Amazing Curls In Kanye West's New Video

2010-10-01 17:08:32

Amazing Curls In Kanye West's New Video

What curliciousness!

Kanye West

Hey, have you seen Kanye West’s latest music video for “Coldest Winter?” Creepy video, but what a curlicious main character! Check out that mane of curls! Looks even better in slow motion…

I've never herd of this song but i loved the vid. couldhave had lss close-ups of the boobs though. her hair is awsome. i wish mine would grow that long.
I always have loved Kanye West's Style and artistic vision, all his crazy antics aside this music video just proved my point. Absolutely gorgeous execution in this PV, and even though this version is a lot different from his earlier recording its just that much more Epic. I also loved that he used a curly headed model and kept her decently clad instead of going for the typical image.