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Taylor Swift's relaxed curly hair

Who it works best for: Wavy Hair

How to get it: Taylor Swift has this amazing curly hair that always looks perfect. It combines a laid back feeling with a hint of supreme class. Her hair can be worn to award shows, at home, to work, absolutely wherever, and it just works. Swift’s hair is one that creates mass cases of hair envy. Don’t worry though, we’re here to help you get hair like Taylor’s!

This hairstyle works best for girls with wavy hair. All you really need to do is heat up your curling iron, apply some heat protecting serum to your hair, and curl your layers in a relaxed manner. After letting them release from the curler, spray them gently with some hairspray to keep them in place. Sweep your lovely tresses back into a low pony tail or clip them at the nape of your neck with a cute hair clip and voilà! You got swift new hair like Taylor’s!

If you have straight hair, wet your hair and let it air dry. Finger scrunch it to add volume before busting out the curling iron. Add your heat protecting serum to your hair and some mousse before you start curling. Not too much though, or it will make your hair look and feel sticky. Curl your hair in the normal fashion, mist it with hairspray and you're done. It’s that simple!

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Rihana with red curly hair

Who it works best for: curly hair

How to get it: This hairstyle isn’t hard to do, but it is a bit harder to maintain. This modern twist on the infamous rockabilly hairstyle is absolutely stunning. Everything from the color of it to the choice of bandana is essential to making this hairstyle work. It’s best if you have hair that falls on the curlier side of things just so that there’s less effort in curling your hair before you tie it up.

Having curly hair for this style gives it a great oomph and volume which will make any jaw drop and drool. It takes a lot of dedication and can be a very time consuming task to get this ‘do. You have to comb back your hair from the bangs backwards, leave your frings and some extra strands behind to frame your face and then start pinning them in the back of your head. This will create the full and robust look.

Once you have reached your desired looks spray it all down with hairspray to help keep in intact and then add a bandana. Start at the nape of the neck and wrap it where your frings and hair seperate. Tie it at the top of your head to really get this rockabilly look down.

If you have straight hair then you should pin curl your hair to get it super curly or perm it. You have to seriously be into the style if you’re going to perm it to make it super curly, though. Perming causes a lot of damage on hair. So only if you plan on really committing yourself to this style would I recommend perming it. Otherwise jut pin curl it before styling. Good luck!

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Who it works best for: Wavy to curly hair

How to get it: M.I.A. has always had her own signature style and sound. We’ve all been hooked on this talented Sri Lankan singer since her first hit. Her humanitarianism and political tunes have been accepted with open arms and have taken their fare share of criticism too, but there’s no criticizing her hair. This woman has got the most amazing, wild woman hair I’ve seen. It’s sexy, fun, dazzling and downright to die for!

To get hair like M.I.A. your hair should preferably be on the longer side. Her naturally messy hairstyle is easier to get than you think. First off, don’t brush your hair. Use your fingers to untangle any giant knots or dreads that form in your hair when you wake up. This will keep the messy volume she has. Mist your hair with hairspray and really shake it up for extra volume and mess.

If your hair is lacking curls, then bust out the bigger barrelled curling iron. If you’re not a fan of the curling iron, then mist your hair in hairspray and tie it up a big messy bun. The hairspray and the natural way your hair twists around itself will create a very cool boho, messy look. Also clipping it off to one side will create more volume and a neat edgy look to this already messy style. If you’re really feeling like going the whole nine yards, then toss in a mini braid here and there to create that hippy feel even more.

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As the temperature drops and the snow begins to fall, our hearts all start warming up at the thought of the coming season. With all the hustle and bustle of the holidays who really has the time to spare to fret about their hair?
For all of you wonderful ladies out there, here are some easy and glamorous holiday hair styles you can pull together in no time at all, and focus your energy on what really matters most this season.

The Messy Bun

I know what you’re all thinking... really? A MESSY bun? But the messy bun, in my opinion, is a hairstyle that definitely does not get the attention, nor the credibility, it deserves.
It’s a simple swept back look that looks fantastic when you have curly hair. To make it look a bit more of a chic holiday hair style, add some accessories. You can either place some nice clips in it, or even go out and get yourself a bow and clip it in right above or below your bun in the back. This gives it a nice holiday feel to it and it takes less than five minutes.

Center Part

The center part is really in this season, so be chic and split your hair down the middle. I know many of your think that the centre part is childish, but it's actually quite charming. It shows off more of your be beautiful face. Especially if you have big, curly hair, it frames your face so well and adds a little bit of that extra something to your appearance.

Half and Half

I’ve seen a lot of straight haired girls rocking this holiday hair style, and not nearly enough of all you lovely twirly locked ladies. Half up and half down is simple, easy and chic. Pull the top layer of your hair back behind your head and clip it to keep it in place and let your bottom layers fall down. This one is simple, elegant and adds a touch of class without looking like you’re trying to hard. It takes 30 seconds to do and looks better than half of those over-complicated hair styles out there today.

Short Sides, High Top

This one is geared toward those of you who have short hair. This one requires a quick trip to the salon, but it’s so worth it because it’s easy to manage and looks great all year round. Simply ask the stylist (preferably one who is knowledgable about curly hair) to cut the sides and back short and leaving the top longer and curly.
This has an edgy feel to it for all of you wildcats out there, but still looks gorgeous and feminine when worn with a nice blouse or dress. A new year is approaching so why not try a new look?

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Final Thoughts

All of these holiday hair styles are simple enough to manage, even if hair isn’t your thing usually. These hairstyles all look good with no matter what outfit you’re planning on wearing out to your holiday parties or even dinner with the family. Now you have one less thing to stress about this season!



What many woman with out of control curly hair don’t realize is that most of the effort they’re putting into making their hair perfect actually causes more harm than good.

Good curly hair care is all about treating your curls right and finding out what works best for them. You and your curly hair are a team, and if you can’t work together, then you better prepare yourself for hard times coming up ahead.

Skip the Shampoo Often!

The first big mistake that many curly haired goddesses make is washing their hair everyday. This strips the natural oils from your hair making it more difficult to maintain. Find a shampoo and conditioner that is designed specifically for curly hair. It makes all the difference in the world, trust me. When you finish shampooing and conditioning your hair, dab and finger dry your hair. This will help reduce frizz and fly away curls that often occur when towel drying or blow drying out your curls.

Put Down the Heat Stylers NOW!

The worst thing you can do to your curly hair is heating it up. Anything that is too hot will suck all the moisture right out of your twirly tresses faster than you’ll notice. This includes hot water, blow dryers, straightening irons — anything.
Wash your hair in warm water. If you're going to blow dry or straighten your hair, I cannot stress how important it is to use a heat protector to help minimize the damage. My personal preference is to let my hair air dry and lightly scrunch it with my fingers. This leaves a great naturally healthy look to your style.
DON'T touch your curls after they’ve dried! Once you’ve styled your hair, leave it alone. I’m being serious here. Even though you might want to continue styling and playing with your curls, resist the temptation. Touching your tresses after they’ve already been styled is the best way to ruin your hard work.

Never Put a Brush to Your Curls!

For the love of god, DON’T BRUSH YOUR CURLS! This is a basic of good curly hair care. Brushing breaks up the cuticles in the hair. Use your fingers to untangle your hair, or a wide toothed comb. This will keep the hair looking fresh and won’t break up the natural composition of your curls.

Stay Away from Alcohol - On Your Hair!

Drink your alcohol — don’t put it in your hair. Avoid all hair products that contain alcohol. When alcohol comes in contact with your hair, it reacts chemically and dries it out. This will make it brittle and add to a certain level of frizz-factor that no girl wants.

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Stop making these mistakes and start implementing these styling secrets for your waves, curls or kinks!

Final Thoughts

These are a few off my favorite curly hair care tricks for minimizing frizz and keeping my hair in control when it starts to develop a life of it own. What are yours?


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