3. Mýa

Hailing from Washington, D.C, this hip-hop singer and dancer is involved in more ways than one, and is a cute curly by nature. Since 1998, she has been all over the entertainment industry, releasing albums, creating her own label, and appearing in movies as both a singer and actress. But Mýa doesn’t only sing for movies and shows, she also has a variety of causes that she supports. Using her talent to benefit others, she recently performed for the Africare Health Jam in Washington, D.C, and joined Wyclef Jean in the remake of "We are the World," an effort to raise money for the victims in Haiti. In 2005, she started her own non-profit organization called TMATF, or, The Mýa Arts and Tech Foundation. She acts as both a director and teacher, working to provide education in technology and the arts to disadvantaged children. Is there anything that Mýa cannot do?