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For six months these women exclusively used one line of products and vlogged their hair growth journeys along the way. Here's the catch - they didn't know the brand. Get to know the women who took a chance on their strands and find out if it paid off by watching their Grow Out Diaries.

These women are our Veteran Naturals, you can also meet our Transitioners and Newly Naturals and watch their Diaries. 


Texture Type:

Type 3C

My Journey:

I began as a girl big chopping from a bad haircut and blossomed into a curly woman who learned to embrace and love herself. I learned the importance of self confidence, self worth, and inspiring others to love themselves as well.

How long did your hair grow? Between 3 1/2 and 4 inches all around

Hair Idol? Nikkimae2003 and Naptural85

Hometown: Houston,Tx

Advice for naturals? Embrace and take pictures of every moment of your natural hair journey, time will fly by fast. Also, learn to embrace your own natural hair pattern and don't get too caught up in other naturals' curl patterns.

Watch Lauren's Grow Out Diaries


Texture Type:

Type 4A (bcdef)

My Journey:

My hair journey has been extremely liberating! By going natural, I learned to genuinely love my authentic self.

How long did hair grow: The longest my hair has been since first going natural has been a few inches past my shoulders.

Hair Idol? I was inspired to go natural by a couple of women, but now I admire all who have the courage to do so.

Hometown: Toledo, OH / Atlanta, GA

Advice for naturals? Do not be afraid to big chop and once you do, brace yourself for a life changing journey!

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Quay (Aquayla)

Texture Type: 

Types 3c/4a

My Journey:

My journey has been a wonderful learning opportunity and I wouldn't change a thing. I'm completely in love with my hair.

How long did your hair grow? 2-1/2 in the front (has always been the slowest growing part).  3 to 3-1/2 in the crown, sides and nape.

Hair Idol? Cree Summer who played Freddy on A Different World. She has been my hair crush since I was a preteen :)

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Advice for naturals?  Patience is key. Your hair will grow on its own, your job is to keep it healthy as it does. Enjoy each stage of your journey. Oh, and don't skip over your satin bonnet at night :)

Watch Quay's Grow Out Diaries

Tesleigh "Tess"

Texture Type:

Type 4A

My Journey:

My journey has been an amazing experience thus far because I have learned to care for my hair in it's natural state and truly embrace my natural beauty. In addition, I've been able to try some of the techniques and products on my daughter's hair and encourage her to be confident and appreciate her inner and outer beauty.

How long did your hair grow? Up to 1.5 inches in some areas

Hair Idol? I can't narrow it down to just one..Corine Bailey Rae, Solange, Tracee Ellis Ross, Yaya Dacosta, Janelle Monae. I could go on and on. I am  inspired by so many different people because they are each so unique and show how much diversity there is with wearing your hair natural.

Hometown: Austin by way of Royal Palm Beach, Florida

Advice for naturals? Embrace each phase, don't be afraid to ask questions and be patient!!!"Going natural" requires a lot of patience. Reach out to your fellow naturalistas for support and advice. Appreciate the trial and error because that is how you learn what styles and products truly work for your hair.  If you can stick through the challenging times, the results will be well worth it. :)

Watch Tess's Grow Out Diaries

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For six months these women exclusively used one line of products and vlogged their hair growth journeys along the way. Here's the catch - they didn't know the brand. Get to know the women who took a chance on their strands and find out if it paid off by watching their Grow Out Diaries.
These women are our Newly Naturals, you can also meet our Transitioners and Veteran Naturals and watch their Diaries. 


Texture Type: Types 3C/4A

My Journey:

As my hair has grown, I have grown more comfortable in the skin I'm in. This journey starts off focused on hair and has grown into so much more.

How long did my hair grow? 1 1/2- 2 inches

Hair Idol: Teyonah Parris & Tracee Ellis Ross

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Advice for naturals: Long hair, short hair, no hair....know that you are beautiful! Remember this is YOUR journey, don't be pressured to do anything on anyone elses time table, except your own.

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Texture Type


My Journey: 

My journey has been a great learning experience because I've learned how to take care of my hair. It is healthier than it has been in years and there are so many different styles I can't wait to try!

How long did your hair grow? 3 Inches

Hair Idol? Dianna Ross because I have always admired her for wearing her hair in a style that was once viewed as "wild" and not changing it for others. Her hair is beautiful and legendary!

Hometown: Pueblo, Colorado

Advice for naturals? Wear your hair how you want to. Don't be afraid to try a new style or to cut it because of what others think or say. Your head.. your decision!

Watch Calondra's Grow Out Diaries

This article is sponsored by SoftSheen-Carson.

For six months these women exclusively used one line of products and vlogged their hair growth journeys along the way. Here's the catch - they didn't know the brand. Get to know the women who took a chance on their strands and find out if it paid off by watching their Grow Out Diaries.
These women are our Transitioners, you can also meet our Newly Naturals and Veteran Naturals and watch their Diaries. 


Texture Type: 

4A (Coily Springy), Highly Porous, Highly Dense, Medium Width

My Journey: 

This journey has been trying, refreshing, frustrating, motivational, enlightening, inspirational, and overall rewarding because I never realized how much goes into trying to find yourself. It really is a metaphor for trying to find yourself, basically doing what you can to rid yourself of the damage caused by the what the world says you should do (or by you trying to take the easy, but detrimental way out) and just focusing on getting to know the real you and focusing on your health and growing to be a well-rooted individual that stands tall and strong among the rest.

How long did your hair grow? From 3.5 to 5.25 inches. Total: 1.75 inches

Hair Idol? Solange Knowles and Elle Varner

Hometown: Killeen, Texas

Advice for naturals? Be not discouraged. There may be a point where you question your decision, so it would be a good idea to come up with a solid reason for why you went natural that will help you through times of weakness. Also, don't be afraid to do what makes you happy. If you want to cut it all off, do it. If you want to dye it, do it (with a healthy product). If you like your hair long, grow it out. If you like your hair straight, straighten it (with a healthy amount of heat). Bottom line, it is your hair, no one else's, so don't let anyone tell you that you are doing your natural journey "wrong". As long as you are happy with yourself, you are "doing it right".

Watch Jasmine's Grow Out Diaries

Funmilola "Lola"

Texture Type:


My Journey:

My hair journey has been a very interesting one besides learning how to cope and de-tangle my hair properly, this journey helped me find "myself." I learned to do things because I like it and not for the approval of others. I have learned to love my hair and myself for who I am. I have also grown and learned to help other people grow as well.

How long did your hair grow? May hair has grow 2-2 1/2 inches through this natural hair journey.

Hair Idol? I really do not have any hair idols because I look at everyone's hair and fall in love with each different unique hair style, but I do admire Tamera Mowry's hair for recently big chopping and embracing her natural hair while also wearing protective styles like me :)

Hometown: Houston, Texas

Advice for naturals? My advice for naturals is that in whatever you do make sure you are doing it for yourself, and not for anyone else's approval. Be confident in what you do and that will surely bring happiness.

Watch Lola's Grow Out Diaries


Texture Type:

4A Coily Springy

My Journey:

My hair journey has truly been a rewarding experience. My hair has risen to the occasion and produced results I never thought possible.

How long did your hair grow? about 4-5 inches

Hair Idol? Pam Grier

Hometown: Camden, NJ

Advice for naturals? Embrace your natural hair to the fullest because you may actually like what you see.

Watch LaKresha's Grow Out Diaries

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For many women, the journey back to natural is a challenging one. Wouldn't it have been nice to have a professional hairstylist on call to answer all of your most transitioning dilemmas? 

These lucky women did.

For six months NaturallyCurly and Dark and Lovely helped nine women along their natural hair journeys, in whichever stage they were in. We had recent big choppers, long-term transitioners, and even veteran naturals (they still had many questions!) participate in the Grow Out Diaries, and you can watch their progress on YouTube. These women tried a mystery product for six months leading up to the launch of Dark and Lovely's brand new line for Anti-Breakage.

We also hosted a Live Google Hangout with Mezei and all 9 of the women last week in New York, you can catch the video here. And you can start your own blog or read about other womens' experiences on our Grow Out Diaries.

Here are a few of the questions these women had for Softsheen-Carson educator and natural hair afficionado Mezei Jefferson. Chances are you have wondered these questions yourself!

This article is sponsored by SoftSheen-Carson.

For six months, nine lucky NaturallyCurly community members were selected out of hundreds of applicants to join the exciting Grow Out Diaries challenge. We chose women from every stage of the natural hair journey from transitioners to recent Big Choppers to TWA's and veteran naturals.  The women have been trying one product line formulated to make their natural hair grow long and strong. But here's the catch: they had no idea who the brand was.

They put their trust in us as they exclusively used these products, all the while wondering who the mystery brand might be and more importantly, what the ingredients were! They've been filming and charting their hair growth along the way, so stay tuned for the full reveal.

Today we're so excited to announce that the mystery brand of our Grow Out Diaries is none other than Dark and Lovely Au Naturale Anti-Breakage!

You know their name, you probably know their packaging, but this is a totally different approach from the brand as you know it. The line includes four products, a cleanser, conditioner, a butter and an end protector.

The women reviewed the mystery products over a six month period and found that their hair had grown longer, felt healthier, and they were experiencing less breakage during this time. You can watch their full reviews and length checks - along with their reactions to finding out who the brand was - on YouTube.

The Tension Release Hair Wash and Strength Restoring Conditioner are sulfate free, silicone free, and paraben free so they'll cleanse and moisturize without stripping your hair of its natural oils. Just the way we like them. And you won't find any parabens, mineral oil or petrolatum in the Super Softening Hair Butter or the Root to Tip Mender. So they'll be a hydrating treat for your breakage-prone strands without the buildup or greasy transfer.

The line launched last night at a fab party in New York City, and the Grow Out Diaries participants were in attendance along with some of our favorite vloggers, bloggers, special guest Marsha Ambrosius, Bites by Bravo TV's Chef Roblé and tunes by DJ Moma.

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Thousands of NaturallyCurly community members have taken the time to share their favorite products, tools and necessities for curly, coily and wavy hair. We have compiled the votes and are excited to announce 2013's list of holy grail, must-have items that every curly girl should try out.

Our NaturallyCurly Editors have spent countless hours, days and nights testing out hundreds of up and coming and tried and true products, tools and necessities for curly, coily and wavy hair. We duked it out around the table and have come up with our final list of 2014's winners - we encourage you to check them out, too!

"To me beauty is natural, not processed." To hear these six little words on the lips of what I think we can all agree here is a beautiful man is music to our ears.

Tanya Wright, a natural hair actress who you might know from The Cosby Show, True Blood, and Orange is the New Black, was our NaturallyCurly correspondent for a day on set as she films the final season of our favorite vampire show True Blood.

She got an exclusive interview with friend and co-star Joe Manganiello about his curly hair and what kind of hair he prefers on women. Manganiello plays the werewolf Alcide on True Blood and you might also recognize his face (or six pack) from the movie Magic Mike. And if you want a six pack of your own, he's even penned his own fitness book, Evolution

At NaturallyCurly we work day in and day out to show women the beauty that lies within their natural selves, but often times friends, family and members of the opposite sex can undo all of that with one insensitive joke or a casual remark.

We hear the anecdotes all the time from our readers, "my mom asked if I'm really leaving the house like this" and "my sister says it's just a phase" or "my best friend said guys won't like my hair natural." Of course we all know that going natural is a personal expression of what's inside (which is what really counts), and we don't make the choice for anyone but ourselves. But it still feels nice to have that decision reaffirmed every once in a while by one of the male species, especially one who's this easy on the eyes.

So thank you Tanya for the interview, it almost feels like we're right there with Joe on set (we wish!). Try not to get lost in his eyes while you watch this video.

Don't forget to tune into the seventh and final season of True Blood, which premieres summer 2014 on HBO.

"Wash n go," the term sounds so simple, but every woman's wash and go routine is a little bit different! Do you air dry or diffuse? Do you scrunch or are you hands off?

Devri shares her tips and tricks for her best wash and go. Here's a hint: it involves a rake and scrunch, and these products:

What she used:

If you haven't tried ORS Curls Unleashed, Devri also reviews her experience with them in this video.

Let us know in the comments, what's your wash and go secret? 

This post is sponsored by ORS Curls Unleashed. 

Total 3 results.

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