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Avocado and mayonnaise. Simple!

Want to save some money? Try some home frizzy hair remedies for keeping the spring in your curls. These remedies can help you have no-frizz curls with items picked up from your local grocery store. Here are our tips to repair dry hair now!


Rinsing your hair with something other than your shower water can work wonders!

1. Carbonated water rinse. If you often let your curls air dry, this is a great remedy to eliminate hair frizz caused by humidity. After you wash your hair, give it a final rinse with carbonated or sparkling water. The reason carbonated or sparkling water reduces frizz is because of it's low pH level. Learn more about pH levels and frizz now.

2. Apple Cider Vinegar. This is another great natural remedy that is very effective in preventing frizzy curls. The procedure is very much like the process above with the carbonated/sparkling water. Wash your hair as you normally would and give it a final rinse with equal parts water and apple cider vinegar. Another great benefit of apple cider vinegar is shine! Shiny and frizz-free hair? Sign me up! We've broken down the apple cider vinegar process just for you!

3. Beer. Beer is another great rinse option, and ranks third on our list of unconventional no-frizz tips. Beer replenishes moisture in your hair. Dark beers often provide the most nutrients and moisture. When doing the rinse, simply coat your hair with them and let it sit for a few minutes. When ready, rinse your hair with cold water—which will also help get rid of the smell.

Natural Homemade Conditioners

You can pack the nutrients into your own conditioners. Check out our recipes!

4. Mayonnaise and Avocado Conditioner. Here is a recipe is a very effective natural conditioner for dry, frizzy hair. Mix 1 cup of mayonnaise with 1/2 avocado until you have a paste. Rub it on your hair and cover your head with a plastic cap. Wrap a hot towel around it. Leave it on for 20 minutes and wash. Repeat once a week for better results. Check out more about avocado hair conditioners here.

5. Coconut oil or olive oil. Oil is your frizz-free friend—maybe even your best no-frizz friend. Oils are a great sealer or conditioner. Check out this recipe for oil conditioner: begin by heating up one cup of olive oil or coconut oil in a glass jar. Apply this mixture throughout all of your hair, evenly distributing it. Cover your curly hair with a shower cap and wrap a hot towel around your head to increase moisture absorption. Keep on for around 30 minutes, rewarming your towel as needed (you'll need constant heat). Shampoo and rinse your hair with cold water. Do this three times a week for the best results. Read more about coconut oil for hair here.

Jill Scott on the Cover of Essence Magazine

Jill Scott graces the cover of Essence's October issue with her amazing natural hair. Jill who has previously relaxed her hair for over two years, is stepping out into the spotlight and onto a Essence’s cover with her natural hair. We got a preview of this new ‘do from Jill at her performance at the Somersot House in England where she rocked her big chopped hair on stage.

This is the second time Jill has stepped out into the spotlight with a natural hair style and we think she looks beautiful, radiant and better than ever. We're sure the natural hair community is very happy to see her rocking her naturally curly hair again. We know Jill is a fan of weaves wigs, blow-drying and straightening her hair, but we think her natural hair looks best! There's nothing wrong with trying different hairstyles or experimenting, but our vote is natural!

Here is a preview of what you’ll read in the October issue of Essence:

"Jill Scott has much to be excited about these days. After a tumultuous few years that saw the end of her first marriage, a broken engagement to her son’s father, an acrimonious split from her longtime record label Hidden Beach and the abrupt end of her HBO series The No. 1 Ladies’ Detective Agency, life is looking up for the singer. She’s a mother and a maverick; she’s starring in a TV movie — Lifetime’s all-Black revamp of the 1980s classic Steel Magnolias — and she’s still packing in crowds on tour. Here, the soulful songstress—rocking a close-cropped natural for the October issue cover—talks to ESSENCE about 'the lights coming on' after turning 40, finding her stride…and what’s next on the horizon."

Exclusive excerpt from Lola Ogunnaike's October cover story:

"Scott has always enjoyed experimenting with her hair and loves a good wig — 'hair hats,' she calls them — but lately she's been rocking a close-cropped natural. It suits her. 'This,' she says, stroking her head, 'is the simplest form of myself. I look in the mirror and it's like, Hey, there you go. What's up, girl?'"

Make sure to check out the October issue of Essence, on stands now, to read the full story.

Read on to find out how to get Jill’s cover girl look.

How to Get Jill's Cover Girl Look

We love Jill’s hair au naturel — no blow dryer, no flat iron, no weave, no extensions or wigs, just a crop of tight coils framing her beautiful face. Rock it Girl! To help Jill on her second round of her natural journey we’ve put together five tips. If you're rocking a TWA or have recently big chopped, these tips are for you too!

1. Condition More & Wash Less

Moisture is the key to your new natural hair. To grow out long strong hair you need to keep it moisturized from the start. Reduce your washing to every few days – go as long as you can. When you do wash your hair, use a creamy shampoo or co-wash for best results. Once a week, do a deep conditioning treatment for at least 30 minutes to infuse your hair with more moisturize than it gets daily.

2. Keep Your Scalp Clean & Moisturized

As mentioned above, you need to wash less and condition more so you’ll need to do some experimenting, but cleanse your scalp anywhere from every two days to every two weeks. Keeping a clean and healthy scalp is key to growing long, strong and healthy hair. Don’t forget about the root of your hair… the scalp! Hair oils can moisturize the scalp and stimulate its pores to produce more healthy, natural oils.

3. Feed Your Hair

Supplements and a good diet are key to healthy locks. Take care of yourself by eating lots of fresh nutrient rich foods, like veggies and fruits, and cutting back on processed foods. Choose water over soft drinks more often. You need to nourish your hair from the outside and the inside. Make sure to get adequate nutrition, and supplement with biotin, as it has been shown to increase hair growth. Just as eating better keeps you healthy, taking care of your hair from the root helps you to have healthy rather than repaired hair. Check out these top 10 healthy hair foods to learn more.

4. Handle with Care

Your natural hair is delicate. You need to be very gentle when caring for it. Make sure to avoid things that can cause breakage. Use a conditioner that creates slip and allows the comb to glide through without snagging or breaking. Start at the bottom and gently work your way up. Sleeping on satin pillows greatly decreases the friction between hair and cotton pillowcases. Satin also helps you to keep your curls shiny by not absorbing the vital natural oils in your hair needed to keep your hair moisturized.

5. Use Products for Natural Hair

Your newly natural hair needs different products than your relaxed or constantly straighten hair. Start fresh – get yourself a new regimen of products. Read reviews and find out what’s right for you. Key things to keep in mind when caring for your recently chopped hair is always hydrate with a daily moisturizer and a leave-in conditioner spray. Make it easy on yourself and get a custom cocktail made just for your new natural hair! Check out CurlMart’s Transitioning Tonic – a bundle of products selected by experts to help you rock that TWA!

You can also learn more about how to care for the length of your hair on our Texture Typing page.

What do you think about Jill’s natural look? Tell us!

Curls, curls, curls: what’s a girl to do in a straight haired world? EMBRACE THEM! Curly hair is nature’s way of telling you no matter what your hair looks like, it will never look like another girl’s because you’re different just by being you. So grab a handful of that carefree hair and kiss it, because they deserve to be loved.

Of course, another way you can show your curls that you love them is to take care of them properly. Curly hair isn’t always the easiest to deal with, but when done right, the outcome is always beautiful. Here are four, tried-and-true curly hair secrets to help you give your locks the love they deserve.

1. Sleep on Satin Pillowcases

Every straight haired girl knows to wrap her hair at night with a satin hair wrap if she wants to keep her straight hair frizz-free and stunning, but who’s to say satin can’t help curly girls too? Sleeping on satin pillows greatly decreases the friction between hair and cotton pillowcases. Satin also helps you to keep your curls shiny by not absorbing the vital natural oils in your hair needed to keep your hair moisturized.

2. Skip a Wash Day

Try to wash your hair every couple days instead of every day. Curly hair has a tendency to be dry since the natural oils on your head have difficulty sliding down your hair shaft. To make matters worse, most shampoos dry and deplete hair of its natural oils which curly hair desperately needs.

The foam you see when you shampoo is specifically what strips hair of its essential oils it needs. By shampooing only every couple days you give your hair the chance to rejuvenate itself naturally. If the idea of not shampooing your hair for days at a time scares you, keep in mind your hair can actually clean itself naturally and the use of shampoo is really more excessive than necessary when it comes to hair.

Another curly hair secret to keeping your hair hydrated is to co-wash (washing hair with only conditioner). This is an amazing way of keeping your hair moisturized AND clean. Conditioner has enough detergent to keep your hair clean, and the fact that its full of ingredients to strengthen your hair makes it a great daily substitute for shampoo.

3. Take Vitamins

An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but an omega-3 pill will put a smile on your stylist’s face. Hair pills work from the inside out by supplementing your hair with vitamins we tend to lack due to our unhealthy diets and lifestyles. Just as eating better keeps you healthy, taking care of your hair from the root helps your to have healthy  rather than repaired hair.

4. Detangle Softly

Comb your hair in the shower. Instead of having a WWE match between you and your hair while trying to comb it out, opt to comb (not brush!) your hair in the shower while you have conditioner in it. The conditioner acts as a lubricant and helps prevent significant amounts of breakage that comes with combing hair when it’s dry. Remember to keep your hair hydrated as it dries with a leave-in conditioner and to finger comb it instead of brushing/combing it with an actual instrument. This method will be nothing short of music to curl’s tangled ends.

Do you have any great secrets your curls can't live without?

8 Tips for Perfect Wedding Hairstyles

Veteran stylist Anna Craig of Trashy Root Salon & Spa offers 8 tips to get the perfect wedding hairstyle.

Find your type

When selecting a picture to show your stylist, pick someone with a similar hair type.

Think length

Always keep your length in mind. If you want to rock longer locks on your wedding day, make sure you are open to clip-in or permanent extensions.

Try something new

Make sure to give yourself a different look. It's your BIG day—go fancy!

Stay dry

Make sure to use a product that fights humidity. Look for products that contain anti-humectants.

Show up ready

Keep in mind what you look you booked for (if you are booking a straight or re-curled look, make sure to come straight).

Apply more product than normal

Always book a trial

This will give you an idea of what you final look with be.

Hands off the hair!

Don’t mess with your hair when it’s wet to reduce frizz on your big day.

8 Tips for Perfect Wedding Hairstyles

Wedding Hairstyle Trends

Flower clips

Add a flower clip to the back side of your hairstyle for added interest as you walk down the aisle.

Slide veil with fish net

Long veils are a thing of the past—short retro veils are being seen everywhere.

'40s pin-up style

Show off your sexy side with a '40s inspired look. Try the liberty roll and pin curls—modern version—with not as much pinned up.

Wedding and prom season are here! We've got the rundown on the last curly updos for formal events this year. Veteran stylist Anna Craig of Trashy Root Salon & Spa, shows us how to achieve two trendy looks for this formal event season. Craig, Pravana Artistic Educator and DevaCurl specialist, loves updos and shows us how to achieve these looks at home with ease.

Curly Updos
Curly Updos

Updo for Wavies (Type 2) and Curlies (Type 3)

How to get the look:

  1. Start by applying gel and then diffusing until completely dry.
  2. Starting at the lower half of the hair, pull one curl at a time, and pin each to the side—right behind the ear (slightly to the side).
  3. Twist some pieces—alternating sides—to keep the hair loose and kind of messy. You don't want it to be perfect.
  4. Part to the side: Then move to the top—alternate side-to-side—keeping it loose. Do not pull on the curl. Then pin, alternating sides.
  5. Leave a few pieces in front (only if you have shorter bang pieces/framing.
  6. Complete the look with hair spray (preferably aerosol).
Curly Updos
Curly Updos

Updo for Kinkies (Type 4)

How to get the look:

  1. Take small sections and French braid them around the head.
  2. Angle the pattern toward one side to give the look more style.
  3. Pin then ends into the braids. It's a very simple style.
  4. You can add flowers or a clip to accentuate the look.

Natural Prom Hairstyles for 2011

This year's prom hairstyles are all about natural, messy and casual looks. Perfectly placed updos have been replaced by long waves, curls and kinks pinned back, braids, twists, romantic, soft updos and messy buns.

Low Curly Ponytail

This look is great for prom because it keeps your hair out of your face during dinner and dancing, but still looks amazing in pics!

Tip: Use a frizz fighting gel to seal your locks so they stay defined and frizz free all night. Another tip is to use clear rubber bands so your look is more elegant.

Natural Prom Hairstyles for 2011

Side Curly/wavy Ponytail

This is a flirty and fun look—another great look for prom. Easy to achieve and great for dancing. Just grab your curls or wavy pull the hair into a low side pony and put your rubber band on.

Tip: To make this look even more elegant or fancy, grab a few strands out of the ponytail and wrap it around your rubber band. This hides the rubber band and gives you a sophisticated look.

Messy is trendy. These prom hairstyles are incredibly stylish, yet aren't sprayed in place, which is exactly why we went curl happy over them!

Summer Tip
Use shampoos, conditioners and hair styling products that contain sunscreens and nourishing agents to help protect your hair from the summer elements.

We've checked in with a veteran hairstylists to get the best curly hairstyles to welcome the summer. The big trend for summer 2011 is natural and loose—great for curlies! Summer curly hair styles can look very glamorous and beautiful with little to no effort. Summer is the season of sitting by the poolside, lying on the beach and being outside more that usual—thus, we need some easy styles to rock this summer.

The hottest hair trends for the summer of 2011 are perfect for curlies—they are messy and loose. Much of this is driven by celebrities who sometimes take inspiration from the fashion trends of yesteryear. Anna Craig of Trashy Root Salon & Spa has the scoop on the hottest trends for summer 2011.

Craig, Pravana Artistic Educator and DevaCurl Specialist, has more than nine years of experience and gives us the lowdown on the latest trends and how to achieve these effortless looks. Here is Craig's list of some of the newest curly hair styles for the hottest months of the year.

messy hair

Keep it messy!

In fact, the messier the better. You want it to look natural and effortless. Unkempt, loose pieces of curls and waves will help to achieve this.

How to get the look:

  1. Try pulling hair back and twisting it into a bun, sans the help of a rubber band.
  2. Then, using bobby pins, pin the hair in place. The lack of a rubber band will help the hair to look more natural, and keep it messy.
  3. Apply hairspray to keep the look in place and, most of all, keep it very natural — show off those beautiful curls, kinks and waves!

Side everything!

Rock your curls to the side. This summer, side ponies and side buns are in. These looks are very easy to achieve, plus they keep our curls off our neck—perfect for those hot summer months.

How to get the look:

  1. Style your hair as usual or use second day hair. Make sure to apply frizz control products to make this look last.
  2. Pull your curls to the side - right behind your ear.
  3. Smooth down your curls with your hand and loosely pull them into a ponytail. Don't pull the hair tightly from the root. Instead, leave it slack and keep it loose.
  4. When the ponytail looks right to you, pinch it tightly in place with one hand and then work the elastic band on your wrist over the curls, and secure it tightly so that your ponytail doesn't flop. We recommend you use a clear rubber band or one that matches your hair color. Another alternative to a rubber band is the Goody Simple Styles Pony Pouf Hair Styling Clip. This is an easy way to get the messy bun look.
  5. Optional: Pull some front and side pieces out to give the look a more glamorous appeal.


Messy-braid those curls for a quick and easy summer look. The messy side-braid is an effortless, boho chic look for this summer.

How to get the look:

  1. Spritz in some curl-enhancing spray and scrunch your hair to enhance your curls
  2. Gather hair to one side and part in three sections
  3. Braid hair loosely and secure it at the bottom.
  4. For a messy effect, pull out some strands and apply a texturizing product, like wax or pomade.
  5. Spray on a finishing hair spray and scrunch up hair again for extra volume.

Silk-wrapped strands

Scarves are the perfect accessory for summer and a great way to protect your hair from the summer heat, which can dry hair out and cause frizz!. Slipping a colorful scarf around your curls is an easy way to glam up simple curly hairstyles this summer.

How to get the look:

  1. Fold a bright scarf several times until it’s about 3 inches wide. Twist the ends. Check out these beautiful Shimmer & Bliss scarves.
  2. Push your curls, kinks and waves back with your hands, then place the scarf 2 to 2.5 inches behind your hairline. Make sure the ends are an even length.

Tip to prevent slipping: Tie the scarf twice at your nape underneath your hair. First, knot it horizontally, then do it again, but this time pull each side of the scarf vertically. This will keep the knot tight and also make the ends lay down evenly.

Do you know where trends come from or wonder why your stylist is telling you that something is the latest and hottest look? It’s because of events like America’s Beauty Show. America’s Beauty Show is where thousands of salon professionals converge to learn from top industry pros about the latest products and techniques in hair, skin and nails. They then take what they learn and make it available at a salon near you—thus, creating the trends.

This year at America’s Beauty Show there were lots of hot new trends. Below we detail the hottest trends for curlies.

Platinum locks!

Make those dark locks a thing of the past with the new hot trend of platinum curls! Everywhere you looked woman and men were rocking platinum locks. If you want to be bold this season try a shade of platinum to kick your look up a notch.

ABS hair showABS hair showABS hair show

Seeing Red!

Big bold red is very hot this season. The red of this season is a deep almost maroon and looks amazing on olive and dark skin tones – however, those with plate skin can pull it off too! This color will make you stand out and add some serious dimension to your curls.

ABS hair showABS hair showABS hair show

Cut it Short!

Say goodbye to those long layers and hello to short curl bobs! The bob has always been a classic style for curlies but it’s being taken to new extremes this year with fun layers and super short styles. Ready for a big change? Try a super short style today. Short styles allow you to show off your other features and play with accessories.

ABS hair showABS hair showABS hair show

Check out Farouk Systems at ABS: Speed cutting video! This was one of the wildest things we saw at the show. Enjoy!

America’s Beauty Show was underway and thousands of stylists and salon owners gathered to expand their knowledge, see top stylists and enjoy the entire “show” experience. Sunday, March 13th, was a huge day at ABS as it was the second annual “Texture!” programming. America’s Beauty Show is a large trade show for beauty industry professionals (tens of thousands in attendance) that draws stylists and manufacturers from around the world. It was held this year in Chicago March 11th-14th.

Texture! returned to ABS this year! This one-of-a kind free event showcased leading texture experts and educators in an intimate, interactive forum which included live hair demos. Texture! was hosted by founder Michelle Breyer and Modern Salon's Editor-in-Chief Laurel Nelson.

This is the second time the longtime dream of NaturallyCurly co-founders Gretchen Heber and Michelle Breyer, who long wished for the opportunity to get so many curl experts in the same room together, came to life! We are excited that this event continues to be a success and grow with each year!

Stylists got to hear the latest trends and watch demos on the latest techniques in working with texture. The Texture! panel featured a veritable who’s who of the curly hair industry, including Dickey, founder of Hair Rules salon and product line, Veronique Morrison, director of education for MIZANI, Ouidad, the "Queen of Curls" of Ouidad Salon and the Ouidad product line, Shari Harbinger, director of professional development, DevaConcepts, and John Benedetto, Director of Education for GK Hair. Attendees were able to meet and talk one on one and greet the leading texture educators and brand leaders. The event feature live demonstrations of the latest texture techniques from American Crew, international all-star educator Erica Grabczyk, top Ouidad stylist Ana Daniel, Anthony Dickey, Shari Harbinger and Veronique Morrison. Check out the Texture! supplement now for all things curly!

Global Keratin’s Juvexin™ Hair Taming System incorporates a unique keratin formulation, which protects the hair’s natural properties and prevents damage to the hair surface. Unlike over-processed hydrolyzed keratins found in the market today, Global Keratin’s Juvexin™ Hair Taming System is an organic, active complex component, delivered to the hair in its raw, natural state. Critical amino acids and proteins remain whole to condition hair and protect it from damage and aging caused by environmental factors. It works on all hair types, leaving it healthy looking, shiny and frizz-free for up to 5 months. It is available in Light Wave, Virgin/Curly/Colored and Thick/Coarse/Resistant.

The programming opened up with all the curl experts onstage for some texture talk —each panelist presented their company's unique theories on curl care, cutting and products. Each of the panelists has a unique methodology to how to cut, style and maintain curls. It was an extremely beneficial experience for the stylist to be able hear and see each expert discuss their practices and methods. A hot topic of discussion was keratin treatments. John Benedetto, Director of Education for GK Hair, discussed with stylists GK's reformulation and the facts about keratin. Other panelists joined in to talk about the smoothing treatments their salons offered and how to help and educate clients in understanding their options, wether transitioning or dealing with frizz. Learn more about keratin treatments here.

Each audience member received a and bag filled with information and tools to help him or her build their business. Each of the brands also provided samples to each attendee. Audience members were very excited about the panel and even more excited when they learned of they would be receiving samples from each brand and one on one time to discuss their individual questions.

Michelle Breyer and Shari Harbinger

Michelle Breyer and Dickey

Megan at Ouidad Demo

Megan at Ouidad Demo

Bag giveaway winner

Stylist bag giveaway

Hundreds of stylists piled into the convention center room to hear these legends of the industry describe their background, talk about their philosophies, offer concrete one on one advice and see them work. And while not all curl experts think alike, the event was a harmonious one, with the panelists all realizing the significance of the gathering. One of the attendees describe the event as “life changing” she has always work with curls and said when she heard about the opportunity to meet and talk with top curl experts she was there! In fact many stylists arrive an hour before hand to secure a spot and have some extra one on one time with the experts.

Following the panel were demonstrations by some of the panelists, a very popular part of the programming where the stylists were invited to come up close and have a back-and-forth with the presenters.

After the onstage discussion and question and answer session, the panelists began demonstrations and one-on-one discussion. Stylists were blown away that they were given the opportunity to meet these experts and ask their curl questions. One stylist stated that she couldn’t believe she got one-on-one time with each expert. She said it allowed her to have the most well-rounded discussions around curls that she’s ever had. Excitedly, she stated, “I discussed all my clients' needs from wavy to curly to kinky.” The event allowed stylists to hear everything from how to deal with waves, curls and kinks, to transitioning and protective styles, to how to provide definition, to hydration and a great day-to-day look for their clients. You name it, we discussed it.

The live demonstrations and one on one discussion drew quite the crowd. Stylist could go to each corner of the room and see and speak with each expert about their methods and philosophies.

This year is all about the guys! Curly men are rocking their texture like never before, and American Crew was there to show and tell us all about their new cuts and products for curly men. American Crew International All-Star Educator Erica Grabczyk showed us the latest trend in men. Check out the before and after pictures. Erica took the model's hair from drab to fab, and the final look was modern and chic. American Crew introduced their curl-specific line and a series of amazing haircuts for curly men. Learn more about the new American Crew curl-specific line.

Texture! panel

Texture! panel


Hair Rules Demo

Hair Rules Demo

Hair Rules Demo - after

Ouidad, the "Queen of Curls," is an internationally recognized stylist, salon owner, mother, author and global educator. In 1984, as a pioneer of the curly hair industry, she opened the first salon in the country to cater exclusively to curly hair. Since then, her trademarked cutting and styling techniques and specialized line of award-winning products have instilled confidence in curly and wavy haired people everywhere. Ouidad's progressive teaching style, informative website, and dedication to curl education all further her goal to empower every stylist with the knowledge of how to work with curls. Top Ouidad stylist Ana Daniel did a live demonstration of the signature Ouidad “Carving & Slicing” cutting technique and “Rake & Shake” on CurlStylist’s Megan Dorcey. Using Ouidad’s technique of the Rake and Shake and the Ouidad products, clients can get perfectly designed curls that are shiny, healthy, bouncy and defined.

Megan Dorcey

Megan before her treatment.

Megan Dorcey

And her after! Talk about gorgeous curls! Megan left loving her hair like never before.

Hair Rules redefines standards in hair care and styling services, taking the healthiest approach to achievable beauty as a means toward providing women with choices as they relate to style and self-expression. Mastering the mystery of textured hair, Dickey has created iconic hairstyles for designers, advertisers, photographers and celebrities alike. Sarah Jessica Parker, Minnie Driver, Alicia Keys, Kelis, and Andre 3000 are just a few of the notables he has styled. Dickey did a live demonstration of a two-strand twist take down, which resulted in some amazing curls. Check out the before and after photos from this demonstration. Dickey then spoke about how to deal with all types of curls, specifically focusing on transitioning and protective styling. Learn more about Dickey and the Hair Rules brand.

Check out this How-To on two strand twists!

MIZANI is one of the leading professional authorities for multi-textured hair. MIZANI is a division of L’Oréal USA, and is a complete line of professional treatments, shampoos, conditioners and styling products designed to meet the expanding needs of today’s global beauty. Textured hair with its unique properties and characteristics require special treatment and instruction to achieve the best results. MIZANI, the salon professional authority for multi-textured hair, has an elite team of multi-talented professional stylists with expertise to deliver advanced education programs and dedicated curriculum to transform the way texture is identified, managed and taught to stylists. Veronique Morrison, director of education for MIZANI discussed how to deal with transitioning and helping clients with their journey. During the live demonstration session, MIZANI stylists demonstrated how to achieve curly styles with their new Supreme Oil. Veronique and top MIZANI stylists then answered questions about natural hair, styling and cutting. Transitioning was a hot topic and Veronique and her team discussed and showed options for clients wanting to transition, those in process of transitioning and those who have recently chopped. Learn more about MIZANI.

Shari Harbinger (the "Go To Curl Girl"), partner of DevaConcepts and curly hair guru, believes that beautiful, luminescent color that looks “better than natural” is what hair color is all about. That and spreading the Deva philosophy. In her double-duty role as Director of Education for Deva Concepts and Color Director for Devachan Salon, Shari has both a loyal group of clients that rely on her for shiny, vibrant shades that are as modern as they are beautiful, and an enormous following in the salon industry for her eponymous training sessions. Harbinger loves that she gets to spend her time educating hair care professionals, while simultaneously helping women look better. At the event, Harbinger selected a stylist audience member for a signature DevaConcept cut and style. The stylist was amazed with her results and exclaimed that her curls have never looked better! Harbinger walked her stylist audience through the entire process from the dry cut to the wash to the styling and diffusing. Learn more!

See another curlies experience a Deva cut.

The ABS Texture! panel was a big success! We can't wait until next year!

American Crew Demo

Michelle Breyer and MIZANI Team

Deva Demo

Deva Demo

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