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Dear Ouidad:

I have really thick, wavy 2C hair and my question is about my scalp, actually. I have a pretty dry scalp and my cosmetologist sister has told me it's because of all the parabens and sulfates in the products I use. Can you recommend something to help with the itch? I don't have flakes, though, just itch. I don't know if switching ALL of my products to P/S-Free is the answer or if just switching my actual styling product would suffice. Thanks for any help you can provide!


Dear Itchy:

The problem may be that you are washing your hair too often. I would consult a dermatologist for more assistance, but over washing strips natural oils. Curls should only be washed once every few days in order to prevent dryness of the scalp and hair. When this is done, sulfates should not be an issue. However, if you would still like to go sulfate free, you should probably switch to a sulfate free shampoo, since shampoo is where sulfates are most often found.


Dear Ouidad:

Hi! My name is Allison. I am 15 years old and I have naturally curly hair (ringlets). I really love it and embrace it a lot, but it tends to be flat on the top of my head with no volume. I’d love for it to have volume all over, but I don’t know what cut would be good for me. Help!

Dear Volume-less:

Hi Allison! How your hair looks when it’s dry depends greatly on what you do with it when it’s wet. A tool like my Curl Clips will help to position your curls, create height, or style hair away from the face. For a how-to tutorial, visit my Expert Tips section on, or watch the video below!


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Dear Ouidad:

My hair is very similar to yours in color, texture, length, etc. What styling and care products do you use on your hair? I need help! Mine gets frizzy and doesn’t stay curly!

Dear My Curly Doppleganger:

Okay, you asked for it!
I do my Deep Treatment every two weeks. I shampoo with Water Works, alternating with my Clear and Gentle Shampoo and use Balancing Rinse Conditioner.

I always use a dollop of my Moisture Lock Leave-In Conditioner before applying Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel. I finish off my styling regimen with Styling Mist and let my hair dry naturally. I never diffuse my hair winter or summer. I use Botanical Boost to refresh my curls at the end of the day or when my clients touch my hair too many times and it expands on me. I also use it to refresh my curls the next day.

The only changes I make in my products are seasonal. In fall and winter, I use Tress Effects Styling Gel and Botanical Boost. 
Spring and summer I use my Climate Control and Sun Shield to re-cap my curls.

For Color Care: I use my Deep Treatment three days before I do my color and 10 days after if I didn’t have time to allow my color to set in.

I am frizz free any season, any climate.

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Dear Ouidad:

I love my Ouidad hair cut! I bought several of your products and they are wonderful. However, I used the 12 Minute Deep Treatment, following
 the directions exactly as printed on the bottle, and watched your video too. I did not use an entire bottle as I have short hair, just below my ears. My hair is not super curly, but forms loose curls. My hair was healthy and not excessively dry. After using this treatment my curls were terrible, not forming at all — just a stringy mess for nearly a week. Was this product too heavy for my hair, and should I not use it again?

I used it about three days prior to coloring and adding a few highlights as I thought it would be a good preparation before hair coloring. (Joico is the brand the salon uses). I am afraid to use the 12 Minute Treatment again. Did I do something wrong?

Dear Wander-Lost Waves:

Deep Treatment was created to work for curl types. I use it on clients with very fine hair, and the combination of restructuring and conditioning proteins can give amazing results, adding bounce and shine. For very few of my clients, I have found that the Deep Treatment can cause this reaction the first time they use it. If you try it again, it should work wonders with restoring your curl condition. On a regular basis, you can also try a lightweight conditioner for classic curls like my Balancing Rinse. This will leave hair silky and soft without ever weighing it down. To keep your hair protected and moisturized, leave a little bit of conditioner on the ends of your hair.


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Dear Ouidad:

My hair is thick, curly and dry. Recently, I had my hair cut from long to short, and my stylist used a razor to decrease my hair volume. I am desperate — I feel my hair is ugly now and I can't find any way to style my hair.

Dear At a Loss:

The first step to reversing damage to your ends is a nourishing Deep Treatment every other week! Deep Treatment penetrates through the hair cuticle to repair the internal structure of your curls, restoring bounce and controlling frizz. Also, try using an ultra hydrating leave in conditioner like my Moisture Lock Leave-in Conditioner on your ends and dry areas. This creates a "moisture foundation" by infusing individual strands with conditioning proteins vital to healthy hair and great looking curls! It can also be used sparingly as a styling lotion to touch up dry curls in between shampoo.

Tip: NEVER use a razor on curly hair; it will shave the hair shaft in half causing more expansion and frizz!

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Dear Ouidad:

I have had type 3a curly hair my entire life. Last year, I cut my hair that was down my back up to my neck. Since that time, my curls have left me! My hair went from a 3a to less than a 2a. I used to be able to throw some gel in my hair and leave the house with no problems. Now, gel or mousse just doesn't do it for me anymore.

I have been straightening my hair because it no longer looks right with my hair wet. I have also been putting my hair in a ponytail because I don't feel confident about my hair any more. Please help me! I don't know what to do! Should I perm my hair? I thought that growing my hair out would do the trick, but it didn't. I had it down to my bra line, and NOTHING!

I just recently had someone who was Ouidad certified cut my hair. When he styled it, it came out too crunchy and flaky. It was curly though. I tried it at home the next day and it came out wavy. I am desperate to get my curls back. Please HELP ME!


Dear Curl-less:

It sounds like my Certified Stylist was a bit heavy with the amount of products, but applying the products using my "Rake & Shake" technique will definitely get more curl out of your hair. Also, when the hair is very dehydrated (possibly from straightening your hair on regular basis) the curls can collapse, so a Deep Treatment would be helpful.

My PlayCurl will have you loving your curls again soon! This line was developed to help add volume and encourage curl formation. The PlayCurl Volumizing Shampoo contains a blend of green tea extract, aloe and wheat protein with volumizing polymers which provide a gentle shampoo that livens limp curls and encourages curl formation. Follow this with my PlayCurl Volumizing Conditioner to build fullness and strengthen baby fine curls.

After shampooing and conditioning, apply a nourishing, but volumizing mousse throughout your curls using my “Rake and Shake” technique. Turn head upside down and dry using a diffuser to add curl definition and volume.



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Dear Ouidad:

I have hair about 2 inches or so past shoulder length; it has a natural wave. I'm getting older, past 55, and curl/wave is losing its volume. I got a perm, but it was way too tight — I had to use curling iron on parts to loosen up. What a pain, as I wanted something I could wash and let air-dry. The hairdresser used the biggest perm rollers, and when I asked if she could make curls looser by not leaving the solution on for the entire time, she said that would not work.

She did suggest that she take bigger chunks of hair to put in the rollers. Would this help and make my curls looser, or is there something else you might suggest?

Dear Perm Gone Wrong:

While you still have the past perm in your hair, I would not suggest using more chemicals to change your curl, but try to work with your current texture. Build a hair care regimen specific to your curl type with a great shampoo and conditioner like my nourishing Curl Quencher line created to revive and repair aging/dehydrated curls. You should only shampoo and condition your hair two to three times per week maximum.

If your curls need a little extra moisture, treat them every other week with our Deep Treatment to rebuild chemically processed curls and maintain hair’s health with a combination of essential amino acids, proteins and effective moisturizers. In the future your hair stylist can create looser curls by taking bigger sections on large rods, but the time of the processing solution needs to be the same. The deep treatment will also help get you the look you’re going for.

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Dear Ouidad:

I'm 13 years old and I need your help. I have 3b hair and it’s very dry, frizzy, and lacks shine. I don't want to buy any more products because I've lost hope. My brand that I use is Suave Professionals. How can I help my hair be beautiful? What are your tips? Are there any ways to help my hair without the use of too many products?

Dear Lost Curly:

The one product you should add to your regimen is a Deep Treatment every two weeks. The Deep Treatment feeds and strengthens curls with a combination of essential amino acids, proteins, and effective moisturizers. It really is an essential first step to curly hair, rebuilding the health and liveliness of curls damaged by processing or harsh conditions in the environment. It will condition your curls, reduce frizz, and add a healthy glow to your hair that you (and everyone around you!) will notice right away.



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Dear Ouidad:

I was debating a Curl Softening Treatment to to create loose curls with my 4b hair, similar to Corinne Bailey Rae's. Is that possible, and is the Curl Softening Treatment permanent?

Dear Seeking Softer Curls: 

I would definitely recommend a softening treatment to get the look you’re looking for. But remember to work with your natural (and beautiful!) curl texture before trying any type of treatment.

However, if you do want to get loose curls, make sure you use a New York and Santa Monica Salons. The Softening Treatment is meant to gently loosen curl pattern without the harsh chemicals found in most relaxers.

If you’re just looking for an easier way to style your tight curls, try pairing a Rake & Shake technique to apply Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel.



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Dear Ouidad:

I was debating a Curl Softening Treatment to soften my 4b curls to create loose curls like Corinne Bailey Rae's. Is that possible, and is the Curl Softening Treatment permanent?


I would definitely recommend a softening treatment to get the look you’re looking for. But remember to work with your natural (and beautiful!) curl texture before trying any type of treatment. However, if you do want to create loose curls, make sure you use a gentle Softening Treatment like I have in my New York and Santa Monica Salons. The Softening Treatment is meant to gently create loose curls without the harsh chemicals found in most relaxers.

If you’re just looking for an easier way to style your tight curls, try pairing a leave-in conditioner and anti-frizz styling gel Rake & Shake technique to apply Climate Control Heat & Humidity Gel.

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