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Carlos Miele

Cutler Salon styled Carlos Miele models at Spring Fashion Week 2010.

  1. Perry Ellis

    Perry Ellis

    Again the boys bring it down the runway with style. The boys did such a great job at sporting their curls this season I had to include them in my countdown.

  2. Timo Weiland

    Timo Weiland

    Long, soft curls were all over the runway this season. Simple to recreate and even more enjoyable to wear out and about.

  3. Global Glam Collection

    Global Glam Collection

    Again, another long and curly look, perfect for a night on the town.

  4. Marc Jacobs

    Marc Jacobs

    Curls, curls and more curls. This voluptuous look provides tons of texture to go with any glamorous ensemble.

  5. Ports 1961

    Ports 1961

    I was lucky enough to attend this show and it was by far one of my favorites. Every model that walked down the runway had big Farrah Fawcett curls. I would give anything to have someone give me this look for one night out.

Badgley Mischka

The models at the Badgley Mischka 2011 Spring Fashion Week show wore gorgeous curls. Hair by Peter Gray for Morrocconoil.

Badgley Mischka

The Collections:

“For spring 2011, we were inspired by the stylish film, ‘White Mischief’. We were fascinated by the idea of a woman with a very languid, proper veneer with a smoldering sensuality just beneath the surface.”
— Mark Badgley and James Mischka

The Hair Look:

Peter Gray created beautiful, intricate cascades of curls, with a playful touch of decadent 70’s frizz, as a perfect counterpoint to the slim, narrow silhouettes and the smooth, diaphanous fabrics of the clothes.

“The curls are tight and combed through into a wave at the front, looser at the crown, with progressively smaller curls as they reach the back of the head,” said Gray. “They’re designed to tease the eye and keep it moving, almost in the same way as when the fabrics flow and fall as the models walk.

“We dressed many of the looks with eye‐catching 70’s accents including head scarves wrapped around the head and tied into asymmetrical buns, and soft summer hats. We also added custom‐designed gold, silver and diamond jewelry as well as gold coins into the hair. The mood is all light and summery while still being very posh.”

Creating The Look:

Peter Gray used different sizes of curling irons to create varying types of curls, textures and volume. He created smaller curls at the base of the look to push up and support volume on the top layers of curls. He used progressively larger curling irons for wavier curls as he reached the crown as well as the front sections around the face.

  • Gray started by taking small square sections of the hair at the nape of the neck (the same size as the diameter of the small curling iron he used). This creates volume enhancing tighter base curls.
  • He applied a small amount of Moroccanoil Hydrating Styling Cream on each section, layered on a light spritz of Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray target="_blank" and wrapped sections around the curling iron.
  • As he made his way up the hair, Gray graduated to vertical hair sections the same width as the diameter of the larger curling iron he selected, taking bigger sections as he reached the crown.
  • Working primarily towards a side‐part creating a wave in the fringe, he took small horizontal sections and worked back with the curling iron starting at the hairline and completing at the crown. Curls were held in place by lightweight aluminum clips to ensure springiness.
  • After combing out the curls, he applied a light mist of Moroccanoil Luminous Hairspray over the entire look to hold it in place while keeping the hair soft, flexible, and natural‐looking.

spring fashion week

Trendiness from Adam's spring 2011 fashion show.

This hairstyle from Adam is a very easy and trendy look to recreate. Simply create a bun at the top of the head. Grab one of your handy Goody Spin Pins and you are good to go. To add a little extra sparkle, braid a section of the hair back into the bun. Start at the top of the crown and follow the hairline around so the braid frames the face.

spring fashion week

A Spring Fashion Week 2011 hairstyle from Alexander Berardi

Another easy-to-create hairstyle, this time from Alexander Berardi. Simply begin by curling the hair. With a bristle brush, such as a Denman brush, comb out the curls. Pull hair into a low side ponytail, tease up the curls in the ponytail and you have a chic runway look.


Vivienne Tam offers this look from her Spring Fashion Week 2011 collection.

From Vivienne Tam comes one of my favorite everyday looks. It is so easy to create but it looks like you spent much longer on it than you really did. Take a large barrel curling iron and curl the hair. Spray with a light-hold hairspray. Shake out the curls with your fingers and let the curls simply fall out through the rest of the day. You can turn this style into a evening out look by twisting the hair into a low and messy side bun, use the Goody Spin Pin again to hold and secure the bun.

lorika spring fashion week

A model wears the barest of waves at the Lorika show at Spring Fashion Week.

duckie brown

A look from Duckie Brown.

Texture was everywhere at Fashion Week Spring 2011 but surprisingly it was most evident on the heads of the adorable male models. Almost every male model I saw walking the runways this past week had curls! The most popular look both on and off the runway was a '30s style, short on the sides, big on top, blown-out, finger-wave look. Buckler and Duckie Brown were great examples of this style.

Another trend within the tents of Lincoln Center, which was a surprise to me, was the revival of the Mohawk. This isn’t your typical punk rock, high schooler trying to rebel against society; these were well-manicured, somewhat softer-looking Mohawks. Overall, I was pretty impressed to see the male population put so much effort into their hair and can’t wait to see if this trend actually takes off.

  1. Managing to sit in the first or second row of every show I attended. is certainly on its way up the beauty ladder but unfortunately we are still not quite at the Vogue level of hair. Yet, for some mysterious reason I still managed to snag first and second row seats for nearly everything I've attended.
  2. Having to use port-a-potties. You would think at a venue this large and with so many VIPs walking around, the organizers would have invested in a slightly higher-end version of a portable bathroom.
  3. Miss Jay

  4. Male models with curly hair. For male models, hair gets shaved, slicked back or adorned with some sort of strange headgear, but this year was a different story. I saw more curls and texture on male models than I did on most female models walking down the runway. Check out the curls on these boys from Buckler.
  5. Miss Jay

  6. Miss Jay, a judge from America’s Next Top Model, wearing jeans and a t-shirt to fashion week. This overly flamboyant, over-the-top dresser arrived to the biggest fashion event of the year in a simple pair of jeans and black t-shirt.
  7. Miss Jay

  8. Silly Bands. Yes, this schoolyard trend was hitting it big at the tents of Lincoln Center. Sponsor Starbuck’s Frapuacino was giving out an assortment of hearts, stars, high heels and even mini frappuccino bottles to the high-class patrons of Fashion Week.

Check out this amazing style from on the streets at Spring Fashion Week.

spring fashion week

spring fashion week

The first official day of Mercedes Benz Fashion Week Spring 2011 is over, and what a whirlwind it was!

This season, Fashion Week has made its home at Lincoln Center. With the new venue change came some very technical improvements. All show check-ins are done electronically now. All press passes include a picture of yourself and a bar code. When you arrive at the tents for the day you simply scan your press pass at a convenient little kiosk, it checks you in and prints out your seat assignments for all of your shows for the day. This is a pretty high-tech alternative to how check-in used to be. In previous seasons, you simply told them your name and you were either on the list or you weren't … This season at Lincoln Center is looking to be a season to remember!

Stay tuned for more updates from Fashion Week!

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