Matthew Morrison

Matthew Morrison

To achieve Glee’s Matthew Morrison’s hair style you can use a number of products from CHI Man. According to George Cooper, Farouk Global Artistic Board, three products would work best with Morrison’s style. Try it: For the client who wants a much softer approach to styling use CHI Man Flexible Styler Active Paste. It can be used to style damp or dry hair. It also adds shine and flexibility. For a firmer hold, use CHI Man Radical Style Extreme Glue, which gives weightless control and shine. To finish any of these two styles, use CHI Man Groom and Hold Finishing Spray.

Matthew McConaughey

Matthew McConaughey

Controlled or chaos, curl or wave, these textural qualities have a new position in your clients’ masculine style and presentation. Like Matthew McConaughey, men with curl have wide varieties of style. American Crew International All-Star Theri DeJoode recommends Curl Construct by American Crew to make hair curlier, and give order to the curl. For the cut, “when hair is directed off the face, like Matthew McConaughey’s, enter the razor at the front of the head and cut each section toward the back of the head,” she says. “This pushes the hair back.” To elevate away from the head, the action of the cut should be at the location of one to three inches from the scalp—this location offers support.”

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