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dead, damaged hair

Is your hair damaged?

While most experts agree that hair strands are dead, many mysteries of hair remain unsolved.

No pulse or nerve endings can be found in hair, and yet this supposedly dead substance can undergo radical and unexpected changes.

Side effects from medication and anesthetic affect the hair to such an extent that even the strongest perm solutions won't penetrate. Hormone imbalance during pregnancy can alter the structure of the entire head.

From fine, straight hair a wave can occur, evolving into a full head of curls . . . sometimes lasting a couple of months, sometimes forever.

The most unusual change I ever witnessed was when a regular client with natural brown hair color lost 60% of her color from roots to ends overnight, after her husband had a severe heart attack . . . I can only presume that it was totally stress-related. Restoring hair damage is a creative challenge to even the most enthusiastic hair stylists.

Because hair is porous and has the ability to absorb, we can control what we put into the hair strand. The key is knowing what minerals need to be deposited. There are a lot of unknown facts about hair.

Every day researchers discover something new—making hairdressing in the 21st century a very exciting time.

CHS Treatment Shampoo

CHS Treatment Shampoo

Some people with curly hair go to such extremes to control their frizzy hair that they completely avoid using shampoos and never clean their hair via traditional methods. This shampoo free method claims that the natural oils from hair should not be removed, and instead preaches rinsing out hair with only conditioner. In a world without dust, cars, cigarette smoke or the hundreds of other pollutants we encounter daily, this concept could be effective. The natural oils from the scalp certainly do help tame wild, frizzy hair, but curly hair is especially vulnerable to toxins, as the hair shaft tends to be much more porous. This means that not only do curls lose moisture quickly, they also absorb pollution much more than straight hair does.

The truth is, all shampoos do not need to be harsh cleansers. Using the right ingredients to clean your hair can leave it feeling much softer and healthier than not using any shampoo at all. Curly Hair Solutions shampoos are specially formulated to provide additional strength and moisture. We do this by using the best ingredients and maintaining a low pH level of 4.5-5.5. These formulas allow you to cleanse your curls without stripping away the natural oils that protect your hair and scalp. They also help to repair damage and improve the elasticity of your hair, which can be lost during chemical treatments like coloring, perming or relaxing. Both Treatment Shampoo and Silk Shampoo are gentle enough to be used every day if required, though most curly heads don’t need to wash their hair daily.

It is important to note that all shampoos must be thoroughly rinsed from your hair and scalp.

Which shampoo is right for me?

Treating curly hair means walking a tightrope between moisture and strength. Some curly hair needs more moisture than strength and vice versa. That’s why Curly Hair Solutions created two unique shampoos—curly hair needs both strength and moisture. Silk Shampoo restores moisture to curly hair, while Treatment Shampoo provides extra strength.

At different times, and under different conditions, your hair has different needs. During cold winters, indoor heating drives moisture out of your hair, making some curly hair uncontrollable. In summer, hot muggy conditions require advanced frizz control.

The success of chemical services on curly hair depends on the strength of the products used. Research has proved that Treatment Shampoo will dramatically improve the condition of the hair and will prolong the lifespan of colors and perms.

Curly Hair Solutions created Silk Shampoo and Treatment Shampoo with the help of input from their customers. These products contain generous doses of essential ingredients that we’ve been researching over the past ten years. All types of curly hair will benefit from these shampoos, and they can be used safely on a daily basis.

A personal consultation builds confidence between our stylists and our clients, and is recognized as the most important step of our service. We gather important information through a series of questions and answers. This helps us understand different personalities, lifestyles, and beauty goals. There must be a mutual understanding of the difference between body wave, curl, and the color tones that you like or dislike. Not all "reds" are the same, and "blondes" don't have to be brassy.

Consult with your client

Consult with your client

The CUT is the heart of the design. No matter how great the perm or the color, if the cut is not right, the design is not there. Face shape, hair type, growth patterns and many other factors must be considered. The stylist must also recognize the client's ability to style her own hair. A proper drying lesson must be understood.

Recognize client's ability to to her own hair

Recognize your client's ability to style her own hair

Stylists must never bully clients into radical changes, as the client should be mentally ready to take on a new look. No matter how great the style looks, if the client is not ready for a change, it will not be successful. Our experience has shown us that some clients don't always know what they want, but they know what they don't want in a style. Pictures help bridge the gap as a great communication tool in a consultation.

Never bully client into radical changes

Never bully your client into making radical changes

When you find a great style for your hair type, you won't always be looking for change. A great style does a lot more than change your look—it warms your soul.

Great styles count

A great style warms the client's soul


Wear your hair as curly and as frizz free as you can. NEVER arrive with your hair in a ponytail. Show the stylist how well you can manage your hair. At some point, book for a shampoo and blow-dry (curly style). There is no commitment involved and you will know immediately if the stylist has a passion for curly hair.

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper

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Want to ask Curly Hair Solutions or Jonathan Torch a direct question? Then follow us on Twitter @FrizzOff. Thanks to Twitter, our followers have the outlet and forum to ask questions about their curly hair, the CHS product line-up or anything they would like to know about Jonathan Torch, The Curly Hair Institute, or the Curly Hair Solutions family. @FrizzOff is a great place to see what’s happening up to the minute with Curly Hair Solutions. From tweeting hair tips, CHS news, free samplings of CHS products or if you just feel like taking about your curly hair, @FrizzOff on Twitter is a great place to interact with the CHS family.

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Curlyheads living in a cold climate know exactly when indoor heating starts to affect their hair. Their curls change drastically, making it especially important to know how to adjust their styling techniques to suit all weather conditions. Central heating is a fact of life in northern climates. It is very difficult to maintain bouncy, healthy curls when all of the moisture is being absorbed by central heating. Extra effort is required at this time of the year to keep your loose waves and curls looking full and healthy. Those of you with tight curls will notice a reduction in the bulk. Loose wavy and curly hair loses its shape which makes it much harder to maintain your hairstyle. To improve the way your hair reacts in the cold winter months you must learn to balance the moisture that will keep the bounce and volume in your hair.

Tips to Winterize Your Hair

When indoor heating makes curls go flat, you could use extra help to keep the curls intact and prevent flat and limp looking curls. We recommend applying extra Gel to the hair. Try mixing some of our Gel in with Curl Keeper which will provide added support to deepen the "S" formation of a curl. The holding power for curly hair is not the same needed for straight hair. Curly Hair Solutions Gel will not spike hair. Although Curl Keeper will get rid of the frizz and give you control of your curls, Gel will provide the extra hold that will last all day. Our Gel reactivates with water the same way Curl Keeper does and also contains no silicones. This allows for easy and even distribution on wet hair as well as provides just the right amount of hold for curly hair so the hair remains clean and never flakes. Use a humidifier in the room where you sleep at night. This will add moisture to the air and you will see a noticeable improvement to your hair and skin.

Curly Hair Solutions Products

curly hair solutions gel

  • Gel
  • Curl Keeper
  • Pure Silk Protein Deep Moisturizing Treatment
  • Tweek

Moisturizing Treatments

Double up on the treatments that you use to moisturize your hair. Our Pure Silk Protein deposits a generous amount of silk protein to the hair without ever leaving a film or buildup. Your hair will be free of rough or dry winter cuticles and you will notice the difference immediately. Pure Silk Protein treatment must be rinsed out well. Our Silk Leave-in Conditioner will continue to keep all the rough dry hair cuticles under control giving you soft, bouncy winter curls.

Tweek is an excellent product for this time of year, as it is the best way to control "static" and flyaway hair, eliminate unruly frizz, and fix broken hairstyles caused by hats and hoodies—a definite winter necessity.

When you have the time, pamper yourself with a Pure Silk Protein treatment using the Bonnet Hood Dryer. Applying heat when using conditioners will help the moisturizing ingredients penetrate deeper into the hair shaft. Heat causes the molecules to vibrate, resulting in deeper absorption. The Bonnet Hood Dryer is very easy way to do such a treatment. Just apply Pure Silk Protein Conditioner to wet hair, and then cover your hair with a plastic bag (to protect the Bonnet Hood Dryer). Attach the Bonnet Hood Dryer to your blow dryer and switch on. Always start your blow dryer on cool first, and then go warmer as desired. Wait for ten minutes, then rinse out the Pure Silk Protein thoroughly in the shower. This will provide a luxurious deep conditioning treatment that will leave your hair feeling soft and moisturized for quite some time.


Wearing shorter curly hair styles in the cold winter months will provide style freedom. Longer curly hair is sometimes easier to maintain in warmer, summery climates. So lighten the excess weight of curly hair and allow for more bounce from even loose waves or curls. Save length for summer when there is extra moisture in the air. All Curly Hair Solutions™ products are designed with the correct PH balance to maintain a proper balance in curly hair.

To add volume, bend over and hang your hair down while squeezing your hair upwards. This will help tighten looser curls, creating volume. Using a diffuser will help speed up drying time without disturbing the curls. The more you play with the curls the bigger the hairstyle. Keep in mind that Curl Keeper will control frizz, so do not be afraid to play or overwork your curls. If frizz appears, simply reactivate the Curl Keeper by running wet hands over the area.

Holiday season is a time when you must fine tune your styling techniques. With lots of pictures, videos, and celebrations with family and friends, your curls are going to be on display. Especially now with Facebook pictures and other social media, it is time to get your style on!

To make sure your style lasts throughout the days and night we recommend carrying Tweek with you. Tweek is the greatest quick fix product. It will help you tame fly-away hair and fix flat hairstyles. Tweek will ensure your style stays picture perfect. This year have great style without frizz. Check out our latest before and after model makeovers in our Hair Gallery.

We wish you safe and healthy holidays and a happy new year!






The most frustrating thing that people with curly hair experience is that once you put on a hat, helmet, hair band or any other hair accessory, you are committed to keeping it on, otherwise you will have a style disaster on your hands. Unfortunately, hair sprays, waxes, pomades and polishes are not effective for fixing curly hair styles. Tweek is specifically developed to rebuild broken hairstyles for these conditions. As no two curly heads are the same, the techniques needed for success with Tweek will vary from one person to the next. Tweek is effective on all categories of curly hair. Because of this it is essential to understand how Tweek works and how it will work for you.

For fine curly hair it is all about rebuilding or "tweeking" your hairstyle starting at the root area. Curly heads know that more movement will result in more volume. Tweek has a non-greasy formula that will allow you to apply it in small amounts to the root area and slowly create movement where needed to create volume. The focus is at the root area. Once you have dealt with the roots and worked Tweek into your hair, squeeze the rest of the Tweek through to the ends with your hands. It helps to flip your hair over forward to reach the scalp.

Thick curly hair does not usually require extra volume. In this case, Tweek will control flyaway hair that pops up at the end of a day or on day two or three. At this stage, rub Tweek in between your hands and smooth onto the outer layer, flattening and controlling flyaways. For extremely thick hair use a generous amount and squeeze through to the ends as if you were going to make a pony tail, then let go and allow your hair to settle on its own.

Dear Jonathan: Could you please give me a tip on a new curly hairstyle? I just retired from the Army; my hair is shoulder length and curly. I also had to put it up tight and weighed down with gel for 22 years so I am ready for a new me. I am getting ready to look like a lady again and would like to define my curls.

Curly Hair Solutions Curl Keeper

A: Deciding on a style is quite a challenge as there are so many options. The research that you are doing is a really positive step, as a bad decision can be very damaging. As no two people have the same type of curl, it is just as unique how to approach even a basic haircut. Where to start: First, identify your face shape. Is it round, square, diamond-shaped, oval or a combination? Second, learn how to control your frizz. Learn how to use Curl Keeper, which will bring out your natural curl patterns. We have so many videos to teach you how to get your curls to be the best they can be. You will learn how to achieve extra volume, fix flat spots and even control uncontrollable wiry dry patches. Only when you have learned how to achieve curl management and frizz control can you begin deciding on the perfect design to cut your curls. Analyze and understand your bulky sections and soon it will be easy to identify where you need to add volume (bulk) and were you need to reduce bulk. Deciding on the best length is critical. You have to consider that on your plan “B” style day you might need extra length in order to pull your hair back into pony tails. Remember that short hairstyles are not necessary easier to manage. I recommend starting a collection of pictures of curl styles that you like. Try matching the model’s curl type to your own. You have to be as realistic as possible. You don’t have to book for your haircut right away. The consultation is the first step. Arrive at the salon prepared. Have lots of photos and have your hair styled as well as you possibly can. Your hairstylist will be able to visualize easier once they see exactly what kind of curls you have and what your ability is to style them. You could also book first for a shampoo and blow dry (curly style). There is no commitment involved and you will know immediately if the stylist has a passion for curly hair.

Dear Jonathan: About 2 weeks ago I got my hair cut and styled. She flat-ironed my hair, which she has done many times in the past. I washed my hair out the next day and the curls didn't come back. I've never had this happen before. I'm not sure what to do because I've always had curly hair and now it's mostly straight (but it doesn't look nice). I absolutely HATE it!! What should I do? Everyone is telling me that she fried it and I just have to cut it and grow it out...but it doesn't look fried and I don't want to cut it if I don't have to. In the meantime, I'm just wearing it in a ponytail everyday. I appreciate any advice you can give.

A: I am assuming that you have fine curls. Because of new technology, flat irons and other high heat appliances are reaching extremely high temperatures. Your experience has become quite common especially on finer, more fragile curls. Now your problem has to do with the elasticity of your over-heated hair. Improving the elasticity will increase your hair’s ability to stretch without breaking. When repairing damaged hair, there is a difference in the ingredients that are used for moisturizing and strengthening. The ingredients I use in Curly Hair Solutions Treatment Shampoo will deposit generous amounts of minerals that add tensile strength and restore the “S” formation of curly hair. It is so effective that people with looser curls rely on it for added bounce during the dry and cold seasons when there is a lack of moisture in the air. I strongly recommend that you stop flat ironing and learn how to use CHS Curl Keeper. You should squish the straight hair sections as much as you can to achieve even the slightest bend--even if you have to pin curl to set your style until, over time, the CHS Treatment shampoo restores your curls.

Dear Jonathan: As a young girl I had slightly curly hair, and until about 2 1/2 years ago, my hair would form pretty large curls when I put curling product in it and let it air dry. I don't know what I've done differently within the last 2 1/2 years (from stress to hair products or hormones) with the exception of moving to a different state (which I don't think should have this kind of effect), but my hair has become increasingly straight. I used to treat my hair poorly but when I noticed my hair wasn't curling as much, I started to use lower heat on the flat iron (it is a higher-end model), heat protector, and protein sprays. Even still, the only hair that comes out wavy is at the nape of my neck and sometimes my bangs. Is there anything I can do to get my curls back? What could be causing this change?

A: There are many creative techniques for styling curls back into your hair. Start by squishing Curl Keeper in your hair when your hair is very wet, then clipping and securing your curls with our Roller Clamps. Allowing your hair to dry as much as possible on its own will set your hair in a tighter bouncier curl formation. There are so many things that cause curly hair to loosen and lose their curls. Hormonal changes do have a huge influence on curl changes. Every seven years curl patterns can shift. Puberty, pregnancy and menopause are known to cause hormonal changes to hair and sometimes they can be quite drastic. Another reason could be stress. That one is tough to prove, but several curly heads have told me that "Curly Hair Is Moody". Climate and seasonal change affect the moisture balance in the atmosphere and can play havoc with curl styling. One of the biggest culprits that take the most explaining is a buildup of ingredients that cause a barrier and add unwanted weight which prevents curls from forming.

Dear Jonathan: I have naturally fine curly hair. my curly hair is more loose. Is getting very long I would love to cut it but, I'm afraid to. I'm 35 years old have 3 kids and I do not have time for long hair. My long hair is weighing my curls down. I need your help please!

I must tell you that short hair styles are not always faster and easier to manage than long hair styles, so don’t be in a rush to cut your curls short until you understand all the challenges. This is true especially as you stated that your curls are loosening up. It is true that longer hair lengths can loosen curls as the weight of the hair does factor in. However, styling techniques using Roller Clamps that support the curls on top of the head will prevent the weight of your hair from loosening the curls during the drying process. Shorter hair styles can be fun and an upbeat change as long as you allow your curls enough length to form a ringlet and enough length to pull your hair back so you can wear it in a pony tail. This will let you manage your busy schedule on plan “B” styling days.

There are many effective ways of correcting damaged hair. Once you recognize and understand the specific circumstances that need addressing, e.g. frizz, dryness, limp curls, breakage, severe chemical damage, humidity, wiry unruly hair and more, you can take steps to correct these conditions.

Curly Hair Solutions

Styling becomes much easier, controllable, successful and predictable when you correct and maintain the proper condition of your hair.

Some people's curly hair dries in minutes and other's take more than twelve hours to dry. The ability to absorb moisture should be in balance with the ability to retain precious moisture. It is not necessary to moisturize hair that takes forever to dry. There are easier ways of conditioning or detangling without drowning your hair. I have discovered ingredients that perform effectively without involving the use of silicones. Some ingredients in our Curly Hair Solutions products are so effective that you will instantly notice their benefits. Others may only perform after a couple of extra applications. Some products may only be necessary during the summer months and others are only needed during the winter. Indoor heating can play havoc on some curls.

Dear Jonathan: I have always had nice, curly hair. Recently a stylist stripped the color out. Since then, blow-outs are the only type of style that looks good. I'm afraid of damaging my hair. It hardly curls anymore. The products I've used for blow-outs are building up and making my hair greasy. Please help me out!

A: The reason your hair has lost its curl is because the chemicals have broken down the essential hair bonds that are responsible for hair’s elasticity. This is the ability for hair to stretch without breaking. The ingredients in the Treatment Shampoo will rebuild those precious sulphur bonds, which over time will deepen the ‘s’ formation of your curl. The ReMane Straight will help protect your hair from extreme heat and over-stretching while you continue to wear your hair straight. Sooner or later you should start wearing your hair curly and allow Curl Keeper to control the frizz.

Dear Jonathan: My hair has been super straight for my entire life. I had breast cancer in '04, plus an autoimmune disease has been recently diagnosed. My hair it TOTALLY curly now! What happened? I did have radiation, I was also put on high doses of prednisone, pain medicine, and you name it. I have been under extreme stress as a result.

A: Hormones are one of the biggest factors in causing hair to change. There is evidence of this when young girls go through puberty or women go through menopause and it is extremely common after cancer treatments. Sometimes hair will return to its normal straightness over time, and sometimes it will remain curly. As this is a new experience for you, it is very important that you learn how to control the frizz and use products that have higher quality ingredients to control and condition. Luckily today, there are wonderful products and techniques available.

Check out Jonathan's Curly Hair Solutions products in CurlMart!

Dear Jonathan: My hair is soft, but has these curly kinky curls coming from the crown of my head. I don’t know how to style it, deal with it, since I never had to before. The shorter I get it cut, the curlier it becomes. It would be fine if I could find the right cut and products to help me accept it, buy I don’t know where to go to. I feel ugly most days because my hair looks like I just got of bed every day. Please help me.

A: Obviously your hair has gone through some change, which is very common, and there are a few simple steps that will help you to manage your curls. Before you decide to get your hair cut, you have to learn how to control your curls with the right products and techniques. You will notice that when your hair is wet, all those fuzzy pieces are in control. Curl Keeper will duplicate that exact control. Learning to regroup the longer hair or the tighter hair pieces will support those flyaways when they dry. Curl Keeper vanishes, leaving your hair soft, healthy and frizz free.

Dear Jonathan: I have curly dark hair that I get blown out every 2 weeks because of the fact that after a couple of hours of styling with gel, it gets a big poof in the back. I would like to know how to get rid of that poof so I can FINALLY stop blow drying it and can love my curls once again.

A: Gel is too thick to spread evenly to control your curls. Curl Keeper has the same consistency as water and it dries very clean. You can use a generous amount and it will distribute evenly in your wet hair. Make sure that the root area is thoroughly saturated. This will bring down the volume as your hair is always in control when it’s wet. Curl Keeper will duplicate the same effect that water has and, as a result, will control that puffy spot.

Dear Jonathan: My hair is somewhat wavy and somewhat curly and very frizzy. I have tried a bunch of products and none of them work. My hair is about medium thickness, not thin and not thick. I don’t know what to do my hair looks awful everyday and its really lowering my self confidence!

A: All curly hair is prone to frizz. In order to control all frizz, we are confident that Curl Keeper will be the one product that you will need. The challenge is that you have to adjust your styling techniques by scrunching or squishing the looser curls while they are wet, not touching the tighter curl areas, and allowing you hair to dry as much possible on its own. The scrunching on the looser curls will allow them to have more bounce so that all your curls blend together and dry frizz- free.

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