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As the “green” trend starts becoming more and more of a long-term lifestyle, we are finding more and more cyclists on the roads and parks. If you've jumped on your bike for a ride around the block, or a healthier way to get to work, you've probably discovered that biking helmets are not exactly curl friendly! Here are a few curly hair styles and tips that will help you save the planet and look board-meeting ready.

Low Bun

To the side, straight back, or just out of the way!

Brush your hair back with a soft bristle brush, and tie it in place with a hair band. Try using brands without metal attachments, as these are gentler on the hair and cause minimal snags and damage.

Wrap the ponytail around the hair band and pin it up tightly, securing with more bobby pins as you see fit. Make sure you use an extra hold hairspray on your hair to ensure that your bun will stay put during your ride.

Wear a Braid

Quick, easy and hassle-free!

Braided curly hair styles are also a good way to keep your hair ready-to-go on your morning commute. Braids will not only keep your hair out of your face while cycling, but will also maintain your wavy, curly or kinky locks without a crease. This gives you the choice of leaving your curls up in braids or taking them out when you get to your destination.

To begin, make sure your hair is clean and free of dirt and oil. Use a hair gel or a small amount of hair pomade. Then, you can either braid your hair starting at the nape of your neck or create a French braid. Make sure you secure your hair with a hair band, and spray a small amount of hairspray to keep your strands in place.

Wherever you are going, make sure to you bring along a small bottle of hairspray and a hairbrush.

Once you have arrived at your destination, find a mirror — the restroom is your best bet — and undo your braids. Run your fingers through your hair or just shake in out. Spray a bit more hairspray to keep your hair in place and looking professional.

Shorter Hair

Rock the pixie cut and ride in style!

If you don’t want to deal with the stresses of your long tresses, then  short curly hair styles may work best for you. With shorter hair, you won’t have to worry as much about your hair getting all tangled up on the bike ride. Once you’ve taken your helmet off, you can moisten your hair with a water mist bottle, put in some hair gel, finger style your hair and you’re good to go.

An additional short hair bonus for those curlies going green: shorter styles require less product! Using less product will decrease your amount of trash and help you transition to a more natural hair routine.

Dealing with Sweat

  • Exercise, and a helmet, can cause sweat and excess oil to add up quickly.
  • Over time, sweat and excess oil can damage your hair and scalp.
  • To ensure and maintain a healthy scalp and hair, make sure to wash your hair regularly.

Want more hairstyle tips and articles?

We have plenty! Browse our hairstyles section and learn how to get looks, find tips for keeping looks and read all about new looks!


Whether you have wavy, curly or kinky hair, we all want the same thing: beautiful, healthy looking hair. But one factor that can hinder healthy hair growth is breakage. Here are some hair breakage treatment tips that will give you healthy hair that both looks and feels good.

1. Choose Natural Hair Care Products

Choose hair care products wisely. Many products contain harmful chemicals that can be damaging to your hair. Both sodium lauryl sulfate (SLS) and sodium laureth sulfate (SLES) are common ingredients in many soaps and shampoos, and can be damaging to your scalp and hair.

Many common ingredients in natural hair products can help encourage healthy hair growth and prevent breakage. Nu-Gro Hair Products carry a wide range of all natural hair care kits and products to help grow out your hair in a more healthy and natural way. Their sulfate-free Nu-Gro All Natural Hair-Gro Shampoo is a great hair breakage treatment that will help thicken your hair and leave it soft and manageable.

2. Consider Getting a Trim

Yes I know, you are trying to let your hair grow, and getting a trim sounds counterproductive. However, getting regular trims will help get rid of dry, damaged and split ends which can work their way up the shaft of your hair and causing even more damage.

Make sure to tell your stylist that you are trying to grow your hair out and you do not want more than a 1/2 inch removed. You may want to ask your stylist how often you should trim your hair, as well, given that many external factors will affect how you need a salon trip.

3. Minimize Heat

You should minimize the use of hot irons, blow dryers and even washing your hair with water that is too hot. This can be damaging to your hair. Heat causes dryness and turns hair brittle, which will result in breakage and stunted hair growth.

Whenever possible, always opt for air-drying your locks.

4. Moisturize

Moisturize is an essential park of any hair breakage treatment, and is also necessary for maintaining healthy hair. Try using a leave-in-conditioner with natural ingredients such as Nu-Gro Leave-in-Conditioner. You don’t want to use conditioners containing harsh ingredient, and Nu-Gro products contain only natural herbs and vitamins that promote healthy hair growth. Well-moisturized hair is less susceptible to breakage and dryness.

5. Let Your Hair Loose

Hair pulled tight back in to braids, ponytails and buns can also cause hair breakage. Try to minimize the use of hair accessories, rubber bands and hair ties that will cause your hair to split and break. Relax and let your hair loose.

Using products that contain essential nutrients promotes hair growth and reduces breakage

6. Stay Away from Harsh Chemicals

Chemically treated hair can be extremely damaging to your hair and scalp. If you need to relax your hair, seek advice from a professional stylist. They will better advise you as to what is best for your hair type.

However, consider going chemical-free when relaxing your hair. Nu-Gro Nu-Laxer hair relaxer kit will give you the relaxed effect, minus the harsh chemicals and side effects that other relaxers may cause.

7. Avoid Excessive Manipulation.

Too much brushing, combing and washing can further damage your hair. Try to avoid washing your hair every day as this can cause your hair to lose its natural moisture, creating dry and brittle hair.

Once your hair is in place, leave it be.

8. Protect Your Hair

Exposure to sunlight and chlorine or salt water can dry your hair, causing it to weaken and lead to breakage. Follow good summer hair care habits such as wearing a hat or scarf on hot sunny days or a swimming cap to protect your hair from chlorine or saltwater when in the pool or at the beach.

9. Use the Proper Brush or Comb

Make sure to use the proper comb or brush for your hair. Use a wide toothed comb or pick to comb your hair after washing it. Be careful not to comb your hair when it is completely wet, as wet hair tends to be more fragile. Use a leave-in-conditioner, such as Nu-Gro Leave-in-Conditioner to make it easier to comb through your hair.

10. Proper Nutrition

The best hair breakage treatment can sometimes just be good nutrition. As with the rest of your body, proper nutrition and vitamins will reflect the health of your hair. If you eat a healthy diet you will grow stronger and healthier inside and out. A diet high in fruits, vegetables, protein and plenty of fluids may help with attaining the luscious locks that you desire.

Also, try using products that contain vitamins. Nu-Gro All-Natural Liquid Hair-Gro Oil contains olive oil and vitamins E and D which help promote healthy hair growth without any harsh chemicals that can lead to dry or brittle strands.

So you have finally decided to let your hair grow out and begin transitioning to natural hair. In the meantime that in-between look can put you in the boredom doldrums, and it seems as if it’ll never get to your desired length.

Fortunately, there are many ways you can have fun, sexy and flirty hair while growing out short hair, simply by following some fun tips.

Add Color

Coloring your hair is another easy way of adding a dramatic look to your seemingly boring locks. Try adding either highlights, lowlights or if you are feeling a bit adventurous, you can even change your entire hair color.

If you decide to color your hair, you have the option of either doing it yourself and purchasing a do it yourself coloring kit or heading to the salon.

At home color can be an inexpensive option, but make sure to follow the instructions on the kit for best results.

If you’re not sure or confident enough to do it yourself, then you can seek a professional salon to do it for you. Going to a salon may be a better option if you’ve never colored your hair before. You will be able to get a better opinion and better results by speaking with a professional.

While you are in the process of growing out short hair, adding color will give it more dimension, add shine and give your hair an overall healthy look. Be sure to avoid bleaching your strands, though, as this can severely damage the hair and damaged hair grows much more slowly than their healthy counterparts.


Go ahead and add a fun-factor to your hairstyle. Even if your hair is at an awkward length there are ways to jazz it up. Try different accessories like hair-ties, headbands, bows or clips.

Hair-ties are perfect for women on the go. Just pull your hair back in a ponytail or bun for a quick and easy style. Headbands can be another easy option. You can use a headband to push your hair away from your face giving you a more neat and fixed look. Pull your hair to the side or back with a bow or feather to give your hair a sexy and flirty look.

When using your hair accessories, make sure to not pull hair tightly, as this can cause damage to both your hair and scalp.

Attempt Hair Pieces

There are so many selections to choose from when it comes to women’s hairpieces. You can find styles ranging from medium to long length hairpieces, not to mention a variety of colors and textures. Toni Brattin carries a wide range of colors and styles that can make growing out short hair easier. You can opt for ponytails, hairclips, extensions or even wigs. In addition, hairpieces save your strands and scalp from damage, and the look can be changed daily.

Whichever hair piece you choose, make sure to follow the instructions on how to care for and maintain it. Using the proper shampoos or sprays will lengthen the life of your hairpiece or wig ensuring you receive the maximum use.

For additional ideas and motivation on how to overcome the boredom of growing out short hair, look through different magazines or books for styles you can emulate. Also, your stylist can be of use. Ask him or her for style suggestions that won’t damage your locks during the grow-out period.


Summertime is here and your mind may very well be focused on the beach or pool, but, if you aren’t careful, along with those beautiful summer days can come dehydrated, dry and brittle hair. What routines can you take to care for your curly locks during the summer? Follow these basic summer curly hair tips to keep your hair healthy and looking good through those hot summer days.

  1. Fight the Frizz It’s almost inevitable: when the sun rises up, so does frizzy hair.
    To avoid frizz, be sure to deep condition your curls at least once a week. You can use products such as Frizz-Ease from John Frieda. This will help to fortify and silken dry, damaged hair, restoring moisture for flawless results.
  2. Swimmer's Hair To avoid frizz, be sure to deep condition your curls at least once a week. You can use products such as Frizz-Ease from John Frieda. This will help to fortify and silken dry, damaged hair, restoring moisture for flawless results.
    One of the easiest curly hair tips for swimming is to wet your hair in tap water before jumping into the pool. This will help prevent too much absorption of chlorinated water. You can also protect your hair with a leave-in-conditioner, such as Redken’s UV Rescue Swim Cream. Reapply to protect your hair as it dries in the sun.
  3. Condition, Condition, Condition To maintain your curly, no-frizz locks, follow these curly hair tips to keep your hair hydrated and conditioned. Start by keeping yourself hydrated by drinking water throughout the day. By keeping your body hydrated, you are keeping your hair healthy.
    For extra hydration, use hydrating shampoos and conditioners. Massage the hydrating shampoo into your hair thoroughly. Rinse completely and lather in the hydrating conditioner. Let the conditioner sit for a few minutes then rinse with tepid water. Try to avoid shampooing your curly hair every day to prevent it from drying even further.
  4. Turn Down the Heat Hot irons, blow dryers and hot rollers, oh my—the damage these can cause!
    Try to limit the use of blow dryers and other hot items on your hair. To keep your curly hair looking healthy and styled without using any hot products, consider using a leave in product after washing your hair. You can use either a hair serum or hair gel after washing your hair and let your hair air dry for a more natural look without the damage of heat styling.
  5. Protect Your Hair in Style Flaunt your curls and go out in style, even in the heat! Protect your hair by wearing colorful headscarves or summer hats. This will keep your hair from having direct contact with the sun.

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