York with Dickey. More than 97 people entered and it was difficult to choose, but Dickey elected to find four completely different looking ladies, from the texture of their hair. Our four ladies were Andrea Pollack, Meredith Augustin, Sari Pinghapsari and Nyree Emory. Andrea, Nyree and Sari all had color added to their hair to bring out the natural colors and give their hair a lift. Here are their Before and After makeover photos:


As Sari is about to have a baby, she told Dickey that she wanted to have a completely new look in preparation for the arrival, but without losing hair length.

Sari before

Sari before

Sari after

Sari after


Meredith was very open to suggestions. Dickey suggested first to remove the frayed ends from her hair, so that is exactly what he did!

Meredith before

Meredith before

Meredith after

Meredith after


Nyree and Dickey talked about how she would look much better if she had more volume in her hair and how we could create that look.

Nyree before

Nyree before

Nyree after

Nyree after


Andrea is very special as when she arrived she announced that she was happy to have anything done to her hair, but most importantly she wanted to cut 10 inches from her length. We all gasped with horror but then she explained that her daughter had recently donated the same length to a fantastic charity called Locks of Love and she wanted to do the same. Phew! Huge sigh of relief around the salon! It was very brave of her and we are all in agreement that this a totally worthy cause—don’t you agree?

Andrea before

Andrea before

Andrea after

Andrea after (with daughter)


The end of November saw the launch of our new product line, Blow out your waves, curls and kinks. Here is what is so special about them:

Blow out your Kinks: our unique, texture-specific formula contains a new macromolecule called styleze w, which creates a 3-d, crystal clear matrix on the hair surface, keeping hair smooth and frizz-free all day by blocking the negative effects of high humidity, transforming kinky hair into smooth, straight, silky strands without harsh chemicals.

Blow out your Curls: Created with a perfect blend of science and nature, boasting extracts of coconut oil, abyssinia oil, jojoba oil, and soothing shea butter, combined with a unique co-polymer of glycerin, Blow Out Your Curls seals the cuticle’s surface, increasing gloss, body, and manageability.

Prize Winners

Blow out your waves: This versatile, lightweight mist contains a new macromolecule called styleze w, which creates a 3-d, crystal clear matrix on the hair surface, keeping hair smooth and frizz-free all day by blocking the negative effects of high humidity. Revitalizes fragile, chemically treated and depleted hair leaving it glossy and vibrant.

Veronica and Kara

For the launch, we held a VIP Party in the Livid Lounge of the Renaissance hotel on 48th & 7th. We picked this location because directly opposite of the Livid Lounge we have a huge billboard of our very own Kara Young.

Our four lovely ladies, Andrea, Meredith, Nyree and Sari, who won the Hair Rule Experience competition, were all glammed up to face the paparazzi and here they are:

The event was packed with super celebrities who all turned out to support Dickey and Kara, including Veronica Webb and Russell Simmons.

Hair Rules Team

Bloggers and tweeters with influence were all at the party including John Simon, Anne Agoren, Betsy Kent and Sue Anne Shirzay,

John Simmonds
Dicky Sue and Anne

Anyone who is anyone in the beauty and fashion world’s press was there including Robin Page from "Self" magazine.

If you would like to win the chance of a hair experience with Dickey, then just go to 48th & 7th opposite the M&M’s store and take a picture of our billboard and yourself. Then post it to our FaceBook page, we will announce the winner in December just in time for the holidays.

Last week we held a Twitter party at the salon and over 50 people came to hear Dickey and Kara talk about the new "Blow out" line we have just launched. If you missed out on the party then be sure to check out to read more about the new line.

Here are some of the pictures of the team giving consultations and complimentary blow outs to the tweeters, whilst they were all tweeting away on their iPhones and Blackberrys. I even saw Anne Agoren there from Izzi, banging heavily on her iPad.

Monique and Anne Szustek

Monique with Anne Szustek

Dickey got straight down to tell the tweeters what type of hair was suited to which products. It is most important to be using the right products and especially sulfate-free, which our products are.



As the party evening went on, everyone enjoyed a cocktail or two and munched on the lovely canapes.

Anne Agoren, Anthony Dickey and Izzet Agoren

Anne Agoren with Anthony Dickey and Izzet Agoren

Every Tweeter went home with a swag bag full of the products, and we hope that they all enjoyed them!

So last week Dickey, Monique and Amanda hit the road to tell the world about our new fabulous line, blow out your curls, kinks & waves. They started the trip in Houston at CW studios and at Fox News. We managed to get three fabulous models to allow us to show them how they could wear their hair not only differently but also what products are the correct ones for their textures. It is so important to use the right products. Our products are all sulfate-free. So Tamara Lloyd, Valentia Royal and Lyndsay Beasley all got expert advice from Dickey.


Dickey getting ready for his segment.

Here is what Dickey told Fox News and CW:

Kinky Hair: Coiled-kinky hair grows in a densely packed, tight zigzag pattern. It’s a deceptively fragile texture—the more coiled the hair shaft, the more fragile the hair. Kinky hair demands extremely gentle care. You don’t need to shampoo every day, but it needs plenty of hydration to stay lustrous and to prevent shrinkage. Try the sulfate-free Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream Moisture-Rich No-Suds Shampoo, which won’t strip hair of its needed sebum. Style with a moisturizing product formulated for your texture, which will define tresses and banish frizz.

Preparing models

Dickey preparing the models

Curly Hair: Curly hair is spirally and loopy with a defined s-pattern. It can be denser with tons of strands, fine and light, coarse and ropey, or soft and springy. Curly hair grows in a coil rather than a wave because the cuticle layers don’t lie as flat as those of wavy hair.Like kinky hair, curly hair can be fine, medium or coarse textured.For shiny, sleek curls, remember moisture is key. Daily deep conditioning should be a standard part of your regimen. Try the Hair Rules Quench Conditioner. To style your curls, apply product when hair is soaking wet. Try Hair Rules Curly Whip which will prevent frizz and will give hair shine and definition to your natural texture.Then use a comb attachment to easily blow dry without damage. Try not to touch curls until they are dry.

Straight Hair: Just like all the other textures, all straight hair is not created equal. It’s important to avoid heavy conditioner that will make hair greasy. Choose a formula like Hair Rules Nourishment Leave In Conditioner, which will hydrate hair without weighing it down.To add volume to straight hair, apply a pre-blowdrying product like Hair Rules Blow Out Your Waves. Blowdry hair until it’s about 80% dry with a round brush, and then finish with a large barrel curling iron that same size as your round brush, which will create natural looking waves.

Dear Dickey: I'm 18 years old and I live in the Philippines. The top layer of my hair is 2a but when i put my hair in a half ponytail the bottom layer of my hair is straight. I want my hair to have more defined curls on all layers. What products can I try and what can I do?

A: Try Hair Rules Curly Whip—it's designed to maximize your curl pattern to give you beautifully defined curls. The key is to make sure you're applying it to hair when it's soaking wet—how it looks wet is how it will set.

Dear Dickey: This past January I had a relaxer put on my curly hair. Before that I used to straighten it every once in awhile and it would take hours. Now that I have the relaxer it takes 20 minutes. I miss my curly hair and want it back. When I had curly hair, I never knew how to style it or what products to use in my hair. It always seemed to be "Frizzy" and "huge". Any suggestions? Thanks!

A: You have to make sure you're caring for your hair based on your texture. Try using a sulfate-free, non-suds shampoo, which will clean your hair without stripping it of essential moisture, which often leads to frizz. Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream is gentle on hair while still doing everything you need a shampoo to do. Follow it up with a lightweight conditioner like Hair Rules Quench, which will give hair the moisture it needs without weighing it down and making it appear limp or greasy.

Use a styling product specific to curls, like Hair Rules Curly Whip, and make sure to apply it when hair is soaking wet. After you've applied product, don't touch your hair while it's drying!! This will create unneeded friction in the

hair, and will lead to frizz.

Finish the entire look off with a finishing cream like Hair Rules Hydrating Finishing Cream. This will seal in necessary moisture and will help prevent hair from frizzing up during the day.

Dear Dickey: For the past four years I have been been struggling with finding the right products that will make my hair look its best, but I fear I don’t quite know what products would work best for my hair. I think that I am somewhere in the Type 3 to Type 4 area, but I'm not sure. When I wet my hair, it gets longer and much more easy to comb, but as it dries, it curls very tightly into pen-spring-sized spirals. Very pretty if you ask me, until it is completely dry. When wet, my afro is about a foot long, but as it dries it begins to coil so much that it is only four inches long!!! If I keep my hair continually wet while I detangle I can put my fingers through it, but there is so much frizz. It does not make a zig-zag pattern when it curls and waves a bit when it is wet. What products can I use that will allow me to detangle my hair, keep it moisturized for an entire day without being a slave to product and retain at least a little of my natural curl?

A: To prevent your hair from tangling or drying so that your hair develops a better curl pattern that stays defined longer use Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream Shampoo. This unique no suds cleanser will help detangle your hair while you shampoo so that your curl will stay elongated and hydrated and hair is left soft. This will help your conditioner work better with your curl. Any shampoo that has suds will cause your hair to dry and frizz and will not hold a curl pattern. Now for the final step. After rinsing your conditioner (Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner) your hair should be left soft and completely detangled with a beautifully defined spiral. This is where you add your miracle styling product, Curly Whip (a lightweight gel) that fixes your curl pattern to perfection. The trick here is to sit under a portable hood dryer for 10-15 minutes to set the hair and prevent frizz. You can let the rest air dry. Be sure not to touch the hair until it dries. Then all you have left to do is fluff and go!

Dear Dickey: I'm a teen and I cut my hair last week and it's a TWA that's less than an inch long. What can or has to be done as far as caring and styling it. Oh, and just another question would getting braids, like Senegalese twists or micros, damage my hair?

A: In order to get a beautiful curl pattern use the Daily Cleansing Cream to keep hair refreshed, but also soft and hydrated. Follow by using Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner and Curly Whip in the shower for more defined curls. Braids are not always damaging for the hair, but can be if you keep them in for over a month, or if they are too tight. They can be especially damaging in these cases around the hair line.

Dear Anthony: I am in the process of transitioning. My last relaxer was in September. I am clueless as to what hair type I am. I know that I am 4 something. My transitioning hairstyle is the straw set. I have attached pictures of my hair before the transition, my transition hairstyle and of my new growth. Any advice you could give for caring for my hair while I am transitioning will be appreciated.

A: Great to know you're going natural. Transitioning can be a bit overwhelming but it shouldn't be. All transitioning means it that you're not relaxing anymore and depending on your comfort level, you can chop all your hair off or you can leave the hair on your head and look at it as though it is play hair and play away- straw set, blow dry, twists, etc. Don't think you have to wear any one style. Don't concern yourself with the two different textures on your head until you're ready to cut off and deal with one texture. the one thing you can do is make sure you keep both your natural hair and relaxed hair soft and hydrated so they are easier to deal with. Try using Daily Cleansing Cream Moisturizing No Suds Shampoo. For your hair texture, there is no reason to use a cleanser that suds up. If you are using a sulfate free shampoo that suds up like Hair Rules Aloe Grapefruit Clarifying Shampoo; those shampoos should be used as treatments to purify and clarify once every 2-3 months for type 4 hair textures (4a, 4b, 4c, etc...)

Dear Anthony: Do you have any suggestions for very curly hair that is beginning to thin? I have used Rogaine and take a zinc supplement, but it does not appear to be helping. Can coloring my hair cause hair loss?

A: There could be many reasons for your hair loss. Although I can not give you medical advice, I can provide you with a hair care regimen to ensure the hair on your head is the healthiest it can be. Curly hair can never be over-conditioned. The more conditioned your hair is, the healthier it will be. Your first line of defense against dry, brittle hair is to use a non suds, sulfate free cleanser that is more geared toward your specific texture. This will leave the scalp and hair clean, refreshed, hydrated and soft, which will allow your conditioner to work more effectively. Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner was specifically designed to make the hardest, driest, tangled hair soft and pliable. For added moisture, apply Hair Rules Nourishment Leave In Conditioner.

Dear Anthony: I have 3a type hair, and have recently moved to a new city and am having a huge dry scalp problem. I can't seem to keep the flakes and itch under control without taking all the body and bounce out of my curls. Any suggestions for both shampoo and product?

Daily Cleansing Cream

A: Your dry scalp may be caused by using conventional shampoos that contain sulfates and actually dry out the scalp. Your skin is your largest organ—you want to treat your scalp like you treat your skin. Just as you wouldn't use bar soap for your face, you do not want to use harsh detergents for your hair. The first line of defense against frizzy, dry, naturally kinky, and curly hair is to use a non-suds, sulfate-free cleanser that is more geared toward your specific texture, like the Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream. This will leave the scalp and hair clean, refreshed, hydrated and soft, which will allow your conditioner to work more effectively. Quench Ultra Rich Conditioner was specifically designed to make the hardest, driest, tangled hair soft and pliable.

For styling, I would suggest Curly Whip. This will give your curls the bounce you're looking for. It gives your tresses a moisturizing hold without drying hard. Its a light-weight, revolutionary hybrid moisturizing gel that can be used everyday for styling Check out under 411/videos—there is an application video. While the model in the video uses Kinky Curling Cream, you will apply the Curly Whip the same way. For added moisture and to maintain your style in between washes, use Hair Rules Hydrating Finishing Cream.

Dear Anthony: I'm a fairly new natural, about 5 months or so. I'm at in my wits end with my hair. It is so dry! I can't seem to find a product that my hair likes. No matter what I do, it just seems to sit on top of my hair and weighs it down and be greasy. I try products with shea butter, jojoba oil, natural oils, glycerine. I just don't know what to do. I see ladies talking about how soft their 4a/b hair is after using products and I just can't figure out why my hair is not becoming soft. I have 4b hair that is fine and thin. If you can help me or have any idea what could possibly be my problem, I would so appreciate it.

A: Don't worry, there are lots of women with hair like yours who have this same problem. It's so important to remember that there's no such thing as over-conditioning. Women with non-straight hair, and especially for women with 4a/4b hair like yours, tend to have naturally drier hair. Until recently, there has been no underlying standard in hair care for women with your texture. So, it's no surprise you're experiencing this uphill battle. You also don't have a texture that wants to be kept away from water for more than 3 days. That means unless you're maintaining a straight style, your hair wants to be rinsed, conditioned and detangled Make sure that after every shampoo, you are following it with a nourishing conditioner—Hair Rules Quench Conditioner is perfect for thirsty hair like yours. Cover the ends of your hair with conditioner and rinse until hair feels soft, and you should see a noticeable difference in the moisture and softness levels of your hair. Good luck!

Q: I live in Bangkok, Thailand and it is so humid here. We are entering the rainy season now, and I LOVE having curly hair. But the weather is making it hard for my hair and reduces it to a frizz ball. I have tried so many things. Please help advise me. It is halfway down my back in length, and I am wondering what I can use so it doesn't does look so dry and frizz in this weather. What good conditioners are out there for this kind of weather? Thank you very much for any suggestions.

Dickey: Well, the good news is that you love your curly hair! The first rule to combating frizz, a characteristic of naturally drier textures such as your own, is not skip a crucial step — cleansing! This is the primary cause of dry hair, which results in crazy frizz in humid climates. Stay away from conventional shampoos that strip your hair of moisture. Instead, try Hair Rules Daily Cleansing Cream Moisturizing No Suds shampoo, which is formulated in a similar way to skin-care products. You shouldn’t wash your face with bar soap, so why use the same old dinosaur shampoo that destroys your hair? Squeaky clean hair equals stripped hair.

Q: I have 3b hair and it has always been parted in the center. It's sort of a triangular shape most of the time. I've tried to combat this a couple of time by doing a side part or zig zag part or side swept bangs thing, and it just isn't really working. My hair is not willing to change its position, and it just looks funny and gets into my face, making one of the sides look much thinner than the other. It's a little like I'm pulling a stiff sheet of my hair in a direction it doesn't want to go. Any suggestions? If I just power through and wear my hair like this for a while, will it eventually adjust?

Dickey: Yes, the triangle can look good for a nice old-school retro look, but it is not the most face-flattering shape. The right style will enhance your beautiful facial features. Some slight layering starting around the face and the crown area will lift the hair off your face and prevent the “Cousin It” look. Layers at the crown will give height and movement and not drag down your face. Always have a few layers falling around your cheek bone; it is the most flattering part of anyone’s face. Blush, anyone? As far as which side to part your hair on, it will usually fall in a natural part when it is wet. If you plan on changing it up, be sure to do it when your hair is wet with your favorite styling product to help fix it with out the stiffness. Try Hair Rules Curly Whip for soft, non-sticky hold.

Q: Is there a product you like for dry hair? I need something moisturizing that's a little weighty to revive my 3c curls. I need something new for next-day hair. Water does NOT work for me. It makes my hair frizzy. Any suggestions?

Dickey: From shampoo to condition to style and finish, every product from Hair Rules is geared toward softening your hair. Hair Rules Curly Whip is a new generation of gel that hydrates curls with soft, touchable hold and won’t leave your hair tacky or sticky. It is super conditioning as well! Apply Curly Whip to soft, wet curls in the shower for wash and wear results. As often as you get in the shower is as often as you can re-do your hair. If your hair looks good in the morning and you just want to revive your curls, diminish frizz and get your definition back, use Hair Rules Hydrating Finishing Cream and squeeze into curls. Watch them come to life and out the door you go!

Q: Over the past couple of months, I have changed my hair routine for the better, and now my hair is softer, stronger, and more defined than ever. Yet my naturally fine hair is so soft now, that it no longer seems to hold the shape of a twist/braid out. I usually do a twist-out at night, and now when I take my hair down in the morning, the shape of the twist is gone and my natural curl pattern (mostly 4a/bit of 3c) takes over. This is a good thing at first, but by the end of the day, due to humidity, my hair becomes a frizzy, shrunken mess. Do you have any tips/product suggestions that may help to protect my hair against the humidity? This so frustrating, for I feel that I now have no control over my hairstyle.

Dickey: Well, let’s get the control back! Be sure that you get regular haircuts every two and a half to three months and that you maintain blunt ends. A lot of times, split ends can destroy a curl pattern and an overall style. Try your twist outs with Hair Rules Hydrating Finishing Cream and I guarantee you will wake up with definition that will last all day!

Q: I have a question about flat twists. Should I do them when my hair is wet? I have tried doing them when they are dry and I could only get one to stay. Also, what product should I use to keep it moisturized and down.

Dickey: An easier method is to saturate your hair with Hair Rules Hydrating Finishing Cream. It will add just enough dampness to your hair and dry quicker without you having to rewet your hair. It will also keep hair soft and pliable without that heavy, sticky feeling.

Q: I have mostly 3a hair — some coarse and some fine. It's below my shoulders when it's dry, and just above my waist when stretched. I currently have layers, and I am wondering what would happen if I grew them out? Would it be more wavy or maybe give me looser curls? Sometimes I want them looser, and I'm hoping that if they were, they would tangle less.

Dickey: Getting regular trims will help keep hair from tangling at the ends. Be sure to apply your styling product to very wet hair. This is the only time where all your multiple textures become more pliable and easy to shape. Hair Rules Curly Whip is an ultra light gel that will make all those textures submit to your command while stretching and elongating your curl pattern.

Q: I just did the BC (Big Chop), and now I am having some problems. I really have no idea what to do with my hair. It's at an awkward growing stage right now. It's sticking out past my ears and it sticks up on the top and then the back hangs down so I look like a chicken! As of now, I just do a faux mohawk because it's the only thing that I know how to do. I basically just brush the sides flat and behind my ear because I think it looks weird sticking outwards. Any suggestions?

Dickey: I’m assuming you did the big cut to go natural? Have you found a product line geared toward your natural texture? This is important because now you are not relaxing so everything you thought you knew about hair care and styling when you relaxed means nothing. If you can’t get your hair to submit, find yourself a great cut you like! Have fun and investigate or go to websites or blogs and look through magazines for inspiration. You sound like you are a little adventurous. Most important, find out what your hair texture is. When it is really wet, having applied conditioner, is there a curl pattern? What you see wet is how it will set. The great thing about going natural is that there is versatility that you don’t have if you are permanently straight.

Total 3 results.

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