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AG Foam Weightless Volumizer

Use a Mousse Instead of a Gel

Gel is not the best choice for thinning hair. Gel binds hair together, making your scalp more visible. Instead use a mousse. It dries softer and can add volume.

My favorite is AG Foam Weightless Volumizer. Along with this, using duckbill clips to add volume at the crown of your head helps. The last step in this process is to dry your curls with a diffuser while hanging your head upside down. This really gets the volume pumped up.

HPO Happy Scalp

Healthy Scalp, Healthy Hair

Since hair grows from a healthy follicle, your scalp needs to be healthy. Scalp oils or essential oils can really promote a healthy scalp. Layers of product and chemical treatment can take their toll on your hair as well as your scalp.
Massage a few drops of HPO Happy Scalp essential oil blend onto your scalp to stimulate and awaken.

Or you can make your own mixture of oils. Massage them into your scalp at bedtime, and then cover your head. Have a good night’s sleep and then gently cleanse your hair and scalp in the morning. Try this recipe of oils for an overnight treatment.

  • 2 drops of lavender oil
  • 2 drops of rosemary oil
  • 2 drops of thyme oil
  • 3 drops of jojoba oil

Hair Dye

Semi-Permanent Hair Color is a Good Thing

Semi-permanent hair color is great because it does not contain ammonia or peroxide. It will not damage your hair or scalp. Instead it will give your hair body and volume. This should be professionally applied. Colored hair can easily get over-processed, which damages it, causing further hair loss. If you do not have a stylist check out our stylist and salon finder section.

Gentle Care and Conditioning

Jessicurl Aloeba Daily Conditioner
Detangling Comb

Certain styles can cause breakage or root damage. Try to avoid tight braiding, buns, or ponytails. Detangling combs or brushes should have smooth tips and be widely spaced. Sharp toothed combs and brushes can scratch your scalp and cause split ends.

Be sure when you are detangling to use a light conditioner and gently use your detangling comb or brush.

Start from the ends of your hair and work upwards. Use more conditioner on the ends of your hair and a lot less on the crown of your head. A super light conditioner with a lot of moisturizing power that will not weigh your hair down is Jessicurl Aloeba Daily Conditioner

Reduce your stress


Hair loss can be attributed to health issues, heredity and stress levels. If one or all of these are concerns for you, your stress level is the only one you can do something about immediately. Go take a walk or plan to go to a yoga class tonight. Arrange to go out with your friends this week and enjoy their company. Get up from your desk and get a drink of water. Breath and find a calming activity that will reduce your stress level. It sounds so easy doesn’t it? We all know it isn’t but the effort is worth it!

Cosmocurlatin for Type 3a Hair

Cosmocurlatin for Type 3a Hair

We've got great gifts for curly hair!

Celebrate and give a Curly Cocktail [ ] to the curly in your life. Our Curly Cocktails were designed with every hair type in mind. There are eight to choose from. Each Curly Cocktail was created using our favorite Holy Grail products. Spread the holiday cheer and give the gift of perfect frizz free curls.

Curlatini for Type 2 Hair

Cosmocurlatin for Type 3a Hair

Curl & Tonic for Type 3b Hair

Curlarita for Type 3c Hair

Hot Buttered Curls for Type 4a Hair

Curlaccino for Type 4b Hair

Curlaccino for Type 4b Hair

Curlaccino for Type 4b Hair

Transitioning Tonic for Transitioning/Type 3c and 4 Hair

No Frizz Fizz for all Hair Types

Curl-ease Towel

Curl-ease Towel

The right towel for curls: a curly necessity

Move over Santa and make room for the sleigh! This is the perfect stocking stuffer for anyone with curly hair. Curly girls know that regular towels can cause frizz. Towels for curls are made to absorb water and have a fine texture which helps to eliminate frizz.

Aquis Mimi Diva Dryer Hair Turban

Aquis Mimi Diva Dryer Hair Turban

Whether your hair is long, short, loose, wavy or corkscrew curls, the Curl-ease Towel works wonders. This ultra-thin, extremely absorbent towel dries hair in a fraction of the time it takes to air dry or blow dry curly hair. The Curl-ease Towel wicks water from hair while retaining enough moisture to set perfectly formed curls.

If your curly prefers a smaller towel, the Aquis Mimi Diva Dryer Hair Turban stays on the head with one brilliant little button. This fabulous turban is made from a patented material that absorbs water quickly without causing frizz.

Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner

Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner

DevaCurl Heaven in Hair

DevaCurl Heaven in Hair

Curly Spa Day, filled with deep conditioning

Deep conditioning is the spa treatment for curls. Give the gift of moisture with the ultra-luxurious DevaCurl Heaven in Hair, infused with Cupuacu, Murumuru and Cocoa seed butter.

Or for the curly who likes the organic spa treatment, Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner is just the right choice. This conditioner is filled with restorative herbal emollients that detangle and rehydrate hair.

Wrap these up with a NaturallyCurly Detangling Shower Comb and a Hair Therapy Wrap and you've got the perfect holiday spa treatment for curls.

Curly Travel Kits for the jet-setting curly in your life

Miss Jessie's Deluxe Value Pack is a wonderful sampling of the entire Miss Jessie’s line. This makes a great gift for anyone who wants to experience and try Miss Jessie's products. Great for air travel and perfect for carry-on luggage.

DevaCurl Travel Pack is the ideal way to take DevaCurl with you wherever you go. Contains travel size bottles of the most popular DevaCurl products: One Condition, No-Poo, AnGel and Set It Free.

Miss Jessie's Deluxe Value Pack

Miss Jessie's Deluxe Value Pack

DevaCurl Travel Pack

DevaCurl Travel Pack

HerCut Ponytail Styling Balm

HerCut Ponytail Styling Balm

Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Weightless Shine Mist

Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Weightless Shine Mist

Every curly wants to try something new!

New to and very exciting is the HerCut Ponytail Styling Balm. This new styling product smooths and holds resistant curls, controls fly-aways, and imparts glossy shine. It keeps the curly ponytail soft and pliable.

Another new product is the Carol’s Daughter Macadamia Weightless Shine Mist. This is a finishing spray that adds a burst of natural shine to hair and helps to gently moisturize each strand.

New Goody Simple Styles Bundle Pack

New Goody Simple Styles Bundle Pack

The New Goody Simple Styles Bundle Pack includes the Spin Pins, Modern Updo Maker and Pony Pouf Clip. These handy dandy hair accessories will make any curly thrilled to create a messy bun or an updo. These new items do the work of 20 bobby pins and are not damaging to curls.

Dear CurlySuzy: I recently had a Brazilian blowout. I live in Colorado where the dew points are extremely low. I have fine hair. I am looking for a conditioner for fine hair. My hair loves protein and shea butter so I would like a moisturizing conditioner with protein. Can you help? Most of the conditioners on here are protein free or have a lot of glycerin, which is not good in dry weather. Help...Thanks in advance.

Dear Cindy: Here are some super-moisturizing conditioners that have protein and shea butter in them, but not too much glycerin (this is a tough combo!). They are also sulfate- and sodium-chloride free, which is good for post Brazilian blowout care.

Darcy's Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing Conditioner

Darcy's Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing Conditioner

This is brand new. I tried it yesterday and it is great. It is a once-a-month treatment. Sadly it does not have shea butter but it is very moisturizing.

Curl Junkie Repair Me! Reconstructive Hair Treatment

This is a great, very thick conditioner filled with moisture.

Aubrey Organics Honeysuckle Rose Moisturizing Conditioner

This is a good one, too, but you have to like the pumpkin scent.

Darcy's Botanicals Pumpkin Seed Moisturizing Conditioner

Great one for the price.

Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner

This is a good protein treatment as well.

Spiral Solutions Repairing Protein Treatment

Love this one - lots of shea butter!

Jessicurl Too Shea Extra Moisturizing Conditioner

Hope one of these looks good to you.

Best, Suzy

Dear Curly Suzy: I am an African-American female with Type 3/4 (3 in the front and 4) in the back. I have developed a wheat/gluten allergy recently (found this out when I broke out in hives from Miss Jessie's Stretching Silkening Creme. Can you suggest shampoos, conditioners and finishing cremes to take away the frizz? I wish I could still use Miss Jessie's (been buying for 6 years) but my allergy will no longer allow it.

Miss Jessie's Stretch Silkening Crème

Dear Natalie: I am sorry that you have to switch from a product that you have been using for so long. I hope I can help with some new ideas for wheat- and gluten-free hair products.

Wheat- and gluten-free cleansers

Wheat- and gluten-free conditioners

Wheat- and gluten-free leave-in conditioners

Wheat- and gluten-free finishing cremes

I hope these or some of these look good to you. Please email me if you have any questions about this.


Whether you are a new mom or a mom hustling to keep up with your toddler and kindergartner, you're well aware that this is a seriously exhausting business. That means time slots for going to the hair salon are hard to get on the schedule. Here are some quick curly hairstyles and tips for busy moms.

Don’t skip getting a haircut and color

Of all the things you have to sacrifice because there are not enough minutes in the day, ignoring taking care of your hair should not be one of them. Quick curly hairstyles and styling methods work so much better when your hair is healthy and you have a good haircut. Personally, it helps me gain a little sanity knowing my hair looks good, or at least okay, in the midst of my busy mom lifestyle. If you haven’t found a good stylist, check out’s Salon Finder.

The curly ponytail


Pulling your hair back is always a good option when you are in a rush. Be sure to use fabric-covered rubber bands. Curly hair is fragile and the less stress you put on it the better. You can jazz your ponytail up with decorative bobby pins or a headband. A great product to use on wet or dry hair before you pull your curls into a ponytail is HerCut Ponytail Styling Balm.

It keeps your curly ponytail soft and pliable, while the humectant-concentrated ingredients de-frizz and define curls. This product also adds shine and controls stubborn fly-aways.


In a hurry, co-wash and air dry your curls

Use a good conditioner for co-washing your hair, instead of a shampoo. Washing your hair with a conditioner is a quick way to add moisture to dry frizzy hair. Once you are out of your shower gently pat your hair dry with a moisture absorbing towel. That will cut down on frizz and the drying time. Either of these two are great to use:

Curl Like Us Curl Cloths are smooth-surfaced and very absorbent.


The Hand Dry Hair Glove, a super-absorbent microfiber that soaks up excess water.

Both of these items are huge time savers. They also have another function. When you put your styling product in your hair, both of these are great for scrunching a little bit and then you are good to go. Your hair will dry much faster and look like you actually had time to style it.


Find 30 minutes once a week to deep condition

Deep conditioning once a week for 30 minutes will make styling your hair so much easier for the rest of the week. Your curls will be moisturized and more manageable. The fight against frizz and dryness will be diminished. It really is that easy. The “to-do” list is long when you are a mom but adding a once-a-week deep conditioning to the list is well worth it. Make deep conditioning part of the professional multi-tasking Moms are so expert at. I put deep conditioner on my hair, wrap it in saran wrap (that is what I have handy, no time to hunt for a shower cap) and then I put on a cap to hold in some heat. I usually vacuum or pick up around the house while the conditioner is doing its job. When my boys were tiny I had to use a timer to remind myself to rinse the conditioner out. And to be honest the timer was also to remind me to not go out of the house on an errand with the saran wrap and hat still on my head.


The messy bun

I am so thrilled that the messy bun is so in fashion right now. I strongly believe moms created this look way before it was chic. The best new accessory that makes this look so effortless is the Goody Simple Style Spin Pins.

They do the job of 20 bobby pins! I use two of them and I have the messy bun ready to go in record time. If you are sleep deprived or haven’t had enough coffee yet, these Spin Pins make life just a little easier.

AG Foam Weightless Volumizer

Dear Curly Suzy: I have medium-length layered wavy hair. The bottom layers are curly, the crown has just a little wave....I want to pump up as much curl as I can...I do not blow dry, I scrunch, so looking for products that will help make my curls CURL...thank you!

Dear Heather: Here is a great product for that: AG Foam Weightless Volumizer. You can mix this with a LITTLE bit of Curlisto Bio Gel Mousse for some serious volume or use the AG product on its own.

One other tip is to scrunch with an old t-shirt or towel with no texture. Here is one that we sell, Curl Like Us Cloths, the instructional video is great to watch as well!

If you do decide to go shopping with us please use the 10% discount
code SUZY10.

According to Tonya McKay Becker (aka CurlChemist), moisture is the most important thing during dry winter months. Ingredients such as humectants that function really well in humid situations can actually cause dryness in during the winter months. If the humidity and dew points are really low, it is best to limit them. Here are our top winter hair product pics that are low or free of humectants to help your hair stay moisturized all winter long.

Dear CurlySuzy: I was hoping you could help me out: I live in Maryland, and as the temperature is dropping, I am seeing more and more articles about shelving my products that contain humectants because of their counterproductive effect in the drier air. Oyin’s Burnt Sugar Pomade is a holy grail for me right now but I have seen it advertised as a humectant. I use it mainly to keep my edges slick for flat twists and corn rows and my “pigtail plaits”.

Oyin’s Burnt Sugar Pomade

The ingredients don’t seem to list any strong humectants, but should I be worried about using this as it gets colder? I have the list below for you to review any and all suggestions are welcome.

Burnt Sugar contains: castor oil, soy wax, organic virgin coconut oil, mango seed oil, olive oil, unrefined hempseed oil, cocoa butter, broccoli seed oil, and fragrance.

Please help! Thanks!

A: Here is a list of humectants. I think you are fine continuing to use the Oyin pomade. Just be sure you are very aware of how your hair is feeling. Major dryness is the first symptom of humectants not performing like you want them to when the dry winter air blows in. I hope this helps. Please email me again if you need more answers or help.

Burnt Sugar contains: castor oil, soy wax, organic virgin coconut oil, mango seed oil, olive oil, unrefined hemp seed oil, cocoa butter, broccoli seed oil, and fragrance.

Examples of Humectants:

1,2,6 hexanetriol
Butylene Glycol
Dipropylene glycol
Hexylene Glycol
Phytantriol — enhances moisture-retention, increases absorption of
vitamins, panthenol, and amino acids into hair shaft, imparts gloss
Propylene glycol
Sodium PCA
Triethylene glycol
Polyglyceryl sorbitol
Potassium PCA
Hydrogenated Honey
Hyaluronic Acid
Hexanediol beeswax
Hexanetriol Beeswax
Hydrolyzed Elastin
Hydrolyzed Collagen
Hydrolyzed Silk
Hydrolyzed Keratin
Capryl glycol
Isoceteth-(3-10, 20, 30)
Isolaureth-(3-10, 20, 30)

Dear CurlySuzy: While reading about dew point and humectants and looking to test out products without humectants for this winter (because in some climates, there is some risk of the humectant actually removing moisture from the hair, creating the problem it was intended to prevent— read more here), I found myself in doubt about this: is glycerin and vegetable glycerin the same thing? Do they perform the same way?

Dear Cíntia: Yes, glycerin and vegetable glycerin are usually the same thing. Some hair care companies will specify where the glycerin is derived from and list it as vegetable glycerin. In most cases when it says glycerin, it is vegetable derived. This is because vegetable glycerin is the cheapest and the most readily available to manufacturers. In vegan products, the glycerin would be derived from a vegetable base, as well.

Animal-fat based glycerin is not used as much. The soap-making process, from which glycerin comes, is almost always vegetable-based instead of animal-based.

The big time manufacturers could use petroleum-based glycerin. I am not sure which ones and what products those would be. Some companies list the ingredients, some don’t.

Glycerin—any glycerin—is a humectant in most products. The only time it is not a humectant and can be an emollient is when it is used in very, very small amounts.

I hope this helps. I was confused until I got all the facts straight—hope it make sense to you!

Please email me if you have any more questions.

Do you have a date tonight, but your good hair day is turning into a bad hair night? We've got great curly hair tips for emergency date-hair fixes!

No time to fix your curls?

Hair Accessories

We have all had days when nothing is happening on time and feel like you are falling behind schedule from the minute you wake up. The worst part of this kind of day for me is at 7:00 pm when I have a dinner date. My curls are not in top date-night condition. And you guessed it—I don’t have time to go home. My emergency solutions to making my curls date-ready are hair accessories, aka hair candy. Headbands and decorative clips and combs are all great ways to make your curls look great.

I am having a great dinner date. My new hair product that I used this morning worked much better than I thought. I am sipping my wine wondering why he has not complimented my curls yet?

A few minutes later, looking in the bathroom mirror at the restaurant, I understand why. My hair looks terrible. My new hair product has not lasted all day. My bouncing curls are now a stringy, frizzy mess.

Thank goodness I have my emergency hair products stashed in my purse:

  1. For sad droopy curls I have Kevin Murphy’s Powder Puff. Use a few sprinkles at the roots to create volume.
  2. For stringy, frizzy curls I have a little bottle of leave-in conditioner. My favorite is Kinky-Curly Knot Today. I use a small amount and gently scrunch it into my curls. Then I use a paper towel for one final scrunch to absorb the last bits of the conditioner.
  3. If the curls are beyond repair my third and last option is to put the curls up. The Goody Simple Styles Updo Maker is always somewhere in my purse.


Panic situations

I’ve spent time making my hair look perfect. I’ve used my favorite combination of products and done all the styling tricks that make my curls just right. There are only three things that can ruin this effort and cause a hair panic attack:

  1. I get a text that he has rented a convertible for our special night out.
  2. We have had a nice dinner. It is still early and he wants to go for a walk on the beach.
  3. We are walking to a favorite restaurant and the weather changes. It starts to mist and get windy and we still have many blocks to go.

All of these situations are going to destroy the curls. A favorite hat or scarf is a safe solution. Pulling my hair back in messy bun or a ponytail are good too. I can imagine a nice wind blown look as well, but the curl reality is never as good as what I imagine.

Your purse might be heavy, but with these curly hair tips and fixes, you'll be ready for any date hair emergency.

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