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Lady with curly hair meditating on the beach

Several of us who have taken the plunge to wear our hair in its naturally curly state have also chosen to go natural with hair products and more. The ultimate goal is no longer just healthier hair, but a healthier body and mind in terms of the way we feel about ourselves and our naturally curly hair.

Those who thought that the very idea of was much too ridiculously niche-y to be worth it will be properly shocked to know that, last week in Fort Greene Park in Brooklyn, NY, a yoga class just for women with curly hair made its debut! Of course, the mere existence of such a class doesn't make it a success, yet 75 curlies were in attendance at the first Yoga to the Curvy Curly class in Brooklyn, NY.

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According to the class instructor, Natalie Cosby, one of the goals of the class is to help gals with textured hair to get past "sweating out" their curls, because it can be a real mental obstacle that very curly girls don't want to scale in order to exercise.

The class is a combination of yoga poses that are meant to stimulate hair follicles for hair growth and health and discussions about hair products and proper hair care before, during and after exercising. If you live in the Brooklyn area, but you're thinking that yoga is not for you, think again. The class is meant to debunk the myth that yoga is exercise for those who are already fit. It's not just a yoga class attended by a bunch of ladies with curly hair. Yoga to the Curvy Curly is described by its creators as an experience that "exposes health benefits, strengthens body image [and] informs on active lifestyle hair care."

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Wish there was a Yoga to the Curvy Curly class near you? Find out more about the classes on their Facebook page!

Hairfinity Hair Vitamins

In June of this year I got the opportunity to try some Brock Beauty products, including Infinite Lash, Essentious Shampoo and Conditioner and the well-known Hairfinity Hair Vitamins. To give a genuine review of Hairfinity and Essentious products, I have to start from the very beginning.

I purchased and started taking Hairfinity hair vitamins in the spring of this year, but after one and a half bottles, I stopped. Mostly, because I'm not very good at keeping up with a daily anything, and also because I did a poor job of documenting any growth I might have noticed if I had done better.

Then, I started again in mid June, when I received all the Brock Beauty products to try. The results have been a bit difficult to see so far, because my hair is so very coily! I also have a bad habit of getting scissor happy when I don't like the way my ends feel. Sometime in June, I cut off a lot on my ends, and I also got a good trim on the back and sides of my hair at the beginning of July.

I know that I had an index finger's length of hair that was a chemically texturized around March, and today, 6 months later, after all the cutting and trimming, I have all natural new growth that has grown to about the same length. That's about 4.5 inches of growth in 6 months, which means that my growth hasn't necessarily been exponential, but it has been more than the average, steady 1/2 inch per month, especially when you take into account all the trimming. Also, in the back, where I cut it down to a half inch to one inch at the beginning of July, it is already about 1.75 to 2.5 inches, which means I'm getting a solid half inch every month, and I'm happy with that!

I also have a sneaking suspicion that all those lovely ingredients have had a wonderful effect on the way my hair feels. Overall my hair tends to feel softer and more manageable and moisturized than it ever has. It also looks more full and shows less and less of my scalp when I do twist-outs. That used to be a major problem after my first big chop. I had let my hair grow a little longer then, but it was not as full as it is today! I have two patches of thinning hair that I believe are due to damage from when I used to relax. I can still see my scalp, and some of it is very fine baby hair near my hairline, but seems a little thicker and longer there than before. I know that isn't only due to what I put on the outside of it.

Now, I want to take at least a month or two and carefully track my growth with the Hairfinity Vitamins. Then, I will report back with more fabulous results! This time I will be using my hair color as a marker for my growth, as I got my hair colored on September 6th and a new round of Hairfinity vitamins around the same time.

Read on for my review of the Essentious Shampoo and Conditioner on pg 2...

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Essentious Exonerate Shampoo and Hydrate Conditioner


When I looked up the ingredient lists for these line of Essentious products on their website, I was pleased to find a very natural line-up of ingredients in each. Here's my honest review of them.

Exonerate Gentle Shampoo

I'm not usually big on using shampoos because my coily, springy hair is naturally dry and wiry. It needs all the moisture it can get, so I usually prefer to use cleansing conditioner. That's why I was honestly not that excited about trying the Essentious Exonerate shampoo, gentle or not. I don't wash or co-wash more than once a week, but since I sometimes use products with silicones, I do have a need for something stronger than a cleansing conditioner to remove buildup every once in a while. When I read that there are no harsh sulfates in the Exonerate shampoo that would strip my hair of natural oils, it raised my hopes a little higher, and I tried it out.

After washing my hair with Exonerate, I could tell that the buildup had been removed and my hair and scalp were left feeling clean yet not dried out or tangled. My hair is pretty short, so I usually don't need a lot to begin with, but I still got the impression that a little bit of Exonerate goes a long way. I only needed to wash once for that satisfyingly clean feeling.

If your hair naturally dry or very coily hair, I would recommend this shampoo only for times when you need to effectively remove days or weeks of buildup without losing the barrier of moisture that you have built up around your hair. If you have looser curls that like shampoos, you could probably enjoy using this shampoo twice or more a week.

Essentious Hydrate Conditioner

Right after rinsing out the shampoo, I massaged in the Essentious Hydrate Conditioner. It had a pretty thick consistency that those with finer strands might not appreciate. My hair, somewhere between medium and fine, happily soaked up the moisture from the Hydrate Conditioner, so I gave it a little more. Although Hydrate is pretty thick, my hair seemed to hold on to the moisture from it. It was easy to work into my hair for a great detangling experience. Conditioners are my go-to product of choice, but what I hate the most, is a thick, un-spreadable conditioner that sits on my hair and then leaves it drier than when I started. Hydrate proved to be the opposite of this.

My hair felt super soft and slick (in a very nice way) after cowashing with the conditioner and using some leave-in conditioner mixed with vegetable glycerine. Even in the dry air conditioned office, my hair felt really wonderful which is never the result of just using leave-in conditioner with glycerine, so it must have been from using the Hydrate conditioner. I couldn't stop touching my hair that day!

Because Hydrate does contain proteins, it should make a good strengthening and moisturizing rinse out conditioner. As much as we curlies love to leave in a little conditioner, I would not recommend using Hydrate as a leave-in. Any buildup of protein in your hair may leave it feeling dry and straw-like. I tried it as a leave in mixed with vegetable glycerin and the results were okay, but the most benefits of the conditioner seem to come with massaging it in and then rinsing it out.

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Final Thoughts

If you're looking for a way to do a beauty makeover, I would recommend giving Brock Beauty products a try. My favorites out of the ones I experimented with were the Hairfinity Hair vitamins and the Infinite Lash serum because they produced the effect of a dramatic makeover with my own natural hair and lashes! Besides, who doesn't enjoy a good before and after story?

Interested in trying out Hairfinity or Essentious? You can find out more at and


Infinite Lash serumInfinite Lash Serum

As Content Editor for NaturallyCurly, I have gotten to try a lot of different products so that I can give my sincere review for any who might benefit from it. This June, I received a few products from Brock Beauty, including the well-known Hairfinity Vitamins. I will share more later about my makeover with each of the Brock Beauty products in the next few days. Right now I want to talk about my favorite so far, of all the Brock Beauty products I've tried: Infinite Lash! Infinite Lash is my favorite makeover product from Brock Beauty because I have seen significant before and after results! Who doesn't enjoy a good before and after story?

Anyhow, before I do anymore raving about Infinite Lash, I should probably tell you a little bit more about it.

Infinite Lash is an eyelash enhancement serum that Brock Beauty claims "promotes thicker, fuller, and longer looking lashes." It is meant to "thicken the hair follicles while hydrating and strengthening weak and brittle lashes."

What's Inside?

Infinite Lash is a blend of botanicals, vitamins, minerals and polypeptides or proteins. If you are wondering if it's safe contact lens wearers, fear not! I wear contacts almost daily, and I haven't had any problems or suffered from any eye irritation. Everyone is different, though, so I would recommend trying it out over a weekend in case you have any reactions to it.

Here's is the ingredient list: Water, Glycerin, Hyaluronic Acid, Hydrolyzed Wheat Protein, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-17, Myristoyl Pentapeptide-16, Glycyrrhiza Glabra Root Extract(Licorice), Camelia Sinensis Leaf Extract(White Tea), Euphrasia Officinalis Extract(Eyebright), Rosa Centifolia Flower Water(Rose), Tocopheryl Acetate, Retinyl Palmitate, Ascorbic Acid, Allantoin, Panthenol, Pentylene Glycol, Acrylates/C10-30 Alkyl Acrylate Crosspolymer, Panthenyl Ethyl Ether, Phenoxyethanol, Ethylhexylglycerin, Triethanolamine

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My Before and After

My lashes have always been pretty long, but they were never very full. After using Infinite Lash for several weeks, I suddenly noticed that my lower lashes especially looked longer and more prominent. Then, I began to notice my upper lashes curling up over my my lids in a most dramatic fashion. At last, I could see that I had more lashes so that they looked fuller as well!

The photos almost don't do it justice, but I hope you can see the increase in length and number of lashes.

How Do I Apply It?

Here are the exact instructions: Apply along the lash line twice per day for the first six weeks, then apply nightly thereafter. I made sure to follow the instructions to get the best results. Her are some of my suggestions for applying Infinite Lash:

  • Apply it along the very edge of your eyelid where your lid meets the top of your eyelashes. Do not try to apply it on the bottom of your eyelashes close to your eyes. This will decrease your chances of getting it in your eye, which stings a bit, but didn't cause me any long term irritation. Be extra careful and use a Q-tip or your finger to remove any excess if you apply it to your lower lashes.
  • If you have excess serum, that could get in your eyes, spread it down the length of your lashes with your fingers. I found that this was like giving my lashes a deep conditioning treatment after wearing mascara all day, everyday.
  • Give it some time to dry if you are applying it under eye makeup. I noticed that it was difficult to get my eyeliner to stick after applying if I didn't let it dry and wipe off any excess.
  • Remove your eye makeup completely before applying it at night. I have used coconut oil and it works well to remove even waterproof makeup. The Infinite Lash website even recommends applying a natural oil at night for stronger flexible lashes.
  • Keep applying Infinite Lash at night to maintain your results.

If you're curious about Infinite Lash, give it a try. It claims to enhance the beauty of your lashes and for me, I can say it did just that and more!

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Want to know more about Infinite Lash? Check it out on!


Would you like to go get a free blow-out?

I don't know about you, but I'd have to think about that for about millisecond before I'd say..."um, yes!"

That was my first reaction, anyway, but those of us with the very coily-est of coils know what its like to start getting nervous about a trip to any salon you haven't visited before. The questions come as an afterthought, rolling up like credits at the end of good romantic comedy. Getting a professional blow-out sounded like a wonderfully exciting idea, but does the salon specialize in or at least have some knowledge of what to do with naturally coily hair? Will they be like the majority of the black hair salons, where stylists attempt to rip through my coils with a much too fine toothed comb, see me wince and concluding that I'm tender-headed, offer no solution except to tell me to brace myself? Will I regret the damage they might do for a few days or for several months?

Bow your head and close your eyes

Unfortunately, the majority of the time, I am completely justified in my concerns. The reason I usually decide to say a few prayers (seriously) and just give it a go anyway is because, at the end of the day, its just hair, and even if I have to shave it all off and start over, it will eventually grow back...I hope. So, this past Friday, I mustered up some courage and went to an event with two co-workers as press for It all started out fairly well, with a trip to check out the blow-out salon, which shall remain nameless for now. We witnessed ladies at the blow-out bar getting complimentary dry styling, while enjoying complimentary beverages and hors d'oeuvres in the minimalistic, but elegantly designed salon. Then, we walked over to get outlandishly fabulous false eyelashes applied (also complimentary) while we waited for our names to come up on the waiting list to get our hair styled.

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before the hairstyleBefore the "blow-out"

Mars Attacks!

When I heard my name called, the beginning of knots started to build in my stomach. I was guided to a spot at the bar and sat down. The first thing my stylist said to me was, "Let me go find someone who knows how to deal with this kind of hair." Personally, I was not superbly offended by that statement, but my manager who became my advocate through this whole ordeal, was offended enough for both of us. If she hadn't been there, I probably would have jumped out of the chair grabbed some more hors d'oeuvres and high-tailed it out of there. Instead, her firm resolve kept me in the chair and we waited and waited while my stylist went to look for someone who could tame the alien beast on top of my head. No, I do not feel that way about my hair, but the treatment I received, the way the salon handled the situation made me feel like some kind of extraterrestrial.

Each of the subsequent salon employees who came up to try to "deal" with me and my hair seemed to be trying to appease me with euphemisms while actually meaning, "You may have come in peace, but we'd really appreciate it if you would get the heck off of our planet!"

The Day the Earth Stood Still

There was a lot of waiting, during which I felt more and more embarrassed and foolish for even coming. These are the things I heard from salon employees while sitting in that salon chair:

"I can't work with it [meaning my hair]!"

"It's too short!"

"Uh, uh, not with these nails, I can't." (Those nails were at least two inches long, which made me wonder how it was possible for her to even do straight hair properly.)

"Since we are only offering complimentary dry styling and your hair is so kinky, there's not much we can do, so..." ( please, please leave, I'm begging you!)

"We really can do every type of hair, but we would want to start with a shampoo to get the best results for you, so we really hope you'll come back when you can get a full blow-out service." (I was told this story about four times by the same employee, because, aliens are also hard-of-hearing.)

Really? Because your head stylist, said to me, "This is a learning experience, because you know, I don't really have many clients (try any all) who come in with your hair type."

As you can tell, they were very professional and honest with me! I apologize if you didn't have a cup big enough to catch the sarcasm dripping from the previous sentence. I'll wipe that up later.

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War of the Worlds

Eventually, they basically asked, what exactly did I want them to do? All I wanted was for them to take my shrunken coils and give me some height. Okay, they would see what they could do, they said. Enter, the head stylist. I was told to please not bite the head stylist or zap him into ashes like the aliens from "War of the Worlds", because he was going to try his best without doing a full blow-out service with a shampoo.

Thankfully my manager produced a wide toothed comb from her purse and assured them that we could give directions for what to do. Throughout the styling process, the head stylist was good enough to ask questions about what he should do and how he should do it, instead of pretending he already knew. Here's what he did per my instructions:

  1. Wet my hair with water from a spray bottle and a detangling spray.
  2. Used a wide toothed comb and eventually hair dryer to comb out my fro and make it bigger.
  3. Added some oil to finish the style.

The result was lumpier, but taller hair, that would not be worth paying for if it hadn't been complimentary. If it's possible to give them any credit, I can say that they did try to do something to my hair as opposed to actually kicking me out of the styling chair. At some point, before they offered up their head stylist as a sacrifice to the alien life-form in the styling chair, my manager mentioned that we were there as press for I can't really say if that turned the tables for them or not, but while I was getting my hair mussed, I also received a gift card so I could come back for a full blow-out service. Quick, get a big mixing bowl to catch the following sarcasm drip! How nice of them, right?

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Priscilla with flat twist-out and flat twists on the sideWe can do it better! (flat-twist out)

Independence Day

I would not go back there to get anything done to my hair unless they actually paid me a large enough quantity of money and expected to get nothing, especially not any endorsement, in return. Why? Why would I not go back for a free full service blow-out? I think the simplest answer is not even about the treatment I received while I was there. No, it is simply this: The fact that the full service blow-out would be free does not change the fact that there was not a soul in that salon who would know what to do with my hair.

The average blow-out bar may seem like something short of a miracle to those with much looser textures. For their sake, I can appreciate the blow-out bar from afar. However, if you haven't at least been entertained by my bitter tail of a blow-out that (pardon my French) blows, at least be warned, my curlier and coiler friends: blow-out bars are not for everyone. When your stylist finishes up by asking, "Since you don't have a relaxer, how do you get your hair straight?" (because, why would a person with curly hair actually want to wear their hair curly?) you know that we still have a long way to go to get through to professional stylists that it is worth it to learn how to cater to us curly, coily people. If that market doesn't seem to exist, it's because of experiences like what I have just related to you that have created a culture of curlies who are not so enthusiastic about taking a trip to the salon.

Have you had any success with getting your coily, curly hair taken care of properly at a salon? What stories do you have of professional styling disasters? 

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Jennifer Hudson with naturally curly hairWhat if Jennifer Hudson wore her hair naturally curly?

Recently my sister said something to the effect that she wanted to go completely natural. I had to hold back my excitement as I answered her questions about how to style and care for her hair while she transitioned. If you've been naturally curly for any length of time, you've probably experienced the same kind of excitement when a friend, family member or even a stranger on the street declares to you that they have decided to go natural when they see your own natural curls. It's no surprise that we love it just as much when we get to see women in the media embracing their natural textures and going natural.

Whether they know it or not, as the women that we see in magazines and on the big screen proudly parade their natural textures, they are telling us, "you too are naturally beautiful just the way you are — you don't have to straighten your hair just to fit some else's idea of good hair." What a beautiful message to send to young girls who are watching them as role models!

Even if we have already gone natural, most of us probably wish that we had had women in the media to look to for naturally glamorous hair-inspiration while we were growing up. Even now, we could still wish for more examples of high-profile women with natural hair. Seeing the media increasingly cover ladies like Oprah, Jill Scott, Nicole Ari Parker and Melissa Harris-Perry with their natural hair is encouraging, but it also makes us want to see it more often.

Thankfully we aren't waiting for the media to catch up — we are the ones who are constantly sending each other this positive message through YouTube, blogs, forums and meet-ups. Still, the little girl in me wants to glance up from my place in line at the check out counter and see the faces of beautiful famous natural-haired women staring back at me from the magazines and smiling as if to say, "I did it and so can you!"

To the women in the media who have yet to publicly share their natural hair: we would love to see you embracing your natural texture!

Serena Williams

After capturing two Olympic gold medals, Serena Williams won her 35th of 36 single matches at the WTA Tour Cincinnati Open. Besides battling her opponent, Greek qualifier Eleni Daniilidou, she was also fighting to keep her big, beautiful curls out of the game!

Her curls, held back with a headband, were blowing into her face wildly throughout the game.

"I need to calm it down. It's really big. It was a little windy, so it was getting in my face..." she commented on the battle with her curls.

She attempted to keep them back with what she called "an 80s scrunchie," but her curls pulled their way back out in the blustery weather. She still came out on top this past Tuesday in spite of how her hair might have affected her game. This stands in contrast to the complete, non-factor hairstyle was in the victories of another double gold medal winner, Gabby Douglas. Although Williams was able to hold on to this victory, Williams was frustrated with her performance. "That's shocking. It's unprofessional," she stated, referring to the 44 unforced errors she made during the match. "Hopefully I clean up my act for my next match"

Williams still expressed a fondness for her curly coiffure, "The look isn't new. I've just let it go super natural and super crazy and not care. It's fun." Well, of course we think your curls are fun too, Serena! It's great that she has chosen to embrace her curls both on and off the court. We curlies can take a lesson from her attitude in that, even if you have moments when your curls seem to get in the way, they don't have to stand in the way of you doing what you were meant to do.

Besides battling her opponent and her hair, Serena has supported her doubles partner and older sister,  Venus, who has been pitted against some chronic health problems. Venus said of her diagnosis with Sjogren's Syndrome, "It's still in my body trying to fight against me, but I'm fighting against it as well...I keep working with my doctors...Nothing can prevent bad days, but the bad days aren't as bad as they used to be. Now I realize I have to hang in there if I'm not having the best day. My main goal is to be 100%, but it's not like it goes away."

When you put it into perspective, a challenging hair day isn't something either of the Williams sisters would let stand in their way!

Do you ever feel like your curls are "throwing off your game" or are they so much a part of you that you never see them that way?

Miley Cyrus smiles with new undershave haircut

I know what you're thinking, "not another celebrity big chop..." (*sigh*). Well, that's what I was thinking until I saw photos of Miley Cyrus' new haircut. I basically did a double take, thinking, "is that for real?" Well, it is! The recording artist and actress tweeted photos of her big, really blonde chop yesterday!

Some people, including those who tweeted their two cents to @MileyCyrus, may be thinking that she's lost it, gone off the deep end — this is the last straw! I confess that my very first thoughts about the chop were pretty similar. But it was in that second glance that I noticed, wow, she looks really pretty! Any uproar about Miley's haircut isn't going to be about how it's a disaster, though some might think the new cut doesn't suit her at all. Even so, I think the majority of those who won't like her new cut will feel that way because it's so different than the styles they are used to seeing on her.

Remember the Miley Cyrus of Disney's Hannah Montana? Long, long, flowing chestnut brown locks that she often wore in lose waves or ringlets. Apart from dying it and getting it layered and cut a bit shorter, Miley kept those tresses long until this year when she cut them off for a stylish, balayaged, wavy bob.

Her newest cut has a different tone than her previous cuts and styles. It's super short, very blonde, with an extra edgy under-shave. You may think I'm a personal fan of Cyrus after I say this, but that couldn't be further from the truth. Looking at her hair cut objectively with a designer's eye and as a fashion addict, I can say that Miley's cut looks great on her because it shows of the shape of her face and it makes those gorgeous eyes pop! I just love when people aren't afraid to go for a really short cut because they realize it's a great look for them.

I seem to recall her father, Billy Ray Cyrus, having said something about how she should keep her hair long because it's uniquely "her," or something like that. Miley doesn't seem to think so. Along with her pictures she tweeted, "Never felt more me in my whole life," and "Feeling so happy in my skin," I know that feeling and I would have to agree that doing a drastic chop tends to make you feel more you, because there isn't anymore hair to hide behind. When you look in the mirror, all you see is you.

What do you think of Miley's drastically different haircut?

Lady with blonde wavy hair looks out at you

To keep your wavy hair in top shape this summer (and at all times for that matter), detangling is a must! There is no way to get great wavy hairstyles and maintain healthy hair if it's tangled and matted. Product buildup, styling and just everyday movement will cause your waves to tangle, so it is important to take the time to properly cleanse and then detangle your hair. Then you can start styling your tresses on a fresh canvas!

Here are some detangling tips for keeping your wavy tresses out free from knots and snarls.

1. Detangle Regularly

Whether you're a wavy who washes or co-washes everyday or a few times a week, it's a good idea to make sure you detangle whenever you wash. This will ensure that you are detangling your hair on a regular schedule.

2. Detangle When Wet

If you detangle after washing, then your hair will be conveniently wet and ready for detangling. In the case that you should need a pre-cleansing detangling session to save your waves after a complex (but fabulous) hairstyle, don't fret. Just use a spray bottle or wet your hair a bit in the sink to start. Some wavies may be able to detangle with just water, but there is something you can do to facilitate the detangling process.

3. Use Conditioner

This might seem like a no-brainer, but conditioner doesn't just make it easier to detangle hair, it also protects and moisturizes your tresses while you detangle. Be sure to choose a conditioner that has a lot of slip to help your wavy strands slide past each other easily. DevaCurl One Condition is a top conditioner among wavies and curlies alike. A wavy friend of mine likes to detangle her hair with Elucence Moisture Balancing Conditioner, because it also keeps the frizz at bay.

As a wavy, you may or may not want a heavy conditioner that could weigh your waves down even after thorough rinsing. If you are a fine-haired wavy, you should choose a lighter conditioner with lots of slip, but make sure you use enough. If your wavy hair is coarse or tends to be dry, use a heavier conditioner with lots of slip, but don't overdo it and be sure to rinse well so your waves come out bouncy and light. Either way, you can distribute the conditioner by smoothing it down the length of your hair. When your hair is both wet and saturated with conditioner, detangling should be a breeze.

4. Use the Right Tools

Wavy girls may not have as many curves or twirls in their texture, but you should still fight the temptation to use a paddle brush (with ball tip or boar bristles) or a fine-tooth comb when detangling. You may be able to glide through your waves easily with any of those tools, but you will cause your strands hidden damage that can show up as frizz and split ends later. Those tools can yank out, snag and tear your strands, sometimes without you even noticing.

Put all of those away and grab a wide tooth comb, detangling brush, or better yet, use your fingers! These tools can make detangling your wavy hair easier without causing unnecessary damage. By using tools with more space for your hair to glide through and that won't catch on your strands, you will preserve and enhance your curl pattern and your curvy, swavy, whirly waves will thank you!


Conditioners are my product of choice. If I could only use one type of product other than cleanser, it would be a conditioner, because my type 4 hair loves a good conditioner. Here are three of my top picks for leave-in conditioners


Oyin Handmade Juices and Berries

My type 4 TWA is naturally dry, so I like to wash it or bother it as little as possible to prevent breakage from sheer manipulation. That means I need products or care methods that help me moisturize and layer to achieve second, third and even fourth day hair. I like to call these refreshers. There are three ways that I refresh a day one wash and go throughout the week.

1. Oyin Juices and Berries

When I don't have much time in the morning, I can spritz my TWA with some Juices and Berries, shape my hair with my hands and be ready to go. Besides having a nice sweet smell, it works to provide light moisture while lifting my curls from their flatted position. On a humid day, it also pulls in moisture so that my coils get all soft and juicy-looking!

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Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Nectar

2. Conditioners

Sometimes I like to refresh with a light conditioner. I will usually spray my hair with a bit of water or just stand at the sink and splash some water on my coils. Use Me moisturizer for Fine Hair is light and has nice slip so that I can glide it over my hair to refresh and moisturize my third day hair. Since it's nice and light, I can use it everyday without starting to see buildup. Karen's Body Beautiful Hair Nectar is also a really nice light refresher that wakes my coils and leaves them soft and winsome-smelling.

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steam for curly hair

3. Water

Yes, another quick trick I like to use to refresh my coils in the morning is plain old water. If my hair is still well moisturized at the end of the week and I don't want to add any product to it, I can spray my hair with water and shape my TWA with my hands it. When I take a shower in the morning, the steam from the warm shower is also perfect for lifting my coils.

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What are your favorite ways to refresh your tresses?


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