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When curly YouTube vlogger Sarah, also known as Waterlily716, announced recently that she got a haircut, the community gasped in unison. We all know the apprehension that a curly girl feels when sitting in the hairstylist's chair. And that is why it's so important to find a stylist who is experienced with styling curly hair, and most importantly someone you can trust. Luckily for Sarah she was in the capable hands of DevaCut Trained Stylist Scott Musgrave. If you're looking for a trustworthy curl friendly services in your area, you'll want to first have a consultation. Here are Scott's tips for acing the curly consultation process.  

The consultation is the most essential step to gaining trust with a client. I truly want to know the client's fears, frustrations, concerns, current routine, and past experiences of working with other stylists and salons. Based off of the client's experience, I try to identify the source of the frustration whether it is bad-ingredient products that her hair type may not need, styling methods that are not working, or a lack of knowledge. From there I contrast her past experiences with what I do. When visiting a salon I encourage that you keep the following in mind.

 Scott's Tips

  1. All curlies should have a better understanding of ingredients and products used by the stylist and salon.
  2. Make sure the stylist cuts hair dry and uses little to no tension as he or she styles and care for your hair.
  3. Demand that they do not use any thinning or chunking scissors. You also want to assure that they are not using any method of sliding down the hair with scissors, as this creates a variety of different lengths at the ends, which make it hard to control and manage over time as it grows out with thin wispy ends. 
  4. When seeking help for your hair you need to research the stylists in their area. Check out salon reviews on NaturallyCurly Curl Salons, Yelp, or online forums in the stylist's community to find well trained stylists that not only have training added to their repertoire of services, but are passionate enough to have 80% or more stylists working on curly hair clients and specialize in it more so than just a menu service.  
  5. No stylist should scrape, slide, or slice hair with scissors or a razor, as it creates a lot of different lengths and thin wispy ends that are very difficult to manage and more so look bad as the hair grows out. You want a style to last 4-6 months and working with a razor makes the style and ends quickly look bad as the hair grows out. 
  6. Sleeping on a satin or breathable silk pillowcase prevents the hair from pulling and losing moisture as it would using a cotton pillowcase.
  7.  Use a t-shirt to scrunch the hair instead of using a towel. This will keep the ends healthy much longer. 

All of these tips also apply to shorter hair.


You can follow Scott Musgrave here:

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If you're looking to stretch out your curl pattern without heat or chemicals, we've got three methods for you.

Style 1: Fishtail Braid Crown

  1. Start with hair that has been washed with a conditioning cleanser like and blow dry straight.
  2. Part hair down the middle and moisturize from roots to ends with Hair Milk Nourishing and Conditioning Styling butter to hydrate and protect hair from damage.
  3. Apply 1-2 pumps of Hair Milk Nourishing and Conditioning Styling Foam to lock in moisture and get the perfect amount of  flexible hold, minus the sticky, flaky residue. 
  4. Starting on one side, French braid hair down to nape of neck and then finish ends with a fishtail braid. 
  5. Fishtail braid the hair by separating it into 2 sections, take a small piece of hair from the outer left side and pull over to the right.  Then, take a piece from the outer right side and pull over to the left continuing until braid is complete.  
  6. Repeat on other side of head.
  7. Separate the ends of the braids to make them a bit messy and add some texture. 
  8. Cross and pin the ends of each braid to the opposite side of your head.  

Style 2: Flirty Waves

  1. Take your chic crown braid to flirty waves by rubbing a dime-sized amount of Mimosa Hair Honey into fingers and undoing braids just up until crown of head. Mimosa Hair Honey will prevent your braid out from getting frizzy.
  2. Fluff and pin until hair is desired shape.

Watch the Video

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prom hairstyles without heat

Lisette, also known to YouTube and Instagram as Luhhsettyxo, created a new video for NaturallyCurly to show you 3 easy styles for prom. Formal events often mean high heat and over manipulative hairstyles, but we know the importance maintaining hair health no matter the occasion, so here are three non-damaging prom and formal styles that can be achieved with no heat and little manipulation.

What you need:

Watch the video:


Want to see more of Lisette? Check out her teen-friendly type 3 curly hair advice on YouTube with Luhhsettyxo

Tanya Wright is an actress (Orange Is the New Black and True Blood), author, natural hair influencer and all around curlfriend so when she shared an excerpt of her book "I Found God In My Hair, 98 spiritual principles I learned... from my hair!" we were intrigued. Tanya is currently fundraising for her latest project "HAIRiette of HARLEM," the first interactive natural hair web series. You can help support HAIRiette here.

The following is an excerpt from her book "I Found God In My Hair." 

For many, “God” is a very loaded word. I get it. I grappled with changing the title for fear that I might alienate people, especially the ones that were too cool, too smart or simply didn’t believe in God. Trust me, I’ve gone through my own rocky relationship with the man (or woman?) upstairs. I went round and round on this and came back to my first choice title, mostly because it was true.

This book is about the things I learned about life via my relationship with what has been the bane of my existence for most of my existence: MY HAIR! I was responsible for putting the physical time, research and energy into the book, but the inspiration to write it—the thing that kept goading me forward—is something (or someone) I can’t fully explain. Also inside are fun quotes by some folks you know and love, plus photos of my various roles as an actress and all my hairstyles along the way.

Read on to see the first seven of Tanya's 98 spiritual principles she learned from her. 

one: infinite possibilities

I am a dreamer--for sure. But dreams rarely become a reality until you take action. I am an obsessive finisher and terribly, terribly determined -- perhaps it's the Taurus in me! Once I get a goal fixed in my mind, I rarely veer off course until I have achieved it, no matter how large the task.

Here's the thing: I believe that one of the prerequisites of dreaming is that you have to believe that what you dream is possible in order for it to become true! And the truth is anything is possible! The world is made up of infinite possibilities.

Our hair is made up of millions of hair follicles, too; follicles are CIRCULAR in shape, like the letter "o" or the number 0. According to the dictionary, this shape is also representative of "pure potentiality," it is also the "number from which all numbers spring forth." In essence, we have thousands and thousands of "o's" atop our head.

My hair is a reminder that I have infinite possibilities at my disposal.


two: patience

Length is a popular desire among most women with textured hair—who doesn’t want a long, luxurious mane? But growing your hair requires patience—length just doesn’t happen overnight. When you see a gal with long, flowing coifs you can be sure that it took a while to get it there.

For me, patience is the “trait most desired”. Whenever I feel myself getting impatient, I instinctively switch my thoughts to the present moment and start breathing– whatever it is I’m waiting for invariably comes without me being stressed and pressed about it and often when I’m not looking at all. I does feel like “a watched pot never boils.”

My hair journey has been very long and extremely windy. My hair teaches me to have patience.

three: indestructible

Did you know that our hair is the most indestructible part of our bodies? It contains our DNA—that’s pretty strong! Sometimes we get swept to and fro by the tide of life—we are happy when we have ‘good’ days, and not-so-much when we have ‘bad’ ones. There is a part in all of us that isn’t swept by the tide, no matter what our external world looks like, no matter what changes in fortune for us.

My hair teaches me that, no matter what I may ex- perience in the external world, that I am indestructible.

four: elasticity

Ah, curls! I have lots of them, all over my head. Springy coils that swing to my shoulders when wet and shrink up toward my scalp when they’re dry. I can pull a curl taught and release it and it snaps back—like a rubber band. Life is full of changes, so sometimes, I have to change direction, chart another course. This has hap- pened to me more times than I care to count!

My hair teaches me to be elastic so that I can deal with whatever twists and turns life throws at me.

“People always ask me how long it takes to do my hair. I don’t know, I’m never there.”

— Dolly Parton


five: versatility

People tell me all the time I’m a chameleon—I can look very different from one day to the next. The truth is, my look—what I wear, how I wear my hair— depends largely on how I feel when I wake up in the morning. I am an actress so my profession demands that I be versatile, but in life, I have found it’s good to be versatile, too. The ability to relate to different kinds of people—to move from one group to the next and have something in common with all of them—is a sign of a versatile person.

My hair teaches me to be versatile.


six: control

My hair journey started from one simple idea: “if I could get control of my hair, maybe—just maybe— I can get control of my life!” My professional life is always changing—it’s unpredictable! It’s hard to plan things in advance because the circumstances of my life can change on a dime—and often has. Before I read the book “Curly Like Me” (a great book for women with naturally textured hair written by Teri LaFleur), I had resigned myself to the fact that my hair was just something I would not be able to control— ever. ‘Curly Like Me’ gave me hope; it helped me to see that there WAS a method to the madness, and there WAS a way to deal with my hair where I was in control of it instead of feeling like it was always in control of me.

My hair teaches me that I have control.

“It’s the way we treat the hair once it’s on top of our heads that literally makes it or breaks it.”

— Unknown


seven: attachment

“My hair is like a box of chocolates: I never know what I’m gonna get”. Rather than get attached to the result of something—of thinking that things should look and be a way that they aren’t—I have learned not to get attached to a fixed picture in my mind. Letting go of attachment is, perhaps, one of the most profound life lessons I’ve ever learned. Almost all of the world’s spiritual teachers say that attachment most often leads to misery.

My hair has taught me to detach myself from results.

Be sure to check out "HAIRiette of HARLEM," the first interactive natural hair web series. You can help support HAIRiette here.

We love working with inspiring young women, and miss Hanna LaShay is no exception! The girl can sing, act, model and she can do a mean flat twist! Just look at those perfect parts. We also love working with brands whose ingredients we can get behind and we know for a fact that our community loves them too - that's right we're talking about SheaMoisture. Hanna's mom is a salon owner so she was first introduced to the brand by her mom. This is how she flat twists her hair as a protective style when she's on the go or for going to school.

What You'll Need



  1. After shampooing, part your hair with a rattail comb to section your hair
  2. Take a small amount of Coconut & Hibiscus Curl & Style Milk and apply it evenly to the first section of your hair
  3. Use a small amount of Coconut & Hibiscus Curling Gel Souffle to lay down the edges (for a cleaner look)
  4. Detangle that section with a wide tooth comb
  5. Flat twist that section by grabbing two strands of hair and twist one over the other, continue to do this adding a little bit more hair to the twist each time (watch the video to see what we mean)
  6. Once you twist all the way to the nape of your neck, continue with a regular two strand twist to the ends of your hair
  7. Repeat steps 1-6 for each section

Hanna typically creates 8 or 9 flat twists, this will vary based on how big or small you want your curls to be. When you're ready to take your flat twists out (Hanna leaves her in for a week) you simply untwist them as you would a normal two strand twist. Hanna likes this style because it's quick and easy, she can do them on the go and her hair won't be as time consuming for her busy weeks.


Watch the Video

If you'd like to see more of Hanna, check out her Deep Treatment Routine which we filmed on a Sunday afternoon. You can also subscribe to her YouTube IAmHannaLaShay or follow her on Instagram.

MORE: Watch Hanna's Deep Treatment Routine


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They always say "the truth will set you free." So it's about time the NaturallyCurly team tells you how we really feel about curly hair.

Our deepest, darkest straight hair desires - revealed! 

Priscilla "I wish my hair was straight again, so I could spend my days worrying about whether or not the weather would ruin my thin and limp hair look (which I achieved by spending hours blow drying and flat-ironing it)."

Michelle "I wish I had straight hair because I really miss spending an hour every morning blowing my hair out, putting in hot rollers, plastering it with hair spray and then walking outside into the Austin humidity to see how long it takes for it to return to its natural state."

Cristina "I wish I had straight hair so that I could curl my straight hair with a curling wand to create wavy hair, not unlike the wavy hair I already have."

Amanda "I wish my hair was straight because clearly it is easier to manage. I thought the Indian in my family would help but I guess my hair is too nappy. How in the world will I get a job and what man will want me?"

Susonnah "I wish I had straight hair because then I could try all the amazing products made for people with straight hair! Hair spray, dry shampoo, flat irons, I want it all. And I really need some sulfates in my life."

Jamie "I wish I had straight hair because my favorite part of my day is waking up extra early before work to make sure every strand is in place and kink free."

Nikki "I wish I had straight hair so people would like me but never ask to touch my hair. If I had straight hair I could have been prom queen. Plus all the guys LOVE women with straight hair. It's the best thing out there. I mean, think about it... every princess real or fiction has long straight hair. A girl can dream."

Lori "I wish I had straight hair because as you know the saying goes, 'people with straight hair have more fun.'"

Devri "I wish I had straight hair so I could obnoxiously swish my ponytail back and forth whenever I walk."

Clare "I wish I had straight hair because it's hands down the best way to wear your hair. It has so much body and character that curls cannot compete with. I feel like I stand out the most when my hair is board straight."

Evelyn "Ah, I miss the feeling of pulling the few strands of hair I had left into a ponytail. Sure, I had relaxer burns, BUT I HAD A PONYTAIL THAT SWAYED IN THE WIND. I miss those days. This whole thriving natural hair thing? Overrated if you ask me."


*April Fool's! Of course we don't wish we had straight hair.


The ad says "Tired of waking up with a mad frizzy mess every morning? Do you long for sleek, straight hair without any kinks or curls? Iron Out the Kinks in Twisted Hair Permanently – HYPNOSIS."

We've heard it all now.

The ad tells us that curly hair can be a real headache.

"It takes hours to straighten every morning and as soon as you step out of the door it’s a real fright again. It can prevent you taking up water sports and even ruin holidays in countries with humid climates."

We knew there was a reason we hated water sports!

The company claims its "Straighten Curly Hair" hypnosis session will help straighten out this problem.

"In less than 60 minutes you’ll start to feel the benefits, as your curls unwind and you realize how easy to manage your hair really is. Simply sit back and listen to this superb hypnosis session, as 'Straighten Curly Hair' kicks out the kinks in your hair and lets you love your sleeker, straighter style. Feel happy and relaxed about your hair. Control Unruly locks. Achieve the look you desire."

Immediately after listening to this wonderful, 60-minute hypnosis recording, "you’ll feel a profound, positive inner change that will totally astonish you. And it’s 100% risk-free too!"

Sure it is.

Although we see the benefit of hypnosis to stop smoking or lose weight, curly hair is not a problem that needs to be fixed. Not only that, but if you are seeking a sleeker look, hypnosis is hardly the way to do it.

A better name for this video might be "Give Me Your Money, Sucker."

Attention: This article may be published on April 1st, but it is not a joke, unfortunately, this video does exist and you can find it at 


We already loved Tia and Tamera, but following their journeys back to natural hair has elevated them to bestie status. Or at least, we like to believe that we're besties. So when Tia Instagrammed that she was having a bad hair day we felt like she was personally asking us for hair advice.

Here you go, personalized frizz tips just for you Tia!

Shaz's Hair of the Day

The Products

  1. VO5 "Smoothly Does It" Mousse - "The product I used was VO5 'smoothly does it' (pink) moose. It gives a fizz free finish and enhances curls."
  2. Comb - We recommend a wide tooth seamless comb
  3. Towel - We recommend a microfiber towel to prevent frizz


The Technique

  • Step 1. - After I wash my hair I comb it
  • Step 2. - Then I dry it a bit with a towel
  • Step 3. - Then I scrunch the mousse into my hair. It gives a very smooth finish and soft curls at the end. 

Note: this specific mousse is available to UK residents (yay if you're a UK resident!). If you aren't able to find this mousse locally, our readers voted Jane Carter Wrap and Roll as their favorite styling mousse.

You can find more of Shaz on Instagram

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