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Who doesn't want a thinner-looking face, especially after all the holiday excess? We've got some terrific tips for haircuts that make you look thinner.

Long Layers

Long layers that are vertical-shaped, not horizontal, can elongate your face shape. Layers should not be too short nor too wide. Curls can shrink a considerable amount when cutting layers, so be careful about the length. Hair should ideally fall somewhere between the bottom of the ear and the top of the shoulder. Just like clothes, the structure and length of your hairstyle can work in your favor.

Change is Good

If you haven't changed your hairstyle in awhile, find a photo of a new style and get your hair cut. A bad hairstyle can make you look 10 years older.

When it comes to improving our appearance, we are always searching for the fastest way to reach our goals. While quick fixes often fail, even the slightest change in your hairstyle can produce noticeably positive effects.

Find a salon in your area using’s handy dandy Salon Finder.

Say No to Traditional Bobs

Certain bob hairstyles will add a few pounds instead of visually subtracting pounds. If you want your face to look slimmer, wearing a bob hairstyle that frames your face will call more attention to that roundness. Also, if you have a double chin that you'd rather hide, a chin-length bob will draw the eye right to your problem area. Chin-length bobs also tend to add volume on the sides of the head, which will make your face look even wider. Instead bring your bob above chin level to draw eyes upward or consider an asymmetrical bob cut with the back short and the front being longer than your chin. When hair is all one length, it tends to make the face look fuller.

Bangs and Side Parts are Slimming

Long, side-swept bangs are great for hiding a high forehead. Steer clear of blunt-cut bangs. Full, straight-across bangs will reduce the overall length of the face. Stick to wispy, side-swept bangs to perk your style up without compromising your efforts. Sweeping your bangs or any long layers diagonally to the side breaks up and softens a round face, and accentuates your cheekbones.

A side part will also help to de-emphasize your face’s circular symmetry. The deep side part is a stylish way to wear your hair up or down, and can help elongate your face.

Avoid Pyramid Head

Add volume at the top of the head. It will draw the focus to your eyes as well as your forehead. Flat hair on the top of your head or “pyramid head” does not have any face-thinning qualities.

Use duck bill clips along with a diffuser to dry your hair. This will lift hair at the roots and add needed volume to the crown of your head.


Headband by Bethany Lorelle and photo by Tom Sandelands Photography

Hair accessories can also help a hairstyle stand out and make you appear slimmer. Placement is the secret when it comes to using hair accessories to your advantage. If you place the hair accessories near the base of an updo or as close to the crown of your head as possible, you will achieve a more elongated look.

Healthy curls are what we all want, but that is not the day-to-day reality for many of us. It can be a frustrating struggle to get those frizz-free, defined and bouncy curls. Yet it is necessary to our self-esteem to feel good about how our curls look. We spend lots of money and time trying to get our curls looking great and feeling healthy. Loving your curls on the good hair days is easy. Figuring out how to get fewer bad hair days is the challenge. As I was answering my CurlySuzy emails the other day, I had this "moment" while looking at all the subject lines from Curlies needing advice. I was struck by the humor and the honesty of so many Curlies. Here are a few of them. It is a poem of curly despair.

HELP! My hair is driving me crazy!

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Curly hair is a part of who we are. It is always changing from day to day. Our love for products is fleeting and obsessive at the same time because of this.

What would help all of us get through the frustration is some extra-time deep conditioning. Sitting down once a week for 30 minutes with your favorite deep conditioner on your curls. Doing this works wonders for dry curls and curls that need a jump start. Your products will work better and the frizz is diminished right away. Take that 30 minutes and relax. I know I hardly ever do that once a week. My relaxing time is mostly when I am sleeping. We all need to stay healthy and keep our curls healthy as well. Slowing down and treating ourselves to a deep conditioning session with heat will soothe our curls.

When I take my 30 minutes for my curls I sit under my hooded dryer and read. Sometimes I do yoga with a hat on, letting my body heat warm up the conditioner. Using the Heat Therapy Wrap works well too. Try to use that 30 minutes just for yourself and your curls.

I know when my curls start getting frizzy and too big I am burning that candle at both ends. Curl are complicated, frustrating and glorious all at the same time, just like our lives. I am thrilled on a good hair day and still disturbed on a bad one. Usually my curls are trying to tell me something on those bad days.

That something is: slow down and relax. Take some time for yourself and your curls.

Jessicurl Weekly Deep Conditioner

Top favorite deep conditioners:

Curly Suzy

To cut or not to cut. That used to be the ongoing conflict with me. Once I would decide it is time for a cut or a trim I was in for another dilemma. Should I do it myself? Then I would remember I threw away my scissors after a late-night cut that was a slight disaster. I had purchased the scissors trying to fix my curls after a bad salon haircut. My curls looked worse rather than better when I left the salon.

We as curlies have all had this experience at some point in our lives. I have always had to schedule an appointment on days where I had at least 2 free hours following my cut in case I had to repair the damages of a styling nightmare. Walking into a salon with a sense of pure dread was the usual emotion. I think it gets right down to an honesty and communication issue in the salon.

Honesty is complicated. In situations like "honey do these jeans make me look fat?" or "do my curls look too frizzy today?", I want a combination of honesty and a bit of fibbing. The perfect response would be something like "you look great but those jeans aren't my favorite" and "your hair looks super today except there are a few curls misbehaving". I know this is borderline fantasy, but wouldn't it be great?

My fantasy comes to a halt immediately when I walk into a salon. How many times have we been told by a stylist "your hair looks fantastic" and it looks awful after it has been cut and styled. Or we got a haircut that we did not ask for. The curls are too short or have big gaps. One side looks different than the other, and the curls were forced into a semi-straight style that you know will just expand and frizz. I have had a lot of bad hair cuts. Sitting in a chair in a salon I now want complete honesty and good communication from the stylist.

The best way that I have learned to get a good, yes, even amazing, curly hair cut, is to be prepared. Do some research. Use the Salon Search. Ask a curly girl who has fantastic hair where she gets it cut. Once you have a person in mind, go into that salon with a purpose. Make sure it is a good hair day for you. You should walk in there with the best curls you can get. Bring photos of what you want. Tell them exactly what you are hoping for. Be specific about how you style your curls and your drying routine. Then explain your curls. Include information about shrinkage and disparity in curl springiness. Show the stylists your different curl types in different places. Explain the beautiful uniqueness of all your curls.

cutting hair

Then ask a lot of questions before they get the scissors on your curls. Ask if they are going to cut your curls wet, dry or a combination of both. Ask where and how much they plan to cut. You have to have a clear picture of the plan. If you don't or you are getting a bad feeling about it, stand up and leave that salon. Do not sacrifice your curls to another bad hair cut. There are a lot of good curly stylists out there; you just have to be sure about the one you find. Be honest with what you want and expect total honesty from the stylist.

I learned all of this when I had my first great curly haircut. Christo from the Curlisto Salon came to Texas for a event. The first thing I noticed was how great the woman's curls looked who had just gotten up from his chair. Her hair looked perfect. I then watched him cut and style another curly and, again, super. When it was my appointment time, I talked to him. I explained my curls and showed him a picture. He listened, looked and touched my hair a lot before we even got started. He then told me exactly what he was going to do. He cut a few long layers in the back and sides. He cut a few shorter layers around my face and that was it. He then used products explaining what they were for and how much to use them. After he dried my hair with a diffuser it was really unbelievable. I loved it. I now knew what a good haircut was all about.

Since then I have found other stylists who can do this. I have learned to take the haircut experience into my own hands and find the stylist who likes curly hair and knows how to cut it and style it. There are several different techniques for cutting and styling curly hair that are fantastic. The trick is to find a stylist and a method that you feel comfortable with. Curly hair is hard to cut and style correctly. We know this better than anyone. A stylist that can do this is so important. They are out there, just a little harder to find. When you do find one spread the word and say a huge thank you to them!

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