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Johnson Family

Eric and Elaine Johnson of Houston receive a much-needed Extreme Home Makeover from ABC on last night's episode. The Johnson family is not only adorable and as positive as one family could be, but they are also natural! Elaine rocks her 'fro and Eric has some serious locs, and each of their five daughters stays true to their natural texture. This is truly an inspiring story about a family that does so much for their community and kept me smiling the entire time!

Not only did Alanis Morrisette show why she was such a '90s rock icon, but the singer's appearance on the "American Idol" finale also reminded us how much we love her beachy waves!

Singing with Crystal Bowersox, her hair looked amazing! Gone was the stick-straight locks she wore for a while. The waves better suit her!

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After losing more than half of his body weight Tuesday night, curly-headed Michael Ventrella became the ninth Biggest Loser in the show's history. And boy, did he deserve it. Michael started the contest at 526 lbs, making him the heaviest contestant that season. It tugged at my heart strings every time he would tell America that, as much weight as he was losing, he was still weighing in at the same weight that other contestants had started the competition at. But his 264 lb weight loss at last night's finale blew all other previous contestants' victories out of the water and had me jumping up and down in my living room clapping with the rest of the audience.

What really made Michael stand out to me at the start was that incredible hair of his. Sure, it was slicked back during weigh-ins, but once it was time to work out, there it was, sticking out on top of his sweat headband like a giant puffball. I was worried that they'd just give up and shave it all off during makeover week, but the end result was a clean-cut, short curly style (I can't say the same of the pompadour they gave Daris that week, but it looked much better at the finale).

I was pleasantly surprised to see lots of textured love at the season finale, from fellow finalist Ashley's loose waves to Sunshine's long, gorgeous curls. Check out the finale photos on the official website.

What do you think of the contestants' hair at the finale? Did anyone stand out? Who's transformation did you think was most dramatic?

Also, did anyone else realize that if America had not voted to keep Daris in, Koli would have won the whole thing with his 53% weight loss?

—Stephanie Hein

Casey James

Casey James with his hair in a pony tail, the way he wore it last night.

Casey James

Casey James with his hair down.

This appears to be the burning question of the moment in the blogosphere: What products does American Idol contestant Casey James use in his hair?

While James was performing last night, with his hair in a pony tail, NaturallyCurly ad sales queen Lori Kerrigan observed, "He performs better with the locks down." So last night maybe wasn't his best performance, but . . .

...we still like his hair. What do you think he uses in it? Have any sources at the American Idol styling staff? Let's try to find out! Post your thoughts in the comments area below!

—Gretchen Heber

So the curly girls at NaturallyCurly have been drooling every week over Casey James, and only partly because of his talent.

But this week—yes, he gave the best performance yet—I was mesmerized by his curly haircut. I was fascinated by the way his blond ringlets fell perfectly. I wanted to know if he has his hair cut wet or dry? Does he use shampoo or not?

So Casey, if you're out there, share your curly hair routine with us! And Megan here would love to go on a date with you.

—Michelle Breyer

"American Idol" front runner Crystal Bowersox is my favorite. But it seems that her dreadlocks are getting as much attention as her amazing voice. And not all of it good. reports that "longtime viewers wondered what the "Idol" glam machine—which applies gel and flatirons to corn-fed kids and turns them into fashion-shoot-ready celebrities— would do when confronted with her 'do."

"I've had these for about four and a half years now," she told in March. "I do wash my hair— just so everyone knows. There's a lot of myths out there about dreadlocks, but they're very clean and well-kept."

A story about Bowersox's hair on attracted comments ranging from compliments ("they fit her perfectly") to critical ("disgusting and distracting," "horrible" and "[she] looks like a pothead"). One poster summed up voter expectations this way: "You keep those dreadlocks and be happy, but you won't win 'American Idol' with that look—do you really think [fourth season winner] Carrie Underwood would have won if she looked like Crystal?"

Even hair professionals have something to say. "They can look way better than that," declared Majeedah Taufeeq, a Cleveland braiding expert who conducts seminars on black hairstyles. "Her 'locks are a mess. She needs my help!"

I am crossing my fingers that Bowersox, who seems to have a lot more spunk than some past contestants, will fight for her locs. They haven't held her back so far!

Right: advertising queen Lori Kerrigan meets super-stylist Kim Vo today at America's Beauty Show in Chicago.

Above: And the ever-generous Vo was happy to pose with NaturallyCurly CEO Crista Bailey, as well.


NaturallyCurly CEO Crista thinks Daris is darling.

Is anyone watching "The Biggest Loser" this season?

If so, does your heart melt for Daris the way mine does?

This season is "couples" season, and he's on the show with his mom, Cheryl.

Daris has some serious curls, and lots of them.

I've wondered if he would lose a pound or more if he cut them, but I hope he doesn't.

He's staying true to his texture, rockin' his curls and his core. Go Daris!

— Crista Bailey

american idol casey james

It doesn't hurt that he can sing. And that he's got amazing eyes. And amazing teeth. And amazing abs.

But those blond curls are incredible. American Idol beefcake Casey James proves that long curls can look sexy on men.

Really sexy.

— Michelle Breyer

katelyn epperly

Katelyn Epperly

They might not have felt the earth move when Katelyn Epperly sang, but at least they loved her curls!

Season after season, I have watched them take one beautiful curly contestant after another —think Jordan Sparks, Syesha Mercado, Kimberley Locke and Jennifer Hudson —and straighten her locks. So I was pleasantly surprised that the American Idol judges actually had positive comments about one of the things that makes Katelyn stand out — those gorgeous curls!

If she moves on in the competition, let's hope she won't subjected to the typical Idol makeover, flat ironing her curls to conform with an increasingly outdated standard of beauty.

Thank you Taylor Swift and Shakira and all the other amazing curly female singers who have proved that one need not change a fundamental part of your appearance to sell records!

— Michelle Breyer

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