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In honor of the season of love, we wanted to take a moment to remind you why you should love your curls day after day. So often during this month we focus on those that we love and we forget that we have to love ourselves just as much. So take a moment to reflect on why you love that curly hairstyle of yours.

  1. They are unique

    Every curl is as unique as you are and that is one thing to love about curly hair. Curls come in all textures and lengths and nobody’s curl is ever the same as someone else’s. I love to remind myself that anyone can have straight hair, but not everyone can wake up in the morning with natural curls. Plus, your curly hairstyles can be different each day, depending on the weather and the products you use.

  2. They help you smell great

    That’s right; smell great. Think about the products you use on a daily basis. One of the things that probably attracted you to it was the good scent. That scent is with you most of the day and knowing that someone could smell your curly locks and think “Wow! That smells nice” is something I know I can appreciate.

  3. They can help you bond

    You are on and the CurlTalk message boards because you wanted a place to find all kinds of information about your curls and talk with other people about their experiences. Having curly hair makes you part of a family whose members can relate to each other and help each other out when they are dealing with issues like second-day hair. You couldn’t go to a straight-haired girl for that.

  4. No hairbrushes or combs required

    One of my favorite things about having curly hair is the fact that I don’t have to spend the extra money on brushes and combs. I can use that money to feed my product addiction instead! The only things I need to detangle my curls are my fingers, and those are free. It’s nice knowing that I can walk right past the isle of brushes and combs and not worry about spending a dollar.

  5. Healthy hair is here to stay

    In my opinion, the absolute best thing about being natural is the simple fact that once you go natural, your healthy hair is here to stay. You don’t have to worry about constantly damaging you hair with heat or relaxers because you can get up every morning and be satisfied with your curls. The more consistent you are with healthy hair treatments the better your hair will look.


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Deciding to go natural is only half of the battle. Getting your curls to look their best can often be much more difficult and just plain frustrating. The trick is not to give up! And research all the techniques and tricks for getting your hair looking its best. Luckily, we've got your back. We put together a list of 5 curly never fail hair tips that will completely change your life and the love you have for your curls.

  1. Stop Straightening Curlies in numbers agree that the hardest part about being natural is simply doing it. We are often accustomed to changing the texture of our hair, so it is hard to quit and embrace how we look with the hair we were given. Once you can put down the straightening tools and products, you can embrace who you are and work to get the best possible curly version of you. Say "goodbye" to heat damage!
  2. Deep Conditioning Moisture is key when being curly and one of the best ways to get moisturized curls is through deep conditioning. Conditioning daily is important, but deep conditioners are made specifically to penetrate your hair’s many layers and give your roots the moisture they need to stay frizz free.
  3. Trims Every Six-Eight Weeks The length of time that you can go without a trim depends on the length of your hair, but most stylists will suggest that you come in every six to eight weeks. Once you get in the habit of getting your hair trimmed on a regular basis, you will notice your hair looking healthier; something many curly girls strive for.
  4. Sleep on a Satin Pillowcase Second day hair is not something every curly girl can get, but one way to improve your odds is by sleeping on a satin pillowcase. Just as you don’t want to use a typical towel to blot your curls, you want to take that same care at night when you are rolling all over the place. The right pillowcase will reduce your frizz in the morning as well as keep your curl pattern intact.
  5. Use a Sulfate-Free Shampoo or Co-Wash While all of these habits are extremely important, this one will make such a huge difference in your curls that you’ll never go back to your old ways. If you shampoo in order to cleanse your hair, switch to a sulfate-free shampoo like DevaCurl No-Poo since sulfates can be drying and damaging to the hair.

    Some curly girls are lucky enough that they need no shampoo at all and can get away with only using conditioner (co-washing). If you are not sure if you fall into this category or not, spend one weekend finding out. Your curls might love you for it and you can put that money you typically spend on shampoo towards other great products!

Lady smiling with her back turned to us and looking back while washing her hair

As a 2c wavy, I have discovered over the past year how important it is for me to cleanse my waves. My hair is extremely prone to frizz and buildup because of my need to use some heavier products in the summer. In my attempt to fight frizz, I have discovered some methods that work best to control my frizz as well as cleanse my hair.

1. Co-wash

Co-wash frequently. The amount of co-washing needed will vary because not everyone washes their hair every day, or even every other day. Your wavy hair type will also factor into the “official” amount needed. I typically co-wash my hair three times a week, but I’m also getting it wet six days a week because that's what my current workout routine is. The other three days of the week when I am working out, I wash it with a clarifying shampoo one of those days, or just get it wet and do a water wash. Co-washing will help prevent frizz and the dryness that can cause it.

2. Clarify

Although I gave it away in the first method, use clarifying shampoos. Natural oils produced by your scalp as well as product buildup can be distributed more easily through wavy hair compared to curls that are tighter. Clarifying shampoos are a great way to gently remove those oils and buildup on days when you need a break from conditioner. My favorite clarifying shampoo is the Carol’s Daughter Rosemary Mint shampoo. Not only does it smell amazing, but it also leaves my hair feeling great without seeming dry. I use the clarifying shampoo about two to three times a month, but of course the amount of products you use on your hair on a daily basis will determine how often you need to use a clarifier.

3. Clean your scalp

Pay attention to how you wash your hair. That might not sound like a technical method, but it will make a world of difference. If you have wavy hair and co-wash more frequently than not, your hair can look dirty and feel heavy if you don't rinse the conditioner out of your hair completely. Another way to help your cleansing process is by concentrating on the scalp. It's so easy to put shampoo or conditioner in, scrub for a second and then rinse. Instead, focus on using your cleansing product directly on the scalp and massaging the product in with your fingertips to loosen dirt and buildup. Make sure you rinse your hair thoroughly and you'll be on your way to enjoying cleaner and healthier hair.

If you have any other tips for cleansing your waves, please leave a comment below and share the knowledge. Figuring out something that seems as simple as cleansing your hair can actually be tough, so the more ideas and product suggestions the better!

lady with brown wavy hair outside smiling

The summer months can pose interesting problems when trying to figure out how best to do your hair. If you live somewhere where the average temperature is 97 degrees or higher (like it is here in Austin) and the humidity rarely falls below 97 percent, finding a summer hair care regimen to fit your needs can be an adventure.

I will admit that once I find products that I love and know will work, I tend to stick to them, which makes the summer even harder, because I typically have to switch it up. My one and only disclaimer is that I am between a 2B and 2C, so a lot of the products that I use don't necessarily work for other hair types.

Wavy Summer Hair Care

Below is my current summer hair regimen that I rely on every other day. Its gotten me through the last month and a half, and I typically tweak it every summer, because what good is a summer day if you don't love the way your hair looks?

  1. Style: During the cooler months of the year (whatever that means here in Texas) I use either a foam or mousse to hold my wave and keep me as frizz-free as possible. During the summer, however, I need something that is heavier like a gel. My go-to gel is the DevaCurl AnGel because it's not too heavy, smells delicious and keeps my curls frizz free for the entire day. I usually use 3 pumps on the under side of my hair and 3 and scrunch away.
  2. Spritz: One of my best friend's is the John Frieda Frizz-Ease Dream Curls Curl Perfecting Spray. I discovered it last year when I was on vacation and needed something I could easily use after some time at the beach to spruce up the locks. I spray it all around my hair after using my gel, give my hair a good flip upside down and do a final scrunch.
  3. Air dry: When it's cold out, I use a diffuser because my hair is never dry by the time I'm ready to leave in the morning, and I'd rather use heat than get sick. One of the benefits of 101 degree weather is that my hair dries pretty quickly, especially when I am going to spend the day outside. I skip the diffuser on most days during the summer and give my hair a break.
  4. Sleep on silk: During the process of embracing my natural hair, I have made many new friends. One of my softest and most effective is my silk pillowcase. I use that thing every night and if I'm leaving the house for whatever reason and am going to be sleeping elsewhere, I take it with me. It is the only way I can wake up and just use a little water to refresh my hair. My silk pillowcase is responsible for my excellent second day hair, and I'm eternally grateful.

One of my favorite things about my summer regimen is that it doesn't take more than 10 minutes. For me, summer means quick and easy while still being able to go out in public and look like I did at least take some time getting ready. Finding a good leave-in conditioner is also key for me on day when I'll be swimming a lot, and throwing a deep condition into the mix also never hurt a gal.

Final Thoughts

If any other wavies out there have a second, I'd love for you to share your summer hair care regimens or staple summer products. I already admitted that I like to stick to things once I love them, but I'm also ready and willing to try anything at least three times. I have a feeling that a lot of you have some great tips that I have never even considered. Wave on ladies!

Do you have tips on creating a successful summer regimen?

beer for your hair

It's a lot easier to damage your hair than it is to repair it. But with the right tools and hair remedies, you can reverse the damage you have done over your life and get back on track to having the perfect curls you have always wanted. So, instead of looking for split ends or thinking about how dehydrated your curls are, read on and find out ways to bring your curls back to life!

1. Hair Rinses

To be specific, vinegar and beer rinses for your hair! Beer is wonderful to use to replenish the moisture in your hair, while vinegar works wonders for shine. When doing either rinse, simply coat your hair with them and let sit for a few minutes. When ready, rinse your hair with cold water. Not only is cold water good for rinsing the hair, but it will also help get rid of the smell!

2. Hair Oils

Oils are great for styling and finishing your hair while also making your hair feel and look healthier. Oils help condition and moisturize your scalp, promoting hair growth. You can also do hot oil treatments by taking your favorite oil, like coconut oil, and heating it in a plastic bag. Once heated, apply the oil and wrap your hair in a shower cap. Allow the oil to do its magic for about 10-15 minutes, then rinse. You will be well on your way to healthy locks!

3. Deep Conditioners

Moisture is needed for healthy and manageable curly hair, so if you are lacking moisture, look for a good conditioner. Deep conditioners and hair oils are also great for keeping away frizz, detangling curls and repairing damaged curly hair.

4. A Good Haircut

Sometimes, what your curls need most is simply a good haircut. Often during a transition to natural hair, there is nothing that good products can do unless you cut off your damaged curly hair. For some, it means going for a big chop and for others it just means getting rid of a few inches. No matter which one you do, it will be liberating and you will be on your way to the curls you have been dreaming of. Do you have any other methods or products you use to repair damaged curly hair?


Though not listed in any medical dictionary, and often "harumphed" by doctors, many women of all ages face a serious problem in their daily lives: product addiction.

In a 12-Step program, it is said that Step 1 is admitting you have a problem. Okay, I admit it. Now what? Am I ready to change? No way. Am I okay with getting rid of products? Absolutely not! Would I spend a good chunk of change on something I’m not even sure works? You betcha!

Hi, my name is Alyssa and I'm a product junkie. ("Hi, Alyssa!")

I never thought it could happen to me, but it has and I'm here to take full responsibility. I am also here to help you figure out if you're a product junkie, too. I’ve put together a list of 12 things below, and if any apply to you, it could mean that you are a product junkie, too!

Admittedly, this is my own version of a 12-step program—I don't actually have a cure. Some may point fingers and protest that I don't truly want help, and they are correct. I love my products! If you are a product junkie, I urge you to take full responsibility for your actions—and you may want to learn to love yourself and your cache of product.

Don't look to me for any real help; I'm happy with all my goodies stashed under the sink, in the shower, in the fridge—wherever I can find a place for them. Plus, I'm busy hoarding more product!

You May be a Product Junkie If:

Congratulations to Our Winner!

Lana1026 - Who Says:

"I write out a budget for every paycheck that I get. I KNEW I was a product junkie when “HAIR STUFF” became a category of every paycheck budget. I knew things were serious when I would go on a spending freeze to help save more money, but then “Oh SNAP…CurlMart is having 20% off site-wide…WINNING!!!I have been needing to get a new brush, shampoo, conditioner, styling agent, moisturizer, deep conditioner, detangler, satin bonnet, and everything else they sell.” Sounds fair to us!

  1. You make sharing a bathroom impossible for any other person. You need your counter, drawer, cabinet space, wall space and even floor space!
  2. You have more product than food in your refrigerator or worse—you have 2 refrigerators to handle your space problem!
  3. Your day revolves around mail delivery and you are on a first-name basis with your mail carrier.
  4. You purchase products containing ingredients that you have tried before and didn’t work for your hair, but they might work this time, right?
  5. You have a product wish list longer than your grocery or To-Do list.
  6. If you share an email account with a significant other, you delete confirmations so they don’t know how much you've actually spent. Some of you may even have a separate email account just for purchasing products!
  7. You have products in your bathroom, kitchen, bedroom, closet, dresser drawers and anywhere else they can fit. The trunk of your car is even an acceptable location. I've even been known to use the attic.
  8. You shower as often as possible so you can try out new products and accessories. Fragrance rocks!
  9. You spend the majority of your day analyzing your hair (and skin and teeth, etc.) and considering what you will do differently tomorrow.
  10. You aren’t sure what you will have for dinner tonight, but you know what product you will try in the morning.
  11. You purchase products without knowing exactly what they are or how they work—but they have a great logo!
  12. Your monthly budget consists of bills, food, clothing and hair products, but not in that order.

Of course, like any addiction, the junkie may experience feelings of guilt, defiance, denial and the occasional confusion surrounding an overdrawn checking account. Is it possible that I will ever experience these feelings? I doubt it, because I am blissfully happy and secure that I have all the product I need—til Sunday's newspaper ad supplement.

This article is meant as a tongue-in-cheek look at the life of the product hoarder, and is in no way meant to demean or belittle any addictions. This article is not meant to give advice.


Don't forget the Re:coil for frizz-free curls!

Spring is upon us and summer is just around the corner, so it is the perfect time to get to a beach and enjoy the sunshine. If you have plans to head to the beach, make sure you prepare yourself for heat and humidity; two can-be killers if your routine is not accustomed to this weather. Here are a few curly hair products and tips to keep your hair looking great.

AG Hair Cosmetics Re:coil

Re:coil’s whole purpose it to give you no-frizz curls that are full of moisture and have great definition. The product can leave you with crunchy curls, but if you take a few minutes to scrunch after applying the product loosens up and leaves you with fabulous curls. This is a great product to carry with you that you can use when you’re fresh out of the water or if you need a bit to reform a few curls.

John Frieda Full Repair Touch-Up Flyaway Tamer

This is a new product from John Frieda and it does exactly what it says, but you might have to modify the method. This product comes in what looks like a mascara tube and the applicator is exactly like a mascara wand. When I straighten my hair this works great, but when my curls are in full force the wand can get stuck and then I end up pulling it through, which results in separated curls.

A good method of application is using a Q-tip to apply the products to your flyaways. The best thing about this product: it doesn’t leave your roots looking greasy. Also, within minutes it’s dry, making it feel like it’s not there while it still does its job. This is a definite must when packing your bag for the beach.


We love the slip-free Sweaty Bands

Goodie Simple Styles

If you are someone who can leave your hair down the entire time you are on a beach, I admire you. I end up putting my curls back within 15 minutes, but I get tired of a plain ponytail. Simple Styles are great for a loose bun, updo, half updo, or even a ponytail with a little pizzazz. You can easily carry them with you to throw up your hair while still looking your best.

Sweaty Bands

While these don’t have the most appealing name, I have read that they are the best things to keep your hair away from your face. The key to these is that they don’t slip when you sweat, hence the name, so you can be on the beach all day and these will stay in place. They aren’t the cheapest headband at $18 each, but if you find one you really like and is your style, it might change your life! Visit the Sweaty Bands website to view different styles and types.

Spray bottle

Sometimes you get to the point of no return and you just need water to help fix your curly problems. Purchasing a simple spray bottle and keeping it in your beach bag will enable you to refresh your hair and the products you have already applied, leading to a less frizzy and wonderfully curly you. Another benefit: it will help cool you off.

Frizz Forecast

Knowledge is power so know the humidity situation of your destination. In case you haven’t noticed, you can do this right here on NaturallyCurly! Simply type in the zip code of where you are going and you can see ahead of time what to expect. This will help you eliminate certain curly hair products and know which ones are must haves.

wedding tiara

Tiaras can be a great accent on your big day

We want you to stay on top of all trends in the fashion and hair world, but it never hurts to keep you up to date on the latest wedding trends! So whether you’re getting married soon or think you never will, read on because you never know when this information will come in handy.

Fashion and Hair Trends

Tasteful Tiaras
No really, tiaras. Many brides want to feel like a princess on their wedding day, but the ball gown skirt isn’t the only way to achieve that feeling. Look for a tiara that will accent your hair but isn’t too big that it takes the focus away from your overall look.

Tiny Tiers
Tiers on your dress can add a fun and playful texture without adding any bulk to your dress. This style is great if you don’t want to feel overwhelmed in a dress but still want texture. Not having a lot of dress also means more room for movement on the dance floor and less time you have to spend bustling.

Relaxed Styles
Don’t worry, not relaxers, but instead relaxed styles. The main trend for hair is taking classic styles and loosening them up a bit. Instead of a classic bun, go for a side bun and leave curls out to frame your face. If you want an updo, don’t worry about making it perfect and sleek. Embrace imperfections (as hard as that might be on your wedding day) and run with what your hair wants to do.

indian style wedding

Bold colors can create an exotic feel for your wedding.

Color and Theme Trends

Exotic Inspiration
You can thank Katy Perry for bringing attention to weddings inspired by India, and can you blame brides for loving the trend? The color palette for these weddings includes bold greens, golds, oranges, reds and purples and when mixed together create quite the eye-catching look. Incorporating several colors also gives your bridesmaids the chance to pick a color that they feel comfortable in.

Ivy League-Chic
Preppy-chic is huge again and weddings aren’t escaping the trend. Think "Gossip Girl" when decorating and go for details like plaids and strips to incorporate a great theme. Classic colors like blues, greens and reds will complete the style and tie everything together.

Prohibition-Era Style
Mad Men styles are a thing of the past now that we have HBO's "Boardwalk Empire," so embrace the inspiration from the 1920s. Lace dresses, fancy undo’s and jazz music are the perfect place to start when trying to master this style.

guys want to be included too

Finally, the men get a man cave!

Reception Trends

Man Caves
The only thing men hate more than going to the wedding of your aunt’s best friend is being in a wedding that doesn’t have any of his personality. The idea of a mini man cave is growing rapidly because you want your man and his friends to have a good time and enjoy the night (almost) as much as you do. A good place to start is by having cigars available if you are outdoors or by customizing your drink menu to include whiskey, brandy or scotch. The idea is simply to keep your groom comfortable and let him know you want him to have fun.

Food Trucks
One of the things guests will always remember from your wedding is the food—good or bad. Why not keep them happy and their stomachs full by providing creative alternatives to the sit-down meal? Food trucks offer a great variety from waffles to tacos, and you can easily please your guests while giving them a reason to talk about your food choices.

Dessert Tables
Weddings aren’t just for cakes anymore. Dessert tables are an up and coming trend where you can showcase your sweet tooth and again, give guests several choices. Many couples are choosing to get a simple cake and then providing things like cookies, chocolate mousse, and other mouth-watering goodies. If you are a traditional bride this probably isn’t the best trend for you to embrace, but if you are willing and ready to mix things up, consider a dessert table.

Women are constantly being told different tips that we want to believe will work, but rarely do. However, we have put together a list of 5 tips that might seem wacky but are proven to work wonders.

  1. Heat your eyelash curler: If you have stick-straight eyelashes one of the best ways to curl them is to heat your eyelash curler with a hair dryer for 5-8 seconds. Heating it will act like a curling iron and that paired with waterproof mascara (which dries faster) will give you perfect eyelashes.
  2. Freeze your eyeliner: Do you have issues with you eyeliner crumbling the second you attempt to put it on? If you are thinking, “Yes! Every morning!” then this trick is just for you. Fifteen minutes before you begin to put on your makeup, stick your eyeliner in the freezer, and when you are ready to apply, it will go on easier than ever.
  3. Shave with conditioner: If you run out of shaving cream, grab conditioner instead of soap for your backup. The conditioner will soften the hair making shaving much easier and it will also leave your legs silky smooth. Also remember that the thicker the conditioner the less you need to use so you won’t feel like you are wasting it.
  4. Beer and vinegar rinses: While these might not be the most pleasant rinses, both are very beneficial for your hair. A good rinse with beer will help replenish the moisture in your hair while vinegar works wonders for shine. With both, simply coat your hair in them and let it sit for a few minutes. When ready rinse your hair with cold water, which will also help get rid of the smell.
  5. Use an ice cube a day to keep the fat, acne and wrinkles away. It’s OK to admit that this doesn’t sound fun, but if it will keep fat cells, acne and wrinkles under control, it is well worth it. Before you go to bed, grab an ice cube and massage it over your face. By no means is it the most comfortable thing, but you will get used to it. Use it until it melts and go to bed knowing you are on the road to preventing three things that are simply annoying.

As a well-trained shopper, it is easy to spot a good deal from a mile away. But every so often it can be tempting to stray from good deals to buy that object that you simply need. Hair products can be extremely easy to splurge on because when you come across something that can tame/moisturize/refresh your curls, you need to try it. For this reason we put together a list of products that you can splurge on and feel great about because they are worth every single penny.

1. Curlisto Unruly Paste

This product is great to help control your frizz as well as define your curls. It works best after you diffuse your hair or wait for it to air dry. Not only will it tame your curls and frizz, but it will also add a great shine if you feel your hair is looking dull. One of the greatest things about this product: it doesn’t leave your hair feeling weighed down. ($22 for 2 oz.)

2. Miss Jessie’s Super Slip Sudsy Shampoo

You’re right, this isn’t the most expensive shampoo in the world, but if you are used to buying shampoo from a grocery store, this can seem like a lot. Many curlies spend a long time finding a shampoo that works great for them. Save yourself the trouble and start with this one. It’s a great option if you still want or need the suds when shampooing. This shampoo doesn’t leave behind a residue and is also great at removing build-up without taking the time to deep condition. Not to mention the green apple scent is very pleasant without being overpowering. ($14 for 8 oz.)

3. HerCut Curly Long Layers Catalyst

One of HerCut’s main goals is to give you “first day” looking hair every day of the week. The Long Layers Catalyst works great as a styling product and if you use enough of it you won’t need anything else to perfect your look. This is another product that leaves a great shine in your hair and a bounce to your curl. If you don’t have long layers, this product also comes as HerCut Curly Bob Catalyst. ($28 for 3.4 oz.)

4. Wen Fig Cleansing Conditioner

This cleansing conditioner is meant to take the place of your shampoo while still giving you clean and moisturized curls. If you are doing a no-shampoo routine this just might be exactly what you have been looking for. This is another product where the scent is fantastic without making you smell like fig all day long. ($14 for 6 oz. or $28 for 16 oz.)

Total 3 results.

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