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Q: I am in desperate need of help. My hair makes me so sad. I can never wear it down because I don’t know how to manage the fuzziness and the volume. My permanent hair style is a bun. I like my hair when it is wet. But when it dries, that’s when it goes into a bun because it gets so pouffy and unmanageable. I need advice on how to care for my hair so I can wear it down and not be self conscious about it. I have brown S-shaped curls that are shoulder length.

Christo: My first advice to you is to continually condition your hair. The hair will frizz and poof up like you describe because it is dry. Therefore, the best way to care for it is to use Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque every week as well as conditioning more often with the Bio Curl Shampoo and Conditioner no more than twice a week. As for styling, check out our web site. We have a new section called "Styling your Hair" and click on your hair type to follow the product formula and view the step-by-step video. I think you will be more than successful.

Q: After many years of struggling with my hair I have finally realized what is the cause of most, if not all my bad hair days -- forehead baby hairs! I can't tell you how much time and money I have spent trying to get this weird, almost unconnected part of my hair to behave. My hair is 3a with some 3b, and for the most part, I can get it to look good with or without gel. I just use some leave-in conditioner and scrunch and it looks good, except for those dreaded forehead baby hairs. I can style my hair down, in a bun, in a ponytail and everything will look great except for that area. Even when I relaxed my hair, that was always the part that looked bad. They stand out because the rest of my hair will look either wavy, curly or super-curly smooth and soft. That part looks like I stuck my hand in a electrical socket. It is about 1.5-2 inches in length and sticks up and to the side.

Christo: Baby hairs are dry and dehydrated, so I would suggest using a fingertip amount of a paste -- not a gel -- to finish styling your curls. tuck them in with another curl and then spray Structura Spray for better hold. For better styling, make sure you use Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque on a regular basis, especially on those unruly hairs.

Q: I really love how my hair looks in the front. It's really clumpy and loose s-shaped. But in the back, the curls are pretty stringy and super curly. It looks really odd. What can I do? Do you think using a relaxer just in the back would help? I used one all over my hair about two or three months ago and it just loosened the curl a teeny bit. I think that's why my hair looks so good in the front now.

Christo: Using a regular relaxer can be very damaging to your hair because of the heavy chemicals. Here at Christo Fifth Avenue Salon, we use Curlisto Bio Softening as well as Curlisto Reconditioning treatments. Of course we go directly to the areas that need the most attention in order to balance your texture and not to completely relax or restructure the curls. I recommend seeing a professional for any chemical treatments.

Q: I need tips for washing and styling my curly hair at night so it still looks decent in the morning. Any suggestions?

Christo: After you shampoo and condition, twist the curls in a rope and clip in place. The next day, finish touching up. For example, keep the curls in a shower cap and afterward, bring them down and smooth a little bit of Curlisto Unruly Paste on. Spritz with Structura Spray for hold and then finish with Glow & Shine, and you'll be ready to go.

Q: My hair has been looking flat on top. Using clips hasn't worked, and drying my hair upside down and putting product in upside has not worked. Any other suggestions? Would short layers work? Do I have product buildup?

Christo: Apparently there must be a problem with your styling formula if after all that work, nothing happens. It's possible that product build up is causing the flatness of your hair. So always choose a styling tool that works best with your hair texture. Please view our styling lesson videos on our web site for directions. Feel free to e-mail us a picture of your product-free curls so we can provide you with an e-mail consultation and hair prescription.

Q:: I am a very fine 3a/3b, if that's possible. My curls are somewhat loose but there are also some spirals. I think I have come to the conclusion that moisturizing shampoos and conditioners weigh my hair down. My question is, is it better to use a volumizing shampoo and moisturizing conditioner or moisturizing shampoo and volumizing conditioner?

Christo:: The tighter your curls are, the finer and more fragile your hair is. Therefore, when you choose a shampoo and conditioner, make sure that they are protein-based and not wax-based. Curlisto's Botanical Shampoo and the Botanical Rinse is protein-based and is also pH balanced, which means that it will not weigh down your hair, no matter how fine your hair is.

Q: I'd love to wear my curly, but it scrunches up too much, and since I had layers in it I look like Bozo the Clown. I was wondering if there is anything that would help my hair grow faster. I'm thinking the longer it is, the more it will weigh my curls down.

Christo: Sorry to hear the description of your hair, but here is a tip: hair cannot be forced to grow faster. Keeping it healthy will help so use a good masque as well as really good styling tools for more hold, such as Curlisto Structura Lotion and Control Gel II. Please view the videos on to see details on how to style your specific curl type. Also, the Curlisto Anti-Frizz treatment might benefit you.

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Q: I have curly hair and am very frustrated with the lack of growth. I was wondering if there was something wrong with my hair, and why it doesn't grow. It is very frizzy and looks like I just woke up all the time. It is about down in the mid-neck line. I have been trying to grow it for 3.5 years now, with minimal trims.

Christo: I can understand how frustrating it can be, especially when our hair is 80 percent of our look. Hair grows differently for everyone, but I will give you some tips that will help you and your hair. The first step is that you must feed your hair. We need to eat to survive, and so does our hair. Use our Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque as a weekly treatment. Treatments are not a luxury when it comes to hair -- they are a necessity. If you use the masque regularly, your hair will be less frizzy and unruly and will help maintain your hair’s health. But remember the three steps to successful styling of healthy hair: the correct cut for your texture and face, the right styling tools and knowing how to use them properly. The Curlisto philosophy is that there is always room for improvement, so don’t give up and turn your frustration into a challenge.

Q: I love wearing my curly hair down because I love how it looks. But it always falls in my face. The front part of my hair always bothers me and doesn't cooperate. So I usually end up pulling it back into a ponytail. What different things can I do with my hair that will keep it out of my face, yet will also allow me to wear it down?

Christo: Absolutely! For starters, make sure you explain to your stylist how you want to wear your hair. It sounds like your hair needs a little bit of texturizing away from the face so your curls can be pulled back. Also, you can style your hair away from your face using small bobby pins close to your roots. This way it’s not so visible. If you prefer hair accessories, use small, fun clips. Another good way is to use braiding techniques, braiding the curls in the front so it looks stylish but controlled.

Q: I have really weird hair. It is naturally curly on the top layer, but straight underneath. It is really long and I like it that way, but I have a triangle thing going on where it's flat on the top of my head and then gets more volume toward the bottom. I like it curly. But if it's layered, they cut the curly part and I don't want that. Is there anything else I can do to get more volume on the top of my head and get rid of the triangle look that is driving me crazy?

Christo: This is very a very common texture when it comes to curly hair. I always suggest that before cutting, you use a Curlisto Anti-Frizz treatment, an in-salon conditioning treatment, on top so you can take away the frizz and dryness from your hair and make the curls easier to blend with the bottom layers. That alone will minimize the pyramid effect and make your styling easier. Then you need to have the correct hair cut, with 68-degree angles that frame the face and take the bulk away from the bottom. Get a good consultation before you do anything.

Q: My name is Allie. and I'm 12 years old. I have really curly hair that is thick and rebellious. I am attempting to grow it out longer. When curly, it's a tiny bit past my shoulders. I don't have enough time to shower before the school bus so my hair is never wet. And I don't know what to do with my curls for school except to put them in ponytails. Any suggestions?

Christo: The curly texture is one of the most exotic textures of hair. It takes more time and care in order to look good, but when it does, no other texture comes close to it. So you should feel proud of your hair. When it comes to styling, it’s better to style the curls the night before if you have to catch a bus in the morning. I will advise you to check out the “My Texture” section on the Curlisto website and then follow the styling lesson under the FAQ section. Before going to sleep, always pull the curls up in a rope twist, and the next day touch it up with Curlisto Unruly Paste. It takes 2 minutes and is not necessary to wet the hair. Other fun styles including braiding in different styles as well as small twisties.

Q: I just found this site, and I really need some help. My hair is a 2b/3a, and I am having serious problems with it. It is extremely frizzy. The ends do this strange things where they are majorly frizzy and don't curl at all. My hairstylist called them "fizzled out," and I've had them for years. I take vitamins, I don't straighten or blowdry, and I don't color my hair. But they are still there! It's horrible. I've taken to wearing my hair up every day, but I want to wear it down. Can you help me get beautiful curls?

Christo: You probably have different textures. Curly hair comes in twos and threes, with hairs from the follicle pushing into each other and creating a curl. Some may be curly, and some are kinky curly. So the best way, if you haven’t already yet, is to start with the Deep Therapy Masque every week. If that doesn’t help, you may want to consider a more intense chemical treatment such as the Curlisto Bio Softening treatment (done in-salon) that will provide you with better results. Go one step at a time.
Also consider that frizz comes from extreme dryness. And in order to succeed I would like you to visit to read the three steps to successful styling. This is something that I’ve been testing for more than 20 years and have proven it to be the only way to achieve successful styling. With that, you should be able to wear your curls however you want, up or down, and have a beautiful style.

Q: In what order are you supposed to diffuse? Should you put on your product and diffuse it right afterward, or do you put on your product, wait a while and then diffuse? Or do you get out of the shower, wait a while, put on your product and diffuse right after?

Christo: Either way, you will get good results. Apply products on wet hair right after you get out of the shower and then diffuse it immediately. Or you can apply the products first and then let your hair air dry for eight to 10 minutes while finishing your make up, and then diffuse. Definitely do not wait a while after you get out of the shower to apply the products and diffuse because you will end up with FRIZZ! The hair not only will look frizzy but will absorb more product than you want to apply into your hair. So the best thing is to squeeze the excess water out and start applying the product then.

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Q: Hi! I am writing because I have naturally curly hair, which is shoulder length. I am 36 years old and prefer to wear my hair long. In the past 10 years, I have had only three good haircuts -- one in Montreal and two in Miami. When I go to a stylist -- I've been to many where I live in upstate New York -- I explain what I would like, and leave the salon looking halfway decent. But when I go home to style my hair, it looks like a rat's nest. Many times the stylist will straighten my hair (I never wear it that way), or make it very curly and big. Is naturally curly hair more difficult to cut? Is my problem the cut or my lack of styling ability? The hairdresser in Miami gave me such a great cut, I could literally roll out of bed and look great. But no one here can duplicate it. I literally fear my next haircut, but the one I got two weeks ago is very difficult to manage. (I've been told by people to let it grow out for several months and only get it cut when I can travel to a large metropolitan area.) Are there any important things I should mention before getting my hair cut to the stylist? Thank you for your advice.

Christo:Every hair texture has its challenges, but that does not mean you can’t have a good style. Successful styling depends 50 percent on you and 50 percent on the stylist. Here are three steps that can help:

Start with healthy hair. That means using a lot of Deep Therapy Masque at home – at least once a week.

Get the right hair cut for your texture and the facial structure. Before the cut, make sure you get a consultation and ask as many questions as you need to prevent mistakes.

Christo:Learn how to style from your stylist and know which products can work for your texture in order to get the best results. (You might also want to check out this article on choosing a stylist.)

Tips for Stylists

  • Never cut straight layers, but rather angles.
  • Never blow the hair out straight and cut.
  • Never thin, but texturize when cutting curls

  • Always choose the styling tools that fit your client's texture.

Q: I have a curly, medium-length bob and I am blond. I find blond curls show frizz more than dark curly hair. Please tell me if you know of a product that really tames frizz without a stiff or gluey feel to the hair. I like my hair touchably soft.

Christo: It’s true: blondes show more frizz. So make sure you use intensive treatments such as Curlisto’s Deep Therapy Masque. Never depend on a quick fix. But if you have to, use products like Finishing Pomade or Unruly Paste from Curlisto, which will add shine and smooth frizz, without silicone.

Q: I love my curls. They are shoulder length and naturally red, with the underneath dyed black. They are beautiful and thick. But I have to gel them and put hairspray on them everyday. I fear it is damaging my hair. I'm kind of bored with doing the gel routine. I'm sick of the stiffness. It's like a helmet. What else can I do?

Christo: It sounds like you have great hair. You are lucky. But it also sounds like you are using the wrong products for your hair type. The gel or lotion should not make you curls stiff. Try to use water-soluble products with less gum, and make sure they are alcohol-free. Check our Curlisto Systems on CurlMart.

Q: I'm a curly from Massachusetts, so my hair is always frizzy. Some days I love my hair. But most days I hate it. On the side of my head that I sleep on, my hair is soft and wavy, with some spiral curls underneath. But on the other side, it's much curlier. Also my hair is flat and wavy on top, but very curly underneath. Any suggestions on how to get it to look more uniform?

Christo: It looks like the problem is the hairstyle and your maintenance. To maintain healthy hair, you have to treat it with a deep conditioning mask on a regular basis. You also have to have the right tools for styling. So according to how curly your hair is, use a Structura Lotion and Control Gel mixture, and make sure to apply it in three to four sections, bottom to top. Let it air dry or blowdry with a diffuser. This will add consistency to the style. When you go to sleep, put the curls up in a twisted bun so they will not be frizzy. The next day, touch them up with a little Unruly Paste.

Q: Now that the weather is cooler, I like to wear my hair straight, but I'm not sure which causes less damage. Any thoughts?

Christo: You are absolutely right. This is the best time for a blow out. But keep in mind that any style that goes against the texture causes damage. First, ask yourself if you have been good to your curls with intensive treatments. If so, when you get a blowout. they will look great. But don't go overboard. Do it sparingly and make sure to use the Deep Therapy Masque when you shampoo after the blowout. Remember it is all about balance.

Q: I have a haircolor question. In the beginning of August, I had blonde highlights put into my medium brown hair. At the time, they looked great. But now, I feel like they have gotten that brassy, orange hue. How do I solve this problem?

Christo: Simply visit your salon and get a vegetable glaze to match your hair color. That will actually add a lot of shine to your hair and will tone down the brassiness. You can maintain your color with such treatments as Colorective Chocolate Creme to avoid becoming brassy again.

Q: I have naturally curly hair. But if I don't scrunch it with hairspray, and other products, it gets frizzy, and puffy. I want beautiful curls, and I don't want to spend hours doing my hair. I don't want to have to pull it back in a ponytail if I don't have hours to do it. Do you have any suggestions for my hair? Help!

Christo: The most important part is to start with healthy hair. Do your homework with intensive treatments, and then find out which products work best for your curls. Follow with the correct styling method and apply products in three to four sections, from bottom to top. It should not take you more than 10 minutes to style.

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Dear curl fans,

An essential element that is important to remember: maintenance is the key! Shampoo your hair only when you need to -- once or twice a week. Use a light daily shampoo, such as Botanical Shampoo from Curlisto. Always follow with a conditioning rinse after shampooing. Use Deep Therapy Masque on a regular basis (we need to eat to survive ,and our hair also needs similar nourishment), at least twice a month for a healthy look.

-- Christo

Q: I have 2b hair, and lately it's been looking really flat and frizzy. Even if it looks great the first hour, it significantly loses its curl after that. I'm sure I could improve my "process," but anything new I try doesn't seem to work because my hair is so fickle. I think I need a new product that's right for my hair and some suggestions. Here is my routine:
I wash every other day.I use conditioner each time.I dry the top section (equivalent of where bangs would be, but I don't have them) with a large round brush to give it height, which seems to work well.Then I flip my head over and re-wet it because it has to be pretty wet when I put product in or it separates and the curls won't form.Then I use Wired by Rusk and "crunch" it into my hair (don't like gel because I don't like the wet, crunchy look).I blow dry with diffuser, crunching a bit not too much.I dry it until it is half dry. When I start to notice frizz, I stop.Maybe it's just the nature of my hair and it won't get much better. But any suggestions would be greatly appreciated. Should I dry it all the way, dry it less, use different products, use additional products?

Christo: First we must start with your daily maintenance. Only shampoo your hair two times weekly. That is enough cleansing. Try my Curlisto Botanical Shampoo. You can condition your hair as often as every day with the Curlisto Botanical Rinse. It is a must to use Deep Therapy Masque. Even if your hair is 2b, it doesn't mean it won't frizz or look dry. Hair needs continuous nourishment in order to look good. It is important that your haircut work with your specific curls and complements your facial features. It sounds like you're struggling too much to make your style work for you. Remember that styling your hair should be fun, not work. And you need the right haircut to allow that principle to work. Make sure you're choosing the right styling tools for your hair. When the right products are used, your hair will look better and styling it will be fun instead of a struggle.

Product suggestions

  1. A leave-in treatment such as Curlisto Protein Boost
  2. Curlisto Structura Lotion
  3. Curlisto Control I (used correctly it will give you a soft, healthy and touchable style -- not a crispy wet look.)

Q: Help! I have been unable to find anyone in my area who can cut my hair in a decent style. I love my curls, but rarely wear my hair down because I can't find a cut that works. I have incredibly thick (pulled back, I can only wrap a wrist-sized elastic around my pony tail twice), wavy/curly hair. I've tried to identify the type of curl, and my hair is a combination of many. I had ringlets as a little girl, but now my hair is somewhere between wavy and curly. If I pull a strand out, it still curls in a nice "s" curl, but the weight of my hair seems to pull out the curls even though I keep it somewhere between shoulder and the bottom of my shoulder blades in length.If my hair is shorter, I have more curl. But with that comes the "poof" and I look like I have a triangle sitting on my head -- a triangle that grows as my hair dries. I have a combination of products I really like, and with the right cut I know my hair could look great. Unfortunately, I live on the west coast (Vancouver, WA) and all the "great curly salons" seem to be on the East Coast. What can I do to find a stylist who knows what she/he is doing without going to different people every few month and spending ridiculous amounts of money on less than fantastic styles?

Christo: First let me tell you how exhausting it is to have that kind of tight curl. Some hair cuts seem to kill these kinds of curls, and they end up making them look poofy as you described or like a long pyramind. The way of cutting every curl is different. Keep in mind that tricks such as thinning do not usually deliver the desired results. Long angles and smart texturing will benefit curls. Then you can go as short as you wish. The best way to go about finding a stylist that understands these principles is to go first for a consultation. Let the stylist talk to you and see what he/she will suggest. If thinning is mentioned, you could just walk away and not look back. However, if he/she takes time and starts suggesting long angles, cutting into curls or texturing that makes sense, give them a shot. You might want to check out CurlSalons on for recommendations in your area.

Q: I finally had to admit it: My hair is curly! All though childhood, my hair was stiff straight and light brown. But now, in my early 20s, it has changed completely to dark brown waves bordering on curls, with perfect spiral curls around my face. I have no idea what to do with this newfound head of hair that came out of nowhere! Years of denial and flatirons have left it pretty damaged, so it frizzes at the slightest inclination. Have you ever heard of a woman's hair changing so completely? What do I do with these poor, abused curls?

Christo: It is normal for our hair to change, more for some of us than others. Hair will continue to change in a cycle of seven years. The best suggestion I can give is to embrace the texture you have and you will be able to achieve styles. Don’t fight it. The more you go against the texture, the more dryness and frizziness you will have. You should get some lessons about how to deal with your current texture from a curl specialist at a salon in your area.

Q: My hair is shoulder length, with looser curls. When it's wet, the curls look really nice. But as they start to dry, they start tangling and frizzing. I'm in Ethiopia and have no opportunity to buy all the products I hear about. Are there any simple tips to make my hair look great?

Christo: It sounds like your hair is dry from the inside out. I suggest you get products that work better for your texture. Stay away from oils and silicones. To start, use your daily rinse and don’t rinse it out completely. Leave at least 15 percent of the product through the ends. Also try a leave-in conditioner.

Q: How do you know when your hair needs clarifying? Is it when it becomes limp and dry, or is it when your products won't work?

Christo: All of the above. But also when your hair loses shine and starts looking dull. I suggest using a product like Curlisto Aqualizer.

Q: I just got bright light, brown highlights. They look beautiful. I use gentle shampoos and conditioners. I was wondering if I need to change my routine at all to maintain the color. My hair is very strong but I haven't had color for a few years.

Christo: The most important thing to help color last is to use color-treated shampoos and conditioners, like my Curlisto Colorective line. They will make hair color last longer, give hair shine, and keep your color fresh between touch ups. Also make sure you use Deep Therapy Masque without heat. Shampoo less if you don’t use color shampoos, and make sure the product is low in sulfates.

Q: So many moons ago I got thermal reconditioning done. I'm trying to let my hair grow out long -- like mid-back. Right now, it's about three inches below my shoulders. If I chemically straighten and keep maintaining it, will I have to stop letting it grow out because of the damage it will do to my ends? Is there anything out there that's more gentle? Any advice? Recommendations?

Christo: There are many other softer chemical treatments. But they are only made available at some select salons. To name a few of these treatments: (1) Curlisto Anti-Frizz (2) Curlisto Bio Softening (3) Curlisto Reconditioning. And make sure you're deep conditioning your hair with a product like Deep Therapy Masque.

Q: I am 44 and have had thick, dry, curly hair my entire life (3B or even 3C). My hair is long. Recently, I noticed that my hair seems to be taking on a different texture - tangling up (at a very scary pace) into mats, breaking very easily, and coming out by the handful everytime I run my fingers through it or try to comb it out. Nothing I have tried seems to help. I do color my hair about every 6-8 weeks, as there is quite a bit of grey. Any suggestions? I'm afraid I'm going to go bald!

Christo: The reason your hair is falling out could be two things: hormonal changes or the way you're combing it. Follow these steps and you will be fine.
Shampoo every three days.Leave conditioner in the hair for 5 minutes to hydrate your curls, then comb lightly with a wide tooth comb.Style hair with water soluble products to reduce matting.Products I would recommend are as following:Use a deep conditioner like Curlisto Deep therapy masque once a weekUse Curlisto Repair styling cream -- leave-in conditioner for extra moisture The more moisture your hair gets, the better it looks.Apply your styling product section by section on the hair. Do not use it on all of your hair at once because, the results will not be as good.Scrunch a little mousse into the ends like Curlisto Bio-gel mousse.Use a little pomade on dry hair only. Use very little, and do not pass fingers through the hair.A good shampoo to use is the Bio-curl shampoo, it moisturizes deeply for dry and damaged hair. It will help with your matting problem. Botanical Rinse is a great conditioner to use. Leave in for 5 minutes then detangle and rinse.

Q: Recently I have noticed that the curl in the back of my head -- especially in the crown area -- is a lot less curly. After it is dry, a lot of the curl falls out and becomes wavy within a half hour. However, the hair framing my face has gotten even curlier. In addition, my hair seems more limp lately and less thick. Do you recommend any products for my problem?

Christo: I have some clients with that problem and these are the steps I take to solve it:
I use a little Curlisto Protein Boost on the hairI use the Bio-Gel mousse on the hair that is wavier than other parts. Scrunch the Control I gel on that area ( a little more than a dime size), and use Structura lotion on the curlier sections.Spray a little Shaping Spray on the wavier sections, and diffuse with a diffuser while tucking the wavy area into it a bit. Move the diffuser up and down to get a curl. On the curlier parts, do not scrunch. Just let the diffuser hover over your hair.Use Matte Stay on hair (do not pass fingers through) and finish off with some Shaping Spray. You should have more curls.

Q: I want to get a haircut soon because my hair is down to my armpits. I'm wondering if I should get it layered. I got my hair layered two haircuts ago (the stylist straightened my hair and then layered it.) It looked alright when it went back curly, but not THAT good. Some people are telling me not to get it layered because it doesn't suit curly hair. What is your opinion? Also, do you have any tips on making curly hairstyles? I'm tired of just putting it in a pony tail.

Christo: Cutting curly hair is different from cutting straight hair. There are things you can do to straight hair but not with curly hair, and vice versa. Layering curly hair is not always a no-no; it all depends on the type of curls you have. The hair texture, the density, and the length of the hair are the factors we consider. Keep in mind that the face shape and the lifestyle of the client comes into play, as well. If you have the right haircut, the right tools, the right products and healthy hair, even the kinkiest hair can look gorgeous. Always treat and condition the hair, get it shaped every six to eight weeks, smooth and define the hair, letting it dry before touching it again. To keep long curly hair from getting tangled, try to sleep on twisted loose bun and secure it with bobby pins.

Q: How do I make my curl definition last longer? Right after I style my hair, it looks really nice. But by the time school finishes, it's not be as defined as it was in the morning. I've tried many products, so I don't know what to do.

Christo: If you do everything right from the beginning and know how to treat your hair, you can always have a good hair day. Choosing the right method and the right products for your curls is very important. If you want your curls to last longer, you may put your hair up while you are in school to save your curls and retouch it afterward with some finishing products. When styling your hair, hair should be damp-wet, (not dripping wet). Apply a generous amount of products throughout the head and make sure they're evenly distributed. Smooth hair and separate curls as much as you can for definition and don’t scrunch your hair until it’s 80 percent dry. Make sure you use the right products and tools and don’t be lazy, Remember, the outcome depends on the amount of effort you put into it.

Q: My name is Sophie. I'm a 14-year-old girl with long dirty-blonde curly hair -- about three inches below shoulder length. I'm looking for a new style for my hair because it's getting a little boring. I was wondering if you could give me some advice. I'm looking for a shorter, curly hair style that I could still put up in a pony tail because I play a lot of sports. And it needs to be manageable. I'm thinking about bangs or just wisps. Do you have any advice about that?

Christo: You may want to consider cutting your hair to shoulder length with med-long layers. Bangs are a possibility unless you have a super low forehead or your hair is super kinky. To have manageable curly hair. regardless of length, you will need to find the right tool, the right products and the right haircut. Dirty blondes are mostly fine and limp. Choose the right product and diffuse immediately for definition. Cutting it to a shorter length is a good idea because it provides more bounciness and fullness. You may consider getting some highlights to accentuate the haircut if you are ready for a real change.



Q: I really want to get my hair completely straight without damaging it. Do you know a way how to get my hair straight or you have any tips,or any shampoo's or anything like that that could prevent damage?

Christo: When you decide to go very straight, you have to prepare for some chemical work. Now there are all kinds of chemicals around. But each salon uses different chemicals, which cause a different degree of possible damage. The price can range from $200 to $800 and more. My suggestion is to choose a more expensive salon since most likely they would use better chemicals with better ingredients as well as taking the right amount of time on the service. Don’t forget to pre-treat your hair with treatments such as our Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque. It’s easy to use and it’s effective within 5 to 8 minutes. Use the masque after your chemical process as well. Use it on regular basis so your hair will stay healthy. As for shampoo, I recommend the Botanical Shampoo from Curlisto Systems. It’s specifically made for hair that’s been chemically processed. Make sure you use some straightening glaze such as the Straight Time Glaze from Curlisto Systems to prevent hair from getting damaged from heat, and to maintain the straightened look. Straight Time Glaze will also give you incredible shine as well as preventing your hair from frizzing.

Q: I have straight hair, but I got a perm last year. The problem is that when I blow dry it, it gets very dry, flat and frizzy. What would be a good product to help? I have to use hot rollers everyday, and I want to get away from doing that. My hair falls flat very quick if I don't use a lot of product, and I do not look good with flat hair . Any advice would be great.

Christo: Even when you perm your hair, you still have to treat it as curly hair. Therefore choosing the right styling tools is very important. Lotion and gel can be combined. For example, use a quarter-size Structura Lotion combined with a dime size Control I, then apply onto hair in sections. Make sure you condition your hair well, so it does not dry out even when you blow dry your hair. A perm is considered chemical treatment; therefore, do not forget to use Deep Therapy Masque at least every other week for manageable and healthy hair. If you insist on blowing your hair straight, make sure you use some Straight Time Glaze from Curlisto Systems.

Q: I am wondering why my hair, which used to be 'poker straight,' now all of a sudden has started to have a very dominant wave to it. No, I have not had a perm. When I was about 3 to 6 years, old, I had ringlets. Could this be coming back? From about 10-12 years old, I would get perms, but have not had one in about nearly a year. I do color my hair probably 3 times a year. Do you have any reasoning for this? Even my hairdresser is stumped.

Christo: It’s natural for your hair to change every 6-7 years or less. As we grow up, the hormones in our body change, causing our hair to change. Dramatic diet change, medication and stress can be some of the reasons to cause hair to change as well. That’s why we lose and grow hair every day. The speed of your new hair growth depends on the inner world of your body.

Q: By the end of the day the hair at the base of my neck has shrunk into EXTREMELY tightly wound corkscrews. I lose a couple of inches from morning to night. The corkscrews are so tight that it is impossible to separate the curls. By the time I wake up in the morning the back of my hair is in knots. I feel like I am headed towards dreadlocks!! Shampooing and conditioning frees up some of the corkscrews, but not all. Detanglers can't even get through some of the knots and I end up breaking a lot of my hair just to comb through it. My hair is past my shoulders when wet, but rides around the base of my neckby nightfall. Do you have sleeping suggestions? Are there products that I could use to unwind the corkscrews? Thank you for your help and direction. .
Christo: For hair like yours, I usually use the Curlisto Bio Softening to make the curls more loose and manageable. Here’s a tip for you to do at home: Get some Structura Lotion and Straight Time Glaze from Curlisto Systems. Combine a quarter of the Structura Lotion and a dime of Straight Time Glaze and apply on wet hair in at least 4 – 5 sections. Let the hair air dry or diffuse to 90% dry, then twist your curls very tight while drying it without the diffuser. Let it cool down while twisted and clip it like that before you get to where you have to go. That should prevent your hair from tightening up at the end of the day. I suggest you sleep with your curls pinned up, so you don’t frizz curls and tangle them. Use Deep Therapy Masque every other week so your hair stays healthy and flexible to style and manage.

Q: I'm thinking of getting short bangs, seeing as my hair is curly. Do you think it's a good idea? I've never seen a picture with a curly girl with short bangs. If I had bangs. I wouldn't want it to constantly poof up and just look like some movement to bring back the '80s. What do you think?

Christo: Bangs are big this year, even for curly hair. I just finished the San Francisco Fashioin Week and the trend is long bangs. Go for it, as long as your stylist knows how to cut accordingly to your texture, and make sure to ask the stylist if you have the right curl pattern to make it work.

Q: After having my first baby and losing most of my hair a few months later, my formally ringlet-like curly hair has grown back very curly and very fine in the front, around my face and at the nape of my neck, but coarser and barely wavy on top and in the back. Because of this inconsistency in texture, it looks ridiculous if I wear it down (big and curly in the front, flat, dull, and barely wavy in the back). I have had the most luck enhancing the texture all around with salon-brand root-lifter, curl-enhancing cream, and curling scrunching spray-gel, but it's still not a look I can feel comfortable with, even after getting a 'texturizing' cut in the back layers to add a little movement and shape. hat should I do about this difference in texture? I don't want to perm the back.

Christo: Unfortunately when you have beautiful babies, this is the price some women have to pay because of the imbalance of your hormones. It usually takes about a year for the texture to readjust. If it does not change within a year, then you have to consider either doing a Curlisto Bio-Softening, or have a perm on your frontal curly hair. Either process will make your style easier. Otherwise, you always are going to have to style your different textures differently. If you can e-mail me a picture of your hair, I will be able to visualize your hair much better and offer further advice.

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Last month I was in Paris performing a show with my team and I noticed that there were a lot of reds and blondes - as well as combinations of the two. All the designers were trying to come up with new styles for haircuts and colors. But many times, what is considered trendy doesn't necessarily look good on everyone. So please make your choices and decisions carefully to prevent becoming a fashion victim. Take time to research how you can adapt the latest trends to your hair. Take pictures to your stylist and have a consultation before your actual hair appointment. Your cut or style will be a success, you will feel good about it when you walk out of the salon, and you will have a fashionable style that compliments your hair's texture and your face structure.

Q: I have yet to find a hair cut that compliments my hair type. I have slightly wavy hair that is thick, and medium in texture with a great tendency to frizz. I want your opinion on the best length, style of cutting, etc., to minimize frizz. I'm not concerned with emphasizing curl.My goal is reducing volume, defining what waves I have and possibly eliminating frizz. Thanks very much for your help and time.

-- Temira

Christo: Every texture is unique and pretty in its own way. You just need to have the right style. The most important step is to care for you hair before you go to your stylist. Start by using a deep conditioner like Curlisto Deep Therapy Masque once every two weeks. That alone will treat the frizziness and dryness. Then visit your stylist to see what the best possible styles are for you -- short, medium or long -- while considering the texture of the hair and the structure of the face. If you hair is as thick as you described it, definitely texturize the inner layers of the hair to reduce volume. It can be done with scissors, but do not use a razor if your hair is really curly. As far as length goes, your hair can be sexy and fun regardless of how long it is. The longer your hair is, the less the volume your hair will have. The last step after finishing the cut is to ask your stylist how to style hair and what styling tools you'll need. For example, we use Bio Gel Mousse on wavy hair to style and Unruly Paste for the finishing.

Q: I have just learned to love my curly hair. One of the biggest things I learned is not to brush or use small combs, and to be careful about breaking my hair strands. Unfortunately, I don't have a hairdresser who really knows about curly hair, and when I went to get my hair colored they combed thru it when it was dry and they really pulled on it. She said that was the only way to get the color thru it. Is that correct? Is there a better way to apply color? (I am coloring over gray).Suggestions please!

Christo: You are right not to brush dry curly hair or to use any fine-toothed combs. Yet finger combs have very wide teeth. To get the best possible color, the team at Christo Fifth Avenue uses the following techniques.Wet the hair down, condition it and use Deep Therapy Masque for 10 minutes without heat.Rinse it out, towel it dry and squeeze the water out.Apply color for 20 to 30 minutes, then shampoo out; reapply Botanical Rinse and Deep Therapy Masque for soft, shiny curls. The hair will be as healthy as it was before coloring it.

Q: I have very thick, curly, frizzy and puffy hair. I tried gel and mousse but it doesn't work and it makes my hair 'hard' and even bigger. I am tired of wearing my hair in a pony tail. I just want my hair to be smaller and not so curly. Please tell me what products should Iuse to get rid of the puffiness. I really need your help. Sylvia

Christo: Let's get you off to a good start. First, ask yourself if you've been treating your hair the right way. If not, please follow these instructions:
Deep condition every other week.Shampoo your hair no more than once a week.Condition with a conditioner like Curlisto Botanical Rinse at least every other dayMake sure your cut is right for your curls.Make sure the styling tools you're using are right for your curls. If so, make sure you're using them correctly. If your hair is very curly, it may have nothing to do with the way you're styling it, but you can make your hair smoother by following these steps.

  1. Use a conditioner every day.

  2. Shampoo once a week.

  3. Prepare wet hair with a leave-in conditioner like Curlisto.

  4. Repair Styling Cream.

  5. Mix a quarter-size styling lotion like Structura Lotion with a dime size of a gel like Control II, which has more hold. Apply to your hair section by section, with at least five sections.

  6. Use your fingers to comb it through. When the hair is almost dry, diffuse it and finish with a pomade like Unruly Paste. Apply the paste to your fingertips and run your palm on top of your curls. Spray with a hairspray like Structura Spray to finish it.

Q: I have coarse, thick hair and no matter what I do and where I go, no one seems to be able to help me. I have had more than my share of 'bad hair' days. I can't get my hair to do a thing except frizz, which makes me look like a bad perm. Can you recommend any help to me? -- Sheri

Christo: Follow these simple step before you pay a visit to any salon.

  • Use a deep conditioner every other week.
  • Do not shampoo more than once a week.
  • Use a lotion and a gel, applying a mixture of half an half.
  • Apply the mixture to sections, starting at the bottom and going to the top. Diffuse it dry. Do not touch it while it's drying. Use a dime-size dab of Finishing Pomade and smoth it out by twisting your hair into a ponytail. Your hair will feel soft and sleek.

Q: I am 16 years old, and I have a serious hair dilemma. I have A LOT of hair -- possibly too much hair. It seems normal at the roots, but the ends are VERY dry. I wouldn’t say it’s exactly curly, it’s more wavy. I know you specialize on curly hair, but could you please help me learn how to tame my waves? They’re kind of looser at the top, but become S-shaped toward the bottom. I like my wavy hair, and I really don’t want to lose it. I just wish it was easier to handle. It’s driving me insane, so could you please help me? -- Natasia

Christo: A mixture of hair types is very common. As a start, deep condition your hair once a week to eliminate the frizziness and dryness. As far as styling goes, use a styling lotion like Structura Lotion for wavier hair and Bio-Gel Mousse on less wavy hair. When you are diffusing your hair, scrunch your hair where the hair is less wavy, or pull on the hair where it's wavier to match your texture.

Q: Is there a product that will keep moisture away from hair to prevent the frizzies? I start out great in the morning. But I live in an area where it rains a lot and as soon as humidity hits -- frizz! I don't even look like the same person sometimes! I get by sometimes by wearing a hat, but that is bad too because it flattens out the curls. -- Linda

Christo: I would recommend one of our high-humidity gels, like Curlisto Control I or Control II, which stop your hair from frizzing. They also will provide you with great hold and strengthen your curls. They include ingredients such as hydrolyzed soy, protein, wheat protein, pathenol and more than 10 different botanical extracts. I also would recommend you use a hairspray like Structura Spray for even better hold and style.

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