If you have eczema, sensitive or dehydrated skin, exfoliating may seem too rough and abrasive. Yet exfoliating is essential for these types of skin. In many skin disorders, skin cells replace themselves at an especially fast rate. Too much flaky, scaly, dead skin on the surface actually prevents the lotions and creams you apply from hydrating the crucial skin barrier by soaking up the moisturizer before it reaches its destination.

Exfoliate the body with a very soft brush (on dry skin), with a sugar scrub made of equal parts oil and sugar (on dry skin before showering). Scrubs made of ground oatmeal, ground sesame seeds or sunflower seeds, mixed with water, yogurt or honey or pureed banana can be used on the (damp) face and body. White or bentonite clay mixed with liquid is an especially gentle exfoliant for all-over body “scrubbing.” You will see and feel a difference the first time you exfoliate! Use extremely gentle, circular motions for exfoliation. If you find your skin red and irritated you probably used too much pressure or too abrasive an exfoliant.