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Veteran curl expert and bridal hair specialist Joseph Borokhov chatted with us recently to offer advice on creating wedding-worthy curls.

“Essentially, it’s all about respecting the curl.” said Borokhov. He explainied that some of his clients feel like their hair has had a “face lift” when they’ve gotten updos for special occasions in the past.

The former Devachan stylist has honed his skill under the expertise of Lorraine Massey, founder of Devachan, and now specializing in bridal hair for curly girls. His business is aptly named New York Curly Brides.


Two salon locations later, both he and business partner, Mark Borukhov, have become THE go-to for women in the City on their big day.“The biggest problem was clients coming in who couldn’t find anything online as far as a gallery to show their stylists.” Borokhov explains. “More than anything, I wanted to create something that gave curly brides options.”

The renowned curl expert has built a gallery of gorgeous naturally curly updos, helping all textured brides-to-be find their go-to look.

“I like to play on patterns and decorate the hair. The biggest thing is that people want to look like themselves.”

But, what are women supposed to do once they leave the salon, end the honeymoon and head home? Borokhov gave us his tips on getting salon perfect curls at home


  1. Cleanse the hair  massaging it in a circular motion using the DevaCurl No-Poo Cleanser followed by DevaCurl One Conditioner.
  2. Detangle the hair using fingers only,  and squeeze out excess moisture by scrunching the curls. DO NOT touch your curls while they are drying. This only increases frizz.
  3. Tilt your head forward  (putting a towel on the floor underneath helps minimize puddles on the floor), and apply an even distribution of DevaCurl AnGel.
  4. Once hair is completely dry (using diffuser), flip hair forward and break up dry curls to encourage volume


I saw this story come through from Refinery 29 this week and I haven’t been able to shake it. Two artists from the UK have begun exploring the potential of human hair for beauty in surprising ways. Brits import nearly 15 million pounds of human hair each year, which inspired the duo to design frames that are completely biodegradable; comprised of just hair and bio-resin.

I am a fan of anything quirky and bizarre, and although this whole topic reminds me of finding hair in my food during elementary school lunches, I still give it my stamp of approval. The hair glasses shown on Studio Swine are in fact fashionable, and if its helping mother nature, then I can’t really complain. It’s a worth a trip over to the site just for this really interesting pig chair thing-y featured on the home page.

Side Note/Cultural Complaint

I can’t help but feel just the slightest bit miffed at the fact that as a woman I spend my days trying to banish unwanted hair forever and now its acceptable to wear it as an accessory on my face? At least it’s biodegradable, right?


Summer may be in full swing around the country, but it was more like Christmas in June for me when I discovered the newest addition to my (much too large) polish collection, "Come To Poppy" by OPI. The inner 12-year old girl in me shrieked at the bright and shiny pink hue that is the latest addition to the 30 year-old company's vast collection of nail colors.

For me, with a wardrobe that is consistently black (I'm still a northerner at heart), adding splashes of color here and there has always been my way to break up the mundane monochrome, and what better way than with a fun and vibrant summer-esque pink? Not only are the newest nail colors a bevy of brilliant hues, but the clever names are half of the fun! Some of my favorites include, "Big Hair...Big Nails", "Houston We Have A Purple", and "Color So Hot It Berns".

So, if you're shying away from the bold patterns and prints this summer and want to stick to your uniform of black skinny jeans and black tank, just pop on over to your professional salon and get your summer on with vibrant shades of pink, orange, and red from OPI.


There aren't too many things that perplex me but recently I have been more than confused by a few things happening in the world, including planking (I made my brother-in-law demonstrate the Internet craze this weekend), the fact that the royal Family is still the topic of discussion for doing absolutely nothing, and one hideous row house in West Philadelphia painted with the Gucci logo.

The fashion-loving Philly homeowners decided to forego the "G" that usually is represented in the chain pattern, which was either just a major oversight or a tactical effort to not be sued for copyright infringement. Either way, the paint job alone is hilarious.

There seems to be some fundamental element missing from a person who wakes up one morning and decides to paint their house to match one of the most prominent fashion labels in history. That being said, I'm not sure if the paint job helps or hinders the general appeal of the building. By the looks of its neighbors, it has probably brightened up the block.

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez

Marc Anthony and Jennifer Lopez are working with Kohl's to launch a clothing line.

I just caught wind of a curly celebrity power couple launching a line for Kohl's, and of course, we are more than intrigued. Then we found out it was Jennifer Lopez and Marc Anthony. Talk about a career overhaul! It was a little strange that the recluse pop singer was suddenly cast on "American Idol," then she puts out a less-than-impressive album, and now she is branding herself as a household name. Whoever her publicist is, she should be getting paid double.

I love the strangeness of this curly-haired duo, and who doesn't adore their beautiful curly offspring? But am I the only one who remembers the fashion disaster that once was Ms. Lopez? Think back to the strange relationship with Diddy (who was then called Puff Daddy for those of you who don't remember), which had her wearing saggy man pants and crop-top wife beaters. I also believe there were some corn rows involved. Not that I'm bagging on corn rows, but they are not a good look on JLo. Granted, she has been looking a whole helluva lot better these days, but that should be credited to the "American Idol" stylists who are dressing her.

The new line is supposed to launch this fall, and she is dedicating herself to housewares (look for rhinestone throw pillows?), and he will provide a sportswear line (Marc Anthony doesn't exactly scream jock to me). Any way you slice it, I will be waiting with bated breath to either make more fun of it, or put my tail between my legs and admit my wrongs.

curvy woman

Fashion bloggers in droves have bashed Schuman for pointing out this woman's curvy beauty.

There was a thundering response this week to a post by fellow fashion blogger, and until recently, someone most have considered an irrefutable source of knowledge, Scott Schuman of The Sartorialist. For those who haven't had the thousands of newsletters and breaking news headlines assaulting their in-boxes recently, let me break it down for you. Schuman posted two very beautiful images of a woman in Milan and under the image he wrote, "I loved that she's a bigger, curvier girl than most of the other bloggers who you see in the press and tend to represent the genre." Needless to say, the fashion world went haywire—and I'm a little confused by it.

After reading the many (too many) Schuman-bashing articles, I was expecting to see something completely different posted on his blog. The fashion blogging community has taken Schuman's sentiment, which was meant to be honest and endearing (something that is severely lacking in this industry), and turned it against the blogger, and therefore against the "curvy" women Schuman believes she represents.

Schuman simply stated that this gorgeous (and smart) woman is recognizable as standing apart from the rest of the fashion world because of her "curvy" beauty. He mentions her curves because they are undeniable. This is a picture of what womanhood is about—difference. The minute fashion bloggers pounced on this blog post was the minute that they exposed themselves as a vicious group of elitists. I still have trouble grasping why the rest of the world is up in arms over this posting. Is she not curvy? Does she not have curves? I am 5'10" and can attest that with the height comes the feet and thus the (fabulous) shoes to carry such a body.

Schuman sticks to his guns, even after the hundreds of negative comments to this statement, posting an update:

"A number of the comments are upset by the word 'curvy.' They feel I should have used the word 'normal.' However, normal is relative. There is a young lady on my team who is 5'0", and another who is 5'9". Which would be 'normal'?"

Being a tall, curvy woman myself, I find it refreshing that a man who captures real beauty (not just beauty found in a glossy with airbrushed finishes) every day on the streets of the world is focused on being honest in a time when air kisses and hushed whispers are at the height of couture.

Visit Schuman's site.

Rachel Zoe

Stylist and much more, Rachel Zoe

We have baby fever pretty bad around the NaturallyCurly offices lately, due largely in part to one staffer just giving us the joy of twin curlies to spoil rotten. So when I got the news recently that celebrity stylist to the stars Rachel Zoe has given us one more reason to go "bananas," I couldn't be more excited. Zoe and her husband-business partner Rodger Berman welcomed baby boy Skyler Morrison Berman to the world on March 24th. Weighing in at a healthy 6 lbs., 12 oz., Zoe and Berman said to People magazine, "Mom and Dad 'LITERALLY' could not be happier or more in love with their son!"

It's been quite a while since a celebrity parent has sold their infant's pictures for millions of dollars to the highest paid publication, and we think its high time that the incredibly fashionable couple get their mugs plastered on every People magazine from here to Tibet. Here's hoping that the statement to People is a precursor to a full-on spread of baby pics!

In any case, I can't wait to watch this baby in designer diapers and Swarvoski rattles adorning his crib on Zoe's hit Bravo reality show "The Rachel Zoe Project."

Ahh, the life of a celebrity infant. Watch out Suri—you have competition.

Nicole by OPI

Nicole by OPI

It's no secret that I'm a sucker for anything Target. I will walk in with a short list including makeup remover and lotion, and walk out with one item from each department. My sister and I like to call this "Target Syndrome," meaning each time you enter the store, you walk out with more than $100 worth of randomness. However, I do appreciate Target's frugalista attitude toward cosmetics and clothing, such as their Nicole by OPI line, which is designed to bring affordable and stylish nail polishes to consumers.

The best part about OPI nail polish is the ridiculously clever names that each color gets. Seriously, who gets that job and how do I apply? The Nicole by OPI Something About Spring collection has brilliantly girlie polishes with sparkles, glitter, and pinks that will bring those toes out of hibernation! One of my favorites, "Pink. Seriously" is a total guilty pleasure, and "You’re S-teal the One" is a dark teal shade that is all the rage right now.

Even better, the prices fit right into my beauty junkie price range at $7.04. Now, just make sure that you put your blinders on while getting out of the store before you have your arms full of candles, desk organizers, workout gear, a new yoga mat, and toilet paper—unless you really need them!

For more information visit Nicole by OPI.

Kanye West

Kanye West

All right, the rumor mills are working overtime lately and I have to appreciate the Kanye West fashion school stories after hearing nothing but Charlie Sheen "winning" remarks in the media lately.

Anyone who appreciates a good sense of fashion has a soft spot in their heart for Kanye's style evolution throughout the years. Recently, stories circulating from British tabloid "The Sun" were claiming that West has applied for the London design school, Central Saint Martins College of Art & Design, but a spokesperson for the famed fashion school says "no."

MTV News has reported that the school's spokesperson has denied reports of West applying to the school, just stating that he was visiting on an unrelated matter. It seems the only hemlines that the fashion-forward rockstar will be bothering himself with will be those of friendly females. In any case, I can't resist dreaming of a day when Kanye will be dressing us all.

I have been shlepping around bridal boutiques and outlets with my sister now for a few months, helping her finalize details for her wedding. So, naturally, (whether I like it or not), I have been keeping an ear to the bridal world for anything new and exciting I can share with my soon-to-be married sister. You can imagine my surprise when a co-worker mentioned the very talented Vera Wang is introducing her "White" collection for David's Bridal, due out this month. Now, we know that Vera Wang has revolutionized the way I view Kohl's, but this is Vera Wang Bridal, people! This is what she's known for!

I automatically thought of boring designs and cheap knock-offs, but after looking over the David's Bridal site, it is clear that this new line is going to sell like hot cakes. The designs are classically feminine and cutting edge all at the same time. The prices are around a thousand dollars for an out-of-the-box dress that will have you feeling like the unique bride that you really are on your wedding day. Unfortunately, my sister has already purchased a fabulous gown, and I am nowhere near the getting-married stage in my life, so I will just have to be patient until one of my other fabulous friends ties the knot. When that happens, you know I'll be requesting a day at David's Bridal to ooh and ahh over these fantastic finds!

Want to be the first of your friends in a Vera Wang design? Check out more about the White line here.

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