Christo's Celebrity Corner: Rihanna

2010-05-20 11:35:08

Christo's Celebrity Corner: Rihanna

Get Short and Sassy Style Like Rihanna

The Curly Cut: Angle bob that is short with a lot of layers in the back and long in the front so that it frames the face

Who it Works Best for: Make sure that you have the facial structure to carry off this bob cut so that you don't become a fashion victim.

How to Get the Look: This look is all about the curling iron. Diffuse wet hair until it is almost dry and then use Curlisto Curl Reform for extra body and lift. Use a small 1" curling iron to define curls and finish with Curlisto Glow & Shine.

I have this exact cut, also known as an inverted bob. My hair dresser suggested it for my hair since I have always kept my hair long i figured time for a change...and i don't regret it! This cut is amazing for my hair and curls, very easy to handle and style! And when your a nursing student like me with no time in the morning...manageable haircut is what you need!!