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Glamorous Wedding Hairstyle

Celebrity stylist Christo has compiled a list of 5 products to help you create romantic and glamorous wedding hairstyles that will make you shine like a star on your big day. Choosing the right products could very well be the difference between your style lasting just a few hours, or making it through the day.

1. Heat-Protection Glaze

Apply Straight Time Glaze on wet hair before using a flat iron or curling iron to ensure that your hair will remain smooth all day long.

2. Mousse

Bio Gel Mousse is a great mousse that will promote body for thinner textures. Simply mix a little with Straight Time Glaze before applying onto wet hair.

3. Shaping Spray

Simply spray Shaping Spray onto finished style and enjoy beautiful hair all day long. This product offers extreme hold without stiffness or flakes, which is why celebrities love to have it on the red carpet. Make sure to carry a 2-ounce travel size for touch-ups.

4. Finishing Product

Glamorous Wedding Hairstyle

Glow & Shine is a perfect finishing product to give you a touch of shine. This non-oil spray will only give you shine, shine, shine. Make sure to carry a 2-ounce travel size for touch-ups.

5. Pomade

Finishing Pomade is great for smoothing out flyaways and making sure that every strand is in place. Also great to share with the groom to keep his hair looking perfect, too. Simply apply to hair before using Shaping Spray and enjoy your day.

Christo has been a bridal design specialist for magazines such as "Bride & Groom," "Get Married" and "People en Espanol" in addition to being featured on a Reelz television segment on the royal wedding.

Dear Christo: I am 17 and I need some serious help styling my hair. I am completely lost as to how to take care of my curls. I have naturally curly hair but for years I straightened it and I am afraid i have seriously damaged it. I stopped straightening my hair but now I can't figure out how to control my curls. After I wash it the top just completely poofs. All of the outermost pieces of my hair get really poofy, wavy and frizzy; it looks really dry and doesn't even curl at all. The underneath parts of my hair are nice, soft, bouncy curls. How can I get my hair to no longer poof and just all together look natural and curly like the pieces underneath?

Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque

A: The constant use of heat styling tools such as blow dryers and flat irons will damage your hair. Your hair's natural protein is depleted and your hair is left dehydrated and damaged. Your top layer is always the most abused part of your hair because it is the most visible and accessible. To repair years of damage, you should use a deep treatment like Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque at least once a week. This will reconstruct the cortex and bring life back to your hair.

It is also important that you get the right haircut to make your hair easier to style.

Dear Christo: I have thin, wavy hair that is down to my waist; it is all one length. The trouble that I am having is when I go to work, I have to have it pulled up. The only thing I know how to do is pull it up in a bun. I have kind of a big head, and since my hair is so thin, it looks like a little "idk what" in the back of my head. I desperately need tips that I can do to make my hair look thicker or a tip for something new to do with my hair that doesn't take a lot of time.

A: If the only option you have for work is to keep your hair up, then your only option is to have it cut. You can keep some of the length but your stylist should texturize so that your hair has more body when you wear your hair loose after work. To change it up for work, simply pull your hair back into a mid-ponytail and secure with a elastic band. Loosely braid the ponytail and then twist into a chignon. This will give you a more stylist look than the boring braid you have been sporting.

Thin hair can be genetic and vitamins can help you so I suggest you speak to your physician.

Dear Christo: So why is it that in some places my curls are all together and clump beautifully, but in others, it's just frizzy and won't clump together to save my life ! ): Ive even tried honey or whatever.

A: You simply need to learn how to style your curls in order to have consistency. The only way to control your curls is to style them correctly when wet. To watch a styling video that will give you step-by-step instructions, check out You must also have the right cut for texture for your style to come out right. Healthy curls equal beautiful styles so must constantly condition your curls with a deep treatment like Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque once a week. If you have tight to coily hair, you should use Natural Coils Masque.

Dear Christo: OK, so I'm 16 and my hair is atrocious! I used to be a straightening freak! I used to do it every day because I think I look prettier. My hair became so damaged that I had to get it cut, even though it was already so short from my hair breaking off. So now I have like a bob and its been two months since my keratin and cut its so short! My hair will simply not grow; I don't know what to do to make it grow longer and faster! Please help!

A: Your hair is severely damaged from years of styling heat and harsh chemicals that have caused damage to the hair follicle. Before your try to put any more chemicals in your hair, remember that your hair is very fragile. As long as your hair is attached to your scalp, it will recover with nourishment, moisturizers and care. You will need an intensive treatment like Christo Hair Rehab to reverse the damage. It will take time but your hair will come back to life.

The Curlisto Keratin Treatment is a new processes to straighten curly hair. It is done with all natural products and it takes only half the time that a regular keratin treatment takes. In addition, it does not contain any formaldehyde—a commonly used chemicas in keratin treatments.

3 Steps to Successful Styling:

1. Condition, condition, condition! Use the Deep Therapy Masque at least once a week to keep your hair hydrated and healthy.

2. Have the right haircut for your hair texture and facial features. You should trim your hair as needed to get rid of split ends and encourage healthy hair.

3. Use the right styling tools for your hair texture and know the right technique to achieve beautiful, bouncy curls.

Dear Christo: I have curly hair and I believe it's type 3a. My hair is a little bit past my shoulders and has layers. Every time I try to do it, it just ends up looking too straight, or wavy. I have tried every tip I can find online—diffusers, different products, using wide-toothed combs, and so much more, but nothing seems to help. I want it to be curlier, and cooperate with me every day. I also need something easy and fast because I'm still in middle school. Most of the time, I have to go to school looking like I didn't even try to make my hair look nice, but my entire morning is all about trying to fix my hair. i just want it to be less puffy, and curlier but I don't know how. Please give me some advice.

A: Remember step #1: Condition, condition, condition!

It seems like your hair is dehydrated and that is the reason why it does not hold your styles. You need to start using a Deep Therapy Masque at least once a week to bring your hair back to life. Ridding your hair of split ends by trimming it every 6-10 weeks is also very important. This will keep your hair from ruining your styles. If you don’t know the right styling tools or technique for your hair, I suggest you log onto and click on the Styling Your Own Hair Video where you can choose the hair texture that best matches your own and watch a step-by-step instructional video on how to properly style your curls using the right hair products. By following these three steps, you are on your way to successful, long lasting styles.

Dear Christo: I cut my bra-strap length hair to well above my shoulders. With more frequent deep treatments (like 3/week MINIMUM) I've achieved so much healthier hair than in the all the months of going natural. My hair has actually taken on a more 4a curl. But I seem to have lost my curl pattern in the crown area. Now some of it is leftover heat-damaged hair, but the other stuff just sort of....happened! From 1.5" or so past the crown to just past the middle of my head I have no curl or wave....just straight-ish hair. It's frizzy and poofy and dry; won't blend or hold fingercurls or anything. The front/sides and back are curlier than ever. I'm wondering if this loss of patten is from a henna treatment. Yet no other areas of my hair were affected—just this patch in the middle of my head (I've hennaed once before, btw). If it is the henna, is it repairable? If not the it still repairable??

A: The effects of heat damage and chemical processes can sometimes take a while to become apparent. The loss of your curl pattern must be a result of years of stress caused by heat styling and using the products (including henna). Henna is not good for the hair; it dries out the cortex which will in fact make your hair lose its pattern. There is no quick fix to years of damage so I suggest that you put your hair through Hair Rehab. This amazing system will restore abused and/or over processed hair. The crown area took the most abuse which is why it is taking longer to repair. Have patience and continue to nourish, hydrate and care for your hair. The only way to get your curl back is to restore its health.

I suggest that you send a picture of your curls to One of my senior stylists will be able to write you a personalized prescription and provide you with plan to return the healthy your hair. There are always solutions; you just need to have the right team available to help you find them.

Dear Christo: I know it's normal to lose 40-100 strands a day but I am losing gobs in the shower! Could it be because I wash my hair about every 3 days and those 40-100 strands are entangled in my curls and they are coming out all at once? I don't have any balds spots and no signs of thinning but I am fuh-reaking out! It's been happening forever but now I'm thinking maybe its not so normal. Ideas?

A: It is true; you are supposed to lose 70-100 stands of hair in a single day. Since curly women do not need to wash their hair every day, strands accumulate and it seems like there are massive amounts of hair being shed. The lifespan of a hair strand is 4-7 years. It is important to note that factors like a change in weather, diet and stress levels can cause you to lose more hair than normal.

If you don’t feel like your hair is thinning, then there is nothing to worry about. You are lucky to get your hair back. If you are thinning out, I highly recommend that you see your physician.

You should also follow the 3 steps to successful styling because it is something that everyone should do to keep their curls beautiful and bouncy.

Dear Christo: This problem has plagued me for years! I have between 3c or 3b curls (depends on what place on my head you are looking at). Color is the only thing I find that gives my hair body. I get it professionally colored every 6 weeks. And in between I touch up my the roots. So I am coloring it every 3 weeks. I know, I know what you are thinking: "but is it in good condition?" I get to the week before I should be coloring it and it is horrible!

Seriously, I am late for work, I'm in a foul mood because I now it looks bad and I can't do anything about it. It gets real soft and flat, it lies flat to my head. I use more product, I try to lift it with clips while it is drying. Forget it. I HATE IT!!! But then I add color and presto everything is right in the world. It has the body I need to work with it. What is the ingredient in color that gives my hair body? Is there any help for my hair except for color?

A: Coloring your hair will give the illusion of your hair being fuller and thicker because the cuticle will expand 30%. Chemicals in the color will swallow your hair's cuticle which is why it will only last for limited time and your hair starts to feel unmanageable and flat until you touch up your roots. I suggest that you try and find out the right styling products for your hair type.

It seems like you have a very fine hair texture that easily becomes limp, especially in the scalp area. It is important to use the right styling products that will address this problem and boost the root area. I suggest that you use Curl Reform whose expansion technology will make your hair look fuller and less flat.

Q: How long can cones sit on your hair before creating a mess?

A: There are a lot of products on the market that contain silicones and some of them are more breathable than the others. A heavy silicone is NOT breathable and can easily suffocate and damage your hair in 6 months. Since curly hair is like a sponge that sucks everything in, the proper hair care maintenance includes:

  1. Shampoo your hair every 2-3 days to remove buildup
  2. Use a light conditioner like Curlisto Botanical Rinse which can be used everyday and will not over condition your hair.
  3. Use a deep conditioner like the Deep Therapy Masque at least once every other week. This will keep your hair hydrated and looking great.

If you follow this easy maintenance, you will have healthy hair.

Q: How can you tell if your hair is protein sensitive?

A: Protein based products complete the keratin in our hair. It is important that you find the right product that will benefit the health of your hair. Heavy protein products can cause your hair to feel hard and almost course. When choosing the right moisturizing protein, you should look for structurizing proteins like corn, rice, soy and wheat proteins. Products with these proteins can be used at least 2-3 times a week to strengthen and condition your hair.

Q: My hair loves warm weather. It has a lot more volume and curl when the weather is warm. I get flat top and less curl when the weather is colder...the waves/curls are really defined, shiny, soft and frizz-free...everything I want them to be except for lack of volume and less curl!

I know the cold weather is doing this. The temperatures have been rocking back and forth the past few weeks. First it got cold. The curl loosened and the volume was reduced. It got warm again, and I had a good hair day--it was warm for a few days. Then it got cold again, and my hair is flat: warm one more time for a few days, and now it got cold and my hair is flat.

Please help me!

A: Every curl is different and they also react differently to different climates. Understanding your curl will help you have beautiful styles no matter what season we’re in. To do this, it is important that you choose the right styling products for the weather. If cold weather causes hair to look flat then you have to use lighter ingredients to style your hair. Choose the right products for your hair texture and how your hair reacts to the climate and remember when it comes to curly hair; it is all about the styling. You just have to adjust the formula of your styling to make your curls look the way you want them to.

Q: I am trying desperately to promote hair growth...any suggestions?

A: The most important thing is to feed your scalp. Stay away from oils and feed your hair with products that complete keratin such as the Deep Therapy Masque on a weekly basis. Consult with your doctor and take 3,000 – 5,000 mg of Biotin.

I traveled to my home island of Cyprus and Athens this summer. I would like to share some amazing pictures of ancient Gods, goddesses and royalty. These images will show you that in ancient Greece, curly hair was not only embraced, but celebrated.

The image of beauty today has become distorted. Women of all ages perform harsh chemical services to have the straight hair they see on television instead of embracing their natural texture.

But that wasn't always the case. Curly hair was and still is considered beautiful in Greek culture. While visiting the Acropolis Museum which recently opened in Athens, the statues whispered, “Look at my beautiful Curls.” The architects depiction of treasured icons showcased the fact that curls are divine.


The curly hair was always pulled back elegantly so that the sculptures look elegant and sophisticated.

I would love to show you that curly hair is beautiful, sexy and sophisticated. The key is knowledge. Knowing how to maintain your curls can keep them looking beautiful.

I grew up in a culture where 99 percent of the population has curly hair. I learned how to care for and perfect the art of curly hair. As a young hairdresser, growing up with a large curly haired clientele was a blessing. I used this knowledge of curly hair to perfect my own cutting and styling techniques. I have become an educator for salon professionals and curly hair women around the globe.

If the ancient goddess of Greece wore their hair naturally and beautifully curly, so can you. For parents with curly hair children it is important that you show them how the gods and goddesses embraced their curly hair. Show them that royalty had curly hair.

Teach your kids to love their curly hair. And remember that their feelings about their hair all start with you.

michael cera

Get Hot Curls Like Michael Cera

The Curly Cut: Layers

Who it Works Best for: Waves or loose curls

How to Get the Look: On very wet hair, apply Curlisto Control II Gel and slick it down with a wide-toothed comb. In doing so, you allow your waves to show while creating a sharp look for yourself at the same time. Finish up with Curlisto Structura Spray to keep the wet look.


lauren storm

Create Curls Like Actress Lauren Storm

The Curly Cut:

Long loveliness

Who it Works Best for: People with wavy and looser curls.

How to Get the Look: Apply Curlisto Structura Lotion in sections to wet hair. Diffuse the hair one hundred percent. Blow the bangs out a little straighter. Finish with Curlisto Shaping Spray and Curlisto Glow & Shine.


Jennifer Nettles

Get Sweet Waves Like Sugarland's Jennifer Nettles

The Curly Cut: Long, angular layers with short bangs.

Who it Works Best for: People with wavy and looser curls.

How to Get the Look: Apply Curlisto Structura Lotion in sections to wet hair. Diffuse the hair one hundred percent. Blow the bangs out a little straighter. Finish with Curlisto Shaping Spray and Curlisto Glow & Shine.


Matthew Mcconaughey

Sexy Waves Like Matthew Mcconaughy

The Curly Cut: Longer layers

Who it works best for: Wavy to medium curls

How to get the look: I love this look on Matthew and think it's one of his best looks. It is edgy and sexy at the same time. Less is more when it comes to product. Scrunch in a touch of Curlisto Bio-Gel Mousse and let the waves air dry.


Terri Seymore

Get Luscious Corkscrews Like Terri Seymour

The Curly Cut: Long layers

Who it works best for: Wavy to medium curls

How to get the look: This style accentuates Terry's natural texture. For curlier hair, you can diffuse and then repurpose some curls with a curling iron. For wavy hair, you can use hot rollers and a fat curling iron — 2-inch barrel — to repurpose the curls. Rub some Curlisto Finishing Pomade between your palms and run your fingers through your hair for a tousled, natural look. Finish with a spritz of Curlisto Glow & Shine.



Catch a Wave Like Emma Roberts

The Curly Cut: Long Layers

Who it works best for: All hair types

How to get the look: Emma has loose waves, but she accentuates them with a curling iron. This technique can be used to make straight hair curly or to redefine naturally wavy or curly hair. To create a more natural look, try using curling irons with different-sized barrels to provide a variety of curls. Remember to use Curlisto Shaping Spray after forming each curl and to finish up with Curlisto Glow and Shine.


Thandie Newton

Get Sexy Curls Like Thandie Newton

The Curly Cut: Face-framing graduated bob

Who it works best for: All curl types

How to get the look: Depending on your curl type, use a hot rollers or a curling iron to make your curls look bigger. After curling, make sure to run your fingers through the hair with pomade, such as Curlisto Finishing Pomade, so you don't get frizz.


Kylie Minogue

Get a curly bob like songstress Kylie Minogue

The Curly Cut: Short Curly Layered Bob

Who it works best for: People with waves or loose curls

How to get the look: This is an easy style to achieve for anyone with naturally curly hair. To get the look, apply Curlisto Structura Lotion in sections. Then apply Curlisto Bio-Gel Mousse. Put some duckbill clips at the crown for volume. Diffuse or air dry. Then spritz on a little Curlisto Structura Spray. It should take no longer than 15 minutes, start to finish.


Blythe Danner

Get polished waves like Blythe Danner

The Curly Cut: Wavy bob with face-faming layers

Who it works best for: People with waves or loose curls

How to get the look: This is an easy style to achieve with the right cut. Apply Curlisto Bio-Gel Mousse on wet hair in sections. Diffuse and defrizz with Curlisto Finishing Pomade. It takes only 15 minutes from start to finish.


Annalynne McCord

Get Luxurious Curls Like Annalynne McCord

The curly cut: Face-framing curls

Who it works best for: Those with loose to medium curls

How to get the look: To get definition and separation, apply a combination of Curlisto Structura Lotion and Curlisto Control II Gel in sections. Diffuse or let it dry naturally. Remember not to run your fingers through the hair until it is almost dry



Get Madonna's Angelic Look

The curly cut: Face-framing layers

Who it works best for: These curls work well for everyone — from straight and wavy hair to curlier textures. These curls give Madonna a soft, youthful look.

How to get the look:If you have straighter hair like Madonna, get out the hot rollers. Each roller only needs to stay in for five minutes. Spray Curlisto Shaping Spray on each roller as you unwrap it. After removing the rollers, run your fingers through the hair gently. You can get the look in 15-20 minutes.


Redken Extreme Iron Repair

Get Sexy Waves like Jennifer Lopez

The Curly Cut: Long layers

Who it works best for: People with wavy hair or looser curls

How to get the look: Jennifer really pulls off these spontaneous curls. Spray dry hair with Curlisto Curl Reform. This will help protect your hair from the heat. Use a 1 1/2-inch curling iron and curl the outside perimeter of the hair. A larger iron is faster. Spray each curl with Curlisto Shaping Spray for a bouncy hold. It takes about 20 minutes to get this look.


Redken Extreme Iron Repair

Get Sexy Curls like Eric Benet

The Curly Cut:Longer and shaped

Who it works best for:Tighter, kinkier curls

How to get the look: It doesn't take much to get this look. Use a coin-size dab of Curlisto Unruly Paste or Curlisto Control II Gel and apply in sections to add definition to curls.


Get superstar waves like Academy-winning actress Cate Blanchett


The Curly Cut:Mid-Length, face-framing layers

Who it works best for:Wavy hair or soft curls

How to get the look: You can achieve this retro Hollywood look two ways. First, you can blow dry your hair and set sections in pin curls for 5-10 minutes before running your fingers through them. The second option is to use Curlisto Bio-Gel Mousse on wet hair, scrunch the hair and let it air dry or blow dry with a diffuser. With both options, finish with Curlisto Glow & Shine. This look is easily achieved when you have looser curls.


Jane Krakowskir

Get sassy waves like "30 Rock's" Jane Krakowski"

The Curly Cut:Long, face-framing layers

Who it works best for: All curl types can wear their hair in this wavy, sexy style

How to get the look: For women with wavy to medium tight curls, use Curlisto Repair Styling Cream (for heat protection) and Curlisto Straight Time Glaze (which temporarily relaxes the curl) on wet hair. Blow dry straight and make dry pin curls on the entire head, adding Curlisto Shaping Spray on each pin curl. Let the pin curls sit for 5-10 minutes and then remove. Spray Curlisto Glow & Shine and run your fingers throughout your hair, and then you're finished. This style takes time, but it can last for a few days.



Get ringlets like curl icon Bernadette Peters

The Curly Cut: Face-framing layers, shorter around the face

Who it works best for:Tighter curls

How to get the look: Take time to section hair into five sections. Apply a mixture of Curlisto Control I Gel and Curlisto Structura Lotion to each section and diffuse. To keep frizz at bay, put a dab of Curlisto Finishing Pomade between your palms, rub together and pull hair back as if you're making a ponyail. This will take care of flyaways and frizz. Finish with Curlisto Glow & Shine.


Patrick Dempsey

Get McDreamy curls like actor Patrick Dempsey

The Curly Cut: Longer layers

Who it works best for: Natural waves

How to get the look:Use Curlisto Control Gel II on wet hair and let it air dry. Once dry, you can play with it by using Curlisto Matte Stay to create a messier, sexy look.



Get Curlicious Kinks Like America's Top Model Bre

The Curly Cut: Bre has long, shaped layers

Who it works best for: Tight coily curls and kinks

How to get the look: This style is easy to achieve if you have a full head of hair and spiral curl texture. If you want to get big hair, first prepare it with Curlisto Repair Styling Cream so it will look healthier and stronger. Then section it and apply Curlisto Structura Lotion to the sections, leaving the curls looking defined and thick. To finish this look, pin the curls on the crown of the head back so that the top layer is slicked back and the rest of the hair expands out. This will achieve the sexy, full look.


Rachel Hunter

Get Model Waves Like Rachel Hunter

The Curly Cut: Long layers

Who it works best for: Naturally waves or loose curls

How to get the look: With this tousled wavy look, the fewer products you use on your hair, the better. Part your hair into three big sections, making sure to part your hair in the middle, off center where you want it to fall when it's dry. Add Curlisto Bio-Gel Mousse. Scrunch and then diffuse your hair until it's 100 percent dry. Scrunch in some Curlisto Finishing Pomade to finish the look.


Corinne Bailey Rae

Keep your curls in perfect harmony like chanteuse Corinne Bailey Rae.

The Curly Cut: A short curly bob with side-swept bangs

Who it works best for: Tight curls and kinks

How to get the look: To style, section your hair and add a mixture of Curlisto Structura Lotion and Curlisto Control I Gel to each of the sections, twisting the sections. Diffuse until 100 percent dry in order to get the full body out of this style. Finish with Curlisto Structura Spray and Curlisto Glow & Shine. This hairdo only look better as the day progresses.



Get wild kinks like Little Jackie's Imani

The Curly Cut: Imani has the wild kinks that completely fits her persona.

Who it works best for: Tight curls and kinks

How to get the look: This style is easy to achieve if you have a full head of hair and spiral curl texture. I recommend applying Curlisto Repair Styling Cream in small sections. Then put Curlisto Structura Lotion on top of it. Since bigger is better, don't be afraid to manipulate your hair to get more fullness. Put a little more Curlisto Structura Lotion on pieces you want more defined.


Miranda July

Gorgeous Waves Like Actress Miranda July

The Curly Cut: Layered waves

Who it works best for: Wavy to loose curls

How to get the look: To define your waves, spritz on some Curlisto Protein Boost and then apply Curlisto Bio-Gel Mousse in sections. Diffuse or air dry


Sanaa Hamri

Create Curls Like Director Sanaa Hamri's

The Curly Cut: Long layers

Who it works best for:People with a natural spiral texture

How to get the look: In order to keep the curls in place, use a combination of Curlisto Control II Gel and Curlisto Structura Lotion. Apply in sections, being careful to coat every section. Some find it easier to use a fine-toothed comb when applying product. Diffuse for more definition. Finish with Curlisto Glow & Shine for added luster.


Evangeline Lilly

Get Divine Waves Like Evangeline Lilly

The Curly Cut: Long face-framing layers

Who it works best for:People with wavy to loose curls

How to get the look:Spritz on Curlisto Protein Boost as a leave-in conditioner, and then apply Curlisto Bio-Gel Mousse in sections. Diffuse or air dry. When hair is almost dry, bend over and diffuse upside down for a little more volume. To get more height at the crown, use duckbill clips. Spray on a little Curlisto Structura Spray.


Rock Your Curls Like Solange Knowles

Solange Knowles

The Curly Cut: Long layers

Who it works best for: Wavy to medium curls

How to get the look: Apply a combination of Curlisto Structura Lotion and Curlisto Control II to the hair to elongate the curls so they cascade around the face. Diffuse. Spritz on a little Curlisto Glow & Shine for added sheen.


Leona Lewis

Hit a High Note with Curls Like Leona Lewis

The Curly Cut: Face-framing layers with bangs

Who it works best for:loose to medium curls

How to get the look:In order to achieve this hairstyle, mix Curlisto Structura Lotion and Control II Gel. Diffuse. When hair is styled and dry, put a pea-size dab of Curlisto Unruly Paste between your palms, rub together and run through your hair to reduce frizz.


Leslie Mann

Get sexy, defined curls like Leslie Mann

The Curly Cut: Long, face-framing layers

Who it works best for: Waves or loose curls

How to get the look: In this case, less is more. Apply a little Curlisto Structura Lotion, and air dry. For more volume at the crown, put in a few duckbill clips.


Tamara Tunie

Get Curls like Tamara Tunie

The Curly Cut: Short face-framing layers that will stay in place the entire night when styled properly

Who it works best for:Medium to tight curls

How to get the look:Mix a Curlisto Structura Lotion with Curlisto Control I Gel and apply in sections. Diffuse or air dry. Finish with Curlisto Structura Spray. Spritz on Curlisto Glow & Shine for added sparkle.


Anderson Varejao

Get Curls like Anderson Varejao

The Curly Cut: Face-framing layers

Who it works best for: Tight, spiral curls

How to get the look:You don't need to do much with this type of curl because it stays in place. Use a little Curlisto Protein Boost on your gym days for extra conditioning. Or you can spice it up with Curlisto Unruly Paste if you want to wear your hair out for an evening with friends.



Get Curls like Mya

The Curly Cut: Long layers

Who it works best for: Mya has long, soft to medium curl texture

How to get the look: You can style this type of curl by using some Curlisto Protein Boost as a leave-in conditioner to minimize frizz. Then apply Curlisto Bio-Gel Mouse. To add a more dramatic look to your hairstyle, add some clip-on extensions, and I guarantee you will turn heads.


Get Idol-worthy curls like Kristy Lee Cook

Kristy Lee Cook

The Curly Cut: This haircut should have diagonal angles around the face, with long layers

Who it works best for:Long, loose curls

How to get the look: Section and apply Curlisto Structura Lotion and Bio-Gel Mousse to wet hair and diffuse. Remember to use duckbill clips to secure volume at the root area when you have long hair!


Nick Jonas

Get rockin' ringlets like the curliest Jonas Brother

The Curly Cut: Nick has fat, beautiful medium curls cut longer and layered to frame his face in a look reminiscent of the '70s

Who it works best for:Men with everything from loose to tight curls can wear this look

How to get the look: Section the hair from the bottom to the top and apply a quarter size of Curlisto Structura Lotion to wet hair. Then air dry or diffuse. You don't need any finishing products because a little bit of frizz actually creates a more natural look.


Macy Gray

Get Macy Gray's amazing kinks

The Curly Cut: Funky twists

Who it works best for: Fine, tight, super kinky hair

How to get the look:To get her funky look, twist wet hair in big sections with Curlisto Unruly Paste. Dry naturally or diffuse.


Taylor Swift

Get luscious waves like Taylor Swift

The Curly Cut: Long, face-framing angles

Who it works best for: Wavy to medium curls

How to get the look: To style, prep the hair with Curlisto Repair Styling Creme. Then mix Curlisto Structura Lotion and Curlisto Control I gel and finger comb through the hair. Diffuse until dry and then blow out small pieces with a medium-size bristle brush. Finish with some Curlisto Matte Stay for that messy, bed-head look.


Sendhil Ramamurthy

Sendhil Ramamurthy

Get Sendhil's Ramamurthy's loose luscious waves.

The Curly Cut: Medium length, without clean lines

Who it works best for: Wavy to medium curls

How to get the look: This cut is polished enough for the office, yet fun and fresh. When hair is wet, finger comb some Curlisto Control I and then mix with Curlisto Finishing Pomade for shine.


Kerry Washington

Get beautiful curls like Kerry Washington

The Curly Cut:A long bob, with long layers. It should be texturized to prevent the "pyramid" effect

Who it works best for: medium to tight curls

How to get the look: Finger comb Curlisto Structura Lotion and Curlisto Control II on wet hair. As it dries, the curls will bounce up into this soft style. After hair is dry, smooth on Curlisto Unruly Paste to tame flyaways.

Adrian Grenier

Adrian Grenier

Get sexy curls like Adrian Grenier, star of "Entourage"

The Curly Cut: Long, shaggy cut

Who it works best for: Loose curls

How to get the look: Use your fingers to comb through Curlisto Control I gel and let it dry naturally for this soft, touchable look.

Madison Pettis

Madison Pettis

Get corkscrew curls like Madison Pettis, star of "Cory in the House"

The Curly Cut: Long layers

Who it works best for: Long medium to tight curls

How to get the look: The best way to style kids' hair is to use Curlisto Structura Lotion only. The lotion is applied in sections, and the hair should be air dried in order to create the natural glow you see with Madison's hair. For this type of hair, less is more. The simplicity makes it appear natural. A colorful headband is the finishing touch.


Julianna Margulies

Get ringlets Like Julianna Margulies

The Curly Cut: Your cut should have some face-framing layers, left long on the sides and back.

Who it works best for: Medium to tight curls.

How to get the look: This is an example of beautiful tight curls styled beautifully. Combine Curlisto Structura Lotion and Curlisto Control II, finger comb onto wet hair and then diffuse. If your curls are looser than Julianna’s, you can use a small curling iron to add definition. To finish, apply Curlisto Unruly Paste and Curlisto Structura Spray for hold and shine.


Kina Grannis

Rock your curls like Kina Grannis/h2>

The curly cut: Long, curly layers

Who it works best for: Kina has beautiful, fine curls that you can easily achieve if you have similar texture. If your hair is tighter, you may want to consider a chemical services that softens the curl, like Curlisto Bio-Softening.

How to get the look: You will need to use Curlisto Protein Boost as a leave-in conditioner. Curlisto Structura Lotion should be applied in big sections. Use your fingers or a finger comb to part the hair on the side. The best way to get the flatness of this style is to let the hair air dry. When dry, spray on a little Curlisto Glow and Shine to finish the look.

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vanessa hudgens

Style your waves like actress Vanessa Hudgens'

Who it works best for: This look can be easily achieved if you have loose curls or waves.

How to get the look: Finger comb onto wet hair Curlisto Bio-Gel Mousse in sections. Then dry with a diffuser. If you want added length or volume, clip in some pre-styled extensions to add length when the hair is dry.


Joss Stone

Rock your long lovely curls into a look like Joss Stone's

The curly cut: To get this look, you need a cut with very long layers

Who it works best for: Any type of curl — wavy to tight.

How to get the look: Combine Curlisto Structura Lotion and Control II gel and apply to wet hair, section by section. To optimize the style, dry with a diffuser. Then flip your head upside down to create more volume. Create spirals in the front with a small curling iron. Use a bit of Curlisto Unruly Paste and some Curlisto Structura Spray as your finishing tools. This will calm any last-minute flyaways and to keep the curls in place.


melina kankaredes

Melina Kanakaredes

Get Melina Kanakaredes' beautiful curly look

The curly cut: Melina has fabulous curls that are cut to shoulder length, with framing angles. This cut helps broaden her smaller face.

Who it works best for: Any type of curl — wavy to tight.

How to get the look: Apply Curlisto Structura Lotion and Curlisto Control I to style, combing it through wet hair section by section. Apply duckbill clips at the crown for volume. Dry with a diffuser. Then take a dab of Curlisto Finishing Pomade, rub it between your palms and pull your hair back and twist it. That will help set the curls. Finish with Curlisto Structura Spray to complete the look.


Q: I'm sixteen years old, and during middle school my hair turned from thick and straight to thick and curly. I wouldn't mind, but underneath, I still have a layer of wavy 2a hair (even that layer is about the thickness of most of my friends' hair), while on top is a mixture of type 3a and 3b. My face (oval-square) is framed by a trapezoid of curls, with darker waves poking out underneath. It's hard to prevent the trapezoid with layers, because then the top layer scrunches up and the bottom layer doesn't. It looks really bad.

My hair regimen: shower every other day, put conditioner in for about 5-10 minutes, wash out conditioner, don't comb or brush. In the morning after a shower, it looks okay for the morning, but it gets steadily harder to handle throughout the day. This regimen is from the "Curly Girl" book my hair stylist recommended.

My hairstylist has straight, thin hair, and has butchered my hair cut a few times, but she's starting to get the hang of it...sort I don't want to switch to someone who has absolutely no idea what my hair's like and tries to cut it wet or something. In short, I'm afraid to get my hair cut, and I'm getting some terrible split ends. Do you have any suggestions for my hairstylist or me about how to cut my hair, how to keep it from trapezoid-ing, how to prevent split ends and frizz, or anything you think would be helpful!

Christo: It is normal for your hair to change texture during your middle school years because that is when you reach puberty. During puberty your body’s hormones change, affecting the texture of your hair. There is nothing you can do to change your hormones and their effects on your hair texture, but you can learn how to work with your new hair; it is a challenge but it is possible. Let me give you the fundamentals of curly hair, which is keeping your hair healthy.

As far as cutting curly hair, there is no one technique that can be used. Every curl has its own personality — no one curl is like another. Therefore, you have to take many things into consideration before cutting curly hair. The stylist must look at and identify the texture of your hair as well as how you like to style your hair so that you can have a cut that fits your needs. For the best cut, the stylist has to work on wet hair. Cutting dry hair never works and I think that it’s the cause of the trapezoid affect that you now have. You are not the first person to have the trapezoid shape. In order to correct your haircut, I first suggest that you make sure your hair is healthy and that you find a hairstylist who already knows how to work with curly hair. In order to find a good stylist, ask them if they know how to treat and manage curly hair. If they explain some of the things I have listed for you, they know a good deal about working with curly hair and will probably be a good stylist for you. If they suggest cutting your hair dry, then run out the door. You should book a free consultation so that you can ask follow up questions and get a good feel of the stylist. You might be scared to try a different stylist but I don’t suggest you keep going through trial and error with your current one. After you go to a few free consultations and see that you have better options you should try someone new who can fix your haircut so that you don’t have the trapezoid affect.

Healthy hair equals great-looking styles. Apparently the hair regimen you mentioned to me is not working for you. Here is a successful formula that you should try to prevent split ends and frizz.

  • You should shampoo your hair 2 times a week to remove build up and keep it from suffocating the hair shaft and damaging your hair.
  • Conditioner should be used every time you wet your hair. After applying the conditioner to your hair in the shower, you should detangle your hair with a wide-toothed comb (you should never use a brush on curly hair) so that it is applied evenly throughout and so that your hair will be easier to style after you rinse it out.
  • Use a deep treatment like the Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque once a week in order to moisturize and repair damaged hair.
  • Use the right styling products. You have to treat the 2a part of your curls with products that can benefit that texture. With your hair, you should use a light lotion, such as Curlisto’s Structura Lotion. The texture on the top part of your hair (3a and 3b) are tighter and the lotion by itself will not be strong enough. Therefore, you should mix the Structura Lotion with Control II Gel in order to get structured curls.

Life is about balance and I believe you should find a way to manage your hair by trying different ways and follow the right advice. Always remember your hair is the #1 thing in your wardrobe. You should feel free to style your hair any way you feel comfortable- either curly or straight. By doing that you will be more confident and happier with your look, and complete the puzzle of your whole image.

Q: I have naturally curly hair and can always remember the salons spending hours on my hair blowing it straight, I have been blessed with hair that can curl but also hold a flip up curl without hair spray.I have thick wavy/curly hair, I do try to let my hair air dry but do have to put products in my hair or it will go frizzy. I have read that mousse is a no no, that spray on gel is better, because mousse dry's out your hair, is this true? I have let my hair grow long it is about in the middle of my shoulder blades. All my aunts and uncles on my father's side have thick wavy hair. Can you please tell me what styling products would benefit me, as I do not want to dry out my hair but want to preserve my wavy/curly hair.

Christo: You are fortunate to have a hair texture that can be easily worn both curly and straight. There are many mousses on the market that are not designed for wavy to curly hair so be careful. If you use the right mousse, I don’t believe that it will dry out your hair. For your thick texture, here are my recommendations:

Use Curlisto Structura Lotion which has panthenol, amino acids and soy protein ingredients that moisturizes, conditions and makes your hair more manageable. Mix a quarter amount of lotion with a dime amount of Control I Gel and apply it to your hair in sections. Here is what you should do:

Separate your hair into five sections. Add the combination of Structura Lotion and Control I Gel to each section by raking it through your hair. When you finish with the last section, scrunch your hair and blow dry it using a diffuser for curl definition. Once your hair is dry, use a fingertip of Finishing Pomade to smooth hair and get rid of fly aways. Finish with by spraying Structura Spray for long lasting style throughout the day.

Q: I was thinking of trying a new haircut, and since my hair is long i decided something crazy. I've never had a short haircut before, so what do u think of such hair cut for a 3b girl like me?

Christo: The answer is YES! I believe that you can have any haircut that you desire as long as it works with your facial structures, body type, lifestyle and curl texture. Please feel free to email and attach a picture of yourself so that I can analyze your facial structure and be better equipped to give you advice on a haircut. If you are concerned about the texture, I have done many hairstyles before for women with 3b texture. You can see samples on my portfolio on

Q: I LOVE highlights in my hair, but every time I get them, they damage the holy heck out of my hair. My curls look beautiful initially, but then after some time, my hair starts to look like tumbleweed as a result of the stripping of the highlighted hair. The ends get so damaged that it becomes plain "skanky". Now that I am CG and have learned how to really moisturize and care for my curls is it possible for me to get highlights again without the damaging results?

Christo: When you highlight your hair, you have to take your texture into consideration. Otherwise, you end up with all the problems you mentioned—damage, breakage, etc. The tighter your hair, the easier it is to become damaged. Your 3b texture is very fragile and dries out easily. The Curlisto way to highlight hair like this is to first treat the hair with the Colorective Line which is designed to prepare your hair before applying any chemical color process. Coloring curly hair is a lot more complicated than coloring straight hair. It involves a little more work but it can be done. Chemical processes can dry out your hair so it is very important to hydrate the hair shaft so you must CONDITION, CONDITION, CONDITION! Use deep treatments like the Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque once a week to counteract the negative effects of coloring.

Q: My problem is that all the hair underneath the top layer gets great curls, even some spirals. But all the stuff on top lays pretty flat. Is that just the result of damage and will improve with time, or will I have to keep helping the top to curl more? I'd be so grateful for any ideas on products and/or actions to bring out the curl on the top layer?

Christo: It seems like the texture on the top has a different texture than the one on the bottom and your haircut probably doesn’t help the style. The hair on the top layer of the head usually gets the worse abuse. Therefore, you have to use the deep therapy masque on a weekly basis to feed that area of the hair. When you are styling, you should pay attention to that part. Use clips and diffuse immediately. This will deliver a better curl.



Q: I have an inside scoop on a position opening at my city's police department. I was wondering if anybody had a good style just in case I get an interview? I would really appreciate it.

Christo: If you are applying for a position with the police department, then it is important for your hair to be neat. I would suggest that you wear your hair slicked back with a side part, a hairstyle that is timeless, professional and exudes confidence and power. You can effectively achieve this look with both straight and curly hair. For straight hair, use a blow dryer so that it looks neat. Make a side part and slick your hair back with a little bit of Curlisto Control I Gel to keep all the hair in place. For curly hair, start on semi-dry hair and make a side part. Use Curlisto Control II gel to slick the hair back into a classic chignon. Your interviewer will see you are serious and professional.

Q: I'm thinking about getting my hair cut like a little longer than chin length. Will this change the way my hair sits on my head? I have 3b hair. Any suggestions on how to get the right short cut for my face? Do you think it's better to go shorter gradually?

Christo: The most important thing to consider when going from long to short hair is committing to it. You must first ask yourself a very important question: Can my facial features carry this style? If you have a round or square face, the answer is no. If you have an oval or triangle face, the answer is yes. Equally important, is the right hair texture. If you are 3B, then the curls have to texturized right so that the curls don’t puff who understands your texture, and make sure to discuss facial shape and texture. Before getting the haircut, you have to make sure that your hair is in good condition so that there isn’t too much frizz when it is cut short. In order to improve the condition to prepare it for the short cut, use the Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque. Deciding how much to cut is based on how much you want a change. If you are really convinced that you want a visible change, you have to just go for it as long as it fits your face. If you’re not ready and you gradually get shorter, you might get discouraged.

Q: I have 3a thick hair — very soft curly — but the curls seem thin and stringy right now. Is this a product problem or technique problem? I'd really like to try to get them to clump more.

Christo: If you want thicker curls then you will have to use the right product and right technique. First, I would use the Repair Styling Cream, a leave in conditioner that will prepare your hair to group together for a fatter curl after styling. For styling, mix a quarter-size amount of Structura Lotion with a dime-size amount of Control I Gel and apply it to your hair in sections. When applying it to your hair, rake through with 3 fingers instead of 4 for fatter curls. This technique will add definition and make your curls fatter.

Q: So I used to have a mass of gorgeous ringlets — massss of them! Everywhere! I don't know what happened but between March and now of this year, they seem to have completely died. I have a random curl here and there but the rest is brittle waves. I NEVER use a straightener on my hair as it easily blow drys straight. I never blow dried it often but I'm considering that the times I did it myself, I may have burnt it. So I got sick of it and cut it short hoping the new hair would be curly. But it doesn't seem to be the case. Still dead. I've put multiple amounts of treatments in it. I just can't get the curl back. What happened?

Christo: Texture always matters and it is important for your hair to be healthy. I understand that you had gorgeous ringlets in March, but keep in mind that your hair changes every 7 years and this could be the cause of the change in texture. The multiple treatments that you have used might be the cause as well. There are many treatments out there that don’t help maintain the healthiness of your hair. Instead of resorting to treatments that might have harsh chemicals that can damage your hair, you should use products that are made with Keratin and other proteins that improve the health of your hair and reverse the damage of neglect and chemical treatments. I suggest you use the Deep Therapy Masque at least once a week to bring your hair back to a healthy condition. There is no guarantee that your curl will come back to the ringlets that you had before, since your texture might have changed naturally. Burnt hair from blow drying and flat ironing can be fixed with the right hair cut and treatment, but the curl might never come back.

Q: Once I scrunch out the crunch, my ends start to separate and frizz. I have been avoiding hairspray because I hate how drying and fake it looks. But, I'm getting desperate! Any suggestions?

Christo: This is the perfect example of dehydrated hair. When your hair becomes frizzy as you've described, it is time to treat it with special treatments. I suggest Deep Therapy Masque at least once a week to bring back the health and prevent further damage. When styling your hair, you should also use leave-in treatments like the Repair Styling Cream. Then, when you're finished styling, do NOT scrunch the hair with your dry hands because it will cause frizziness. Instead, use a light pomade that will smooth out flyaways and leave your hair soft and shiny. For a great hold without messing up the hair, I suggest you use Structura Spray, an anti-frizz product for high-humidity conditions.

Q: I need help! I am going to spend some time up north over the winter holidays. I have no idea how to take care of curly hair in those temperatures. I'm born and raised in Florida, and it's never cold here, so I'm clueless. I was wondering if you have product and styling suggestions for colder, drier weather?

Christo: When traveling up north, consider it a break from styling your hair as you will need to fight high-humidity weather. Styling your hair will be a lot easier since you can use fewer products. When you are away for the holidays, I recommend that you start by preparing your hair with Protein Boost, a leave-in conditioner and re-structurizing spray. When styling, apply Structura Lotion to your hair in sections and let it air-dry or diffuse. Finish up with some Finishing Pomade. You will probably need half the amount of product that you normally use down in Florida.

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Q: What I've realized is that I don't like the way I look with my hair all down. Even if the hair looks fine, I don't. I think it's because it does tend to get flat and flat hair is not flattering on me at all. I look much better with some hair pulled back. My question is whether there is a haircut that I could get which would take care of this problem so that I could wear my hair all down and have it look nice on me?

Christo: It is very important to wear your hair down because you are able to enjoy the full benefit of having long hair. The best way to do this is to have angles that frame the face and are reversible so that they can be pushed back to give lift to the top layer of the hair. I highly recommend texturizing the top layer to have the best look. I do not agree with texturizing the sides because it only looks good when its tied back and not when its left loose. Cutting the sides will make you look like you have the wrong haircut. Overall, the cut has to frame angles down to the shoulders and texturizing has to be enough to provide lift on the top. The products that you use can make or break your style. They can help create a glamorous look or make your hair look unhealthy.

Q: I am afraid that I am beyond help. I have medium-long naturally curly hair (2c - 3a), and I color it professionally because the grays are taking over. For the past few years the ends have broken off, making the last four to five inches of my hair look really thin. My hair grows very slow, but I do cut it every eight weeks. To add insult to injury, I had surgery six months ago and now may hair is coming out. I feel like I may need to cut my hair short, but I am scared to death to cut it and I haven't got a clue what type of cut to get. I have always wanted long curly hair. Gosh, what do I do first?

Christo: It is very scary to cut off all your hair when you’ve had it long all your life. I hope you are doing well after surgery. There are a few things I would like to share in case you didn’t know. The anesthesia causes hormonal changes and you can therefore see hair loss afterward. It will grow back when your hormone levels return to normal, but it will take a little time. Hormones also change with age: hair becomes thinner and breaks easily. Here are some steps you can take to get your hair back in shape:

  1. It would be in your best interest to nourish your hair with Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque once a week.
  2. Go for a consultation with your hairstylist and mention all the issues you are having with your hair. Get expert advice to see if a short haircut will work with your face. If there is a lot of breakage on the bottom, I would recommend you minimize length to get rid of them. There are products that help you to create lift into the root area and make your hair look and feel thicker. For us, this is the Curlisto Curl Reform. This product will lift the root, make the hair look fuller with its Expansion Technology and protect your hair from breakage.

Q: I have a problem with the hair closest to my nape being frizzy. It's the strangest thing to me because my hair will be fine and frizz free except for that area. Only 15 minutes after styling, it reverts back to this intense, coarse frizz like it's severely moisture-starved. Yet no amount of moisture quenches it. Any suggestions?

Christo: The hair by the nape of the neck is very sensitive and tangles very easily. You should use a leave-in conditioner like Curlisto Repair Styling Cream as a leave-in conditioner helps prevent hair from getting dry and tangled. A lot of people suffer from this problem. If this suggestion doesn’t help, you should go for treatment to soften the curls, get rid of frizz and eliminate build up.

Q: My hair is soft and relatively easy to manage. I just can't seem to get the hair on the top of my head to curl, no matter how much I scrunch! Any advice?

Christo: From what you describe, the top layer of your hair is a different texture from the rest of your head. A lot of people have different curl textures, and it can be remedied by getting the right hair cut. If you don’t want to relax that area, you will have to get the right cut and use the right styling products. For a start, change the styling products you use on the top. You should use lighter products like Repair Styling Cream and Bio-Gel Mousse. You want to texturize in order to give body. If this does not satisfy your question, I highly recommend that you talk to your stylist to address this problem and ask about a cut or body wave. Always keep your hair healthy; it is the most important aspect of having the right style. Therefore use the Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque at least once a week even though you feel that your hair is healthy.

Q: I checked the humidity level first thing this morning and was happy to see 10 percent: bone dry! Even though it's raining, I thought i would have a good hair day. I drove to work, which is 20 minutes away and in another county. I walked in my office and WHOA! My curls turned into frizz. How can I deal with the humidity?

Christo: There are many ways that you can keep your curls frizz free this summer, even though there is a lot of humidity. My first suggestion is to condition, condition, condition with Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque even when you feel your hair is healthy. Then, use the right styling products for your curls. We tested it in very humid climates and the results were amazing. The only thing you have to do is have the right product and follow the directions.

Q: I don't know what's happening, but I am losing my curls. In the past few days, I have notice that my hair doesn't clump as much. The last time I highlighted my hair was this past December and lately I have notice that once the gel dries and I scrunch the crunch, my blond pieces of highlighted hair stay together and don/t clump with the non-highlighted hair. So now I have these blond pieces that don't look natural. I do a deep treatment once a week. What's going on with my curls?

Christo: This is a sign that your hair texture changing dramatically. It usually happens because of a change in body hormones. The best thing that you can do is to ask a nutritionist or your doctor if you are going through any changes. You should also condition, condition, condition with Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque at least 3 times a week. It will take a long time for you to see improvement in your hair. I recommend that you gradually cut off the ends so that they better blend with your style. If you are in New York City, feel free to come to my salon for a free consultation with a senior stylist.

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