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Prom, weddings, banquets or even a special date—just because you have curly hair doesn’t mean you can’t add a glamorous flare to your look. Keep your curls looking cool and funky with a few easy touches. Your curls don’t have to look the same every time you go out; you’re outstanding and your hair can be to with these three simple at home tips to spice up your look

shine & define hair product

Oyin's Shine & Define will add a lovely gloss to your curls.

Add a beautiful gloss looks to your curls

Don’t you just love the shiny, silky look of wet curls? Well, now you don’t need to keep sticking your head under that bathroom sink at work to keep that look. By adding a serum to your daily hair routine from root to tip, you give your curls a beautiful gloss without the weight or sliminess of other heavier products. Be sure to add more definition to your curls by finger curling your curls. Match this style with a strong red lipstick or a strong eyeliner on just the top lid (adding natural-looking lashes to give your eyes an extra boost) to give your face an extra pop. This look not only keeps your hair looking especially naturally beautiful, but adds the moisture and luster that curly hair vitally needs.


Trick out a store-bought headband.

DIY funky headband

Want to add a unique touch to your look? Spice up your headband as a DIY project! Take your basic plain two-finger width headband and spice it up by hot-gluing chunky jewels or beaded embellishments commonly found in fabric shops or even your favorite buttons/unique pieces along the band. This is a great way to express your personality through your own design and a cheap (possibly free!) way to add a unique touch to your look that’s not only one of kind, but one that nobody can buy! Not into headbands? Swing by a fabric shop and buy enough of your favorite print to turn into a cute hair wrap and style as desired. This is a great way to look beautiful while transitioning if you haven’t done the big chop yet.

Mohawk without scissors

Want the coolness of having a Mohawk but don’t have the guts to cut your locs just yet? Cheat with bobby pins! Take all the hair along the sides of your hairline and pin them back smoothly along the sides of your head. Be sure to brush down all frizz and fly-aways smoothly before you pin it 100% to keep the beauty of the contrasting textures. Apply mousse along the sides to keep hair controlled. For a sophisticated and more classy version of this look opt to pin back just one side, and add a flower or a gem barrette. This look is works for a both day and night look.

Satin sheets

Satin is great for frizz-free hair

Curls, curls, curls! What’s a girl to do in a straight-haired world? EMBRACE THEM! Curly hair is nature’s way of telling you no matter what your hair looks like, it will never look like another girl’s because you’re different just by being you. So grab a handful of that carefree hair and kiss it, because it deserves to be loved. Another way you can show your curls that you love them is to take care of them properly. Curly hair isn’t always the easiest to deal with, but when done right, the outcome is always beautiful. Here are five tips to help you and your curls look gorgeous any and every day!

Upgrade Your Linens

Sleep on a satin pillowcase. Every straight-haired girl knows to wrap her hair at night with a satin hair wrap if she wants to keep her straight hair frizz-free and stunning but who’s to say satin can’t help curly girls too? Sleeping on satin pillowcases greatly decreases the friction usually found between hair and cotton pillows due to its silky texture; it also helps you keep your hair shiny by not absorbing the vital natural oils in your hair needed to keep your hair moisturized.

Don't Spare the Rods

If you’ve got a special occasion coming up, try taming your curls with curling rods. Sleeping or drying your hair with curling rods helps mold and shape your curls to achieve a more sophisticated, smoothly curled look. Remember, if you’re going to add heat to your hair, always use a heat protecting product such as Carol's Daughter Macadamia Heat Protection Gloss to keep your hair protected and keep your curls glossy.


Omega-3 - your hair will love you for it

Give It a Rest

Try to wash your hair every couple days, versus every day. Curly hair, as beautiful as it is, does come as a double-edged sword: dry hair. Shampoo dries and depletes hair of its natural oils, the oils curly hair desperately needs. The foam you see when you shampoo isn’t the soap foaming with just dirt, but is specifically what strips hair of its essential oils it needs. By shampooing only every couple days you give your hair the chance to rejuvenate itself naturally. If the idea of not shampooing your hair for days at a time scares you, keep in mind your hair can actually clean itself naturally and the use of shampoo is really more excessive than
necessary when it comes to hair. Another way you can help keep your hair hydrated is to co-wash (washing hair with only conditioner). This shampoo free method is an amazing way of keeping your hair moisturized and clean. Conditioner has enough detergent to keep your hair clean, and the fact that its full of ingredients to strengthen your hair makes it a great daily substitute for shampoo.

Inside Out

Take vitamins. An apple a day may keep the doctor away, but an Omega-3 pill will put a smile on your stylist’s face. Hair pills work from the inside out by supplementing your hair and body with vitamins we tend to lack due to our unhealthy diets and lifestyles. Just as eating better keeps you healthy, taking care of your hair from the root helps your hair be healthy hair, instead of repaired hair.

Shower Power

Comb your hair in the shower. Instead of having a WWE match between you and your hair while trying to comb it out, opt to comb (not brush!) your hair in the shower while you have conditioner in it. The conditioner acts as a lubricant and helps prevent significant amounts of breakage that comes with combing hair when it’s dry. Remember: keep your hair hydrated as it dries with a leave-in conditioner and finger comb it instead of brushing or combing it with an actual instrument. This method will be nothing short of music to a curl’s tangled ends.

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