Texture is the Look at the '09 Golden Globes


2010-01-30 15:32:32

Texture is the Look at the '09 Golden Globes

The red carpet was awash in curls and waves at this year's Golden Globe Awards

Evangeline Lilly

Evangeline Lilly was among those who rocked texture at the Golden Globes. See more.

Stick-straight 'dos were hard to find at this year's Golden Globes. Instead, the red carpet was filled with texture, from Debra Messing's curly pony to Mary Louise Parker's long ringlets. Even the updos were full and luscious, like Sandra Bullock's curly look. It was a welcome change from years' past when a ringlet or kink was hard to find in the crowd addicted to flat irons.

Even the men were rocking their curls, including the Jonas Brothers, Adrian Grenier and Simon Baker.

Of course we would have loved to see such curlies as Kyra Sedgewick, Kate Winslet and Lisa Edelstein playing up their beautiful curls rather than straightening them. But there were plenty of straight-haired women who opted for curls, such as Demi Moore.

We think the Golden Globes serve as a barometer for a curly, kinky year.

Thank Heavens! And, look there's light at the end of the tunnel, and its not a train! Viva la curls!