Refresh with an Avocado Mask Facial


Good for your skin, inside or out.

Getting a facial is one the most fun and refreshing things to do at a spa. You can do it yourself by making an all-natural avocado skin mask. All you need is half of an avocado (mashed), and one egg yolk. Beat the egg yolk until light and foamy. Mix the avocado and egg yolk together with a blender or a whisk to create your mask. You do not want the mixture to be too thick. If you have oily skin, add an egg white and a splash of lemon juice.

Be sure to wash your face with your daily face wash before applying the mask. After you have washed your face and dried it, you are ready for your mask. Using your fingers, apply the avocado mixture to your face and neck evenly, massaging your skin as you go.  Lie down and relax for about half an hour. For an extra relaxing experience, place chilled cucumber slices over your eyes to get rid of puffiness. After 30 minutes, rinse your mask off with cool water to reveal your revitalized skin.

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