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How to Co-Wash

  1. After wetting your hair thoroughly, pour a dime-sized amount of conditioner in your hand. Use the pads of your fingertips, apply to one spot of your scalp and massage well, just as you would with shampoo.
  2. Repeat until you've scrubbed all over.
  3. Rinse all the conditioner off with plenty of warm water, still gently massaging with your fingertips so the friction will dissolve any residue.
  4. Pour more conditioner into your hand, rub your palms together and apply over the length as you normally did in the past.
  5. Detangle with your fingers or a very wide-toothed comb.
  6. For extra moisturizing, clip your hair up and continue with your shower. When you're done, set the water as cool as is comfortable to you, rinse for just a second or two, and gently squeeze the excess water off.

How to Style Curls

  • Choose a silicone-free gel, and one that's clear, to allow the natural shine to come through.
  • Don't ever brush your hair.
  • Detangle when your hair is soaking wet. Use a wide-tooth comb, or just your fingers.
  • Never rub your hair with a towel. Instead, gently blot the water using scrunching motions.
  • Gently apply product, preferably by scrunching.
  • Air dry your hair or diffuse partially to avoid frizz.
  • Don't touch your hair while it's drying.

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I did this for months then realized my hair grew way slower than normal. I have seborrheic dermatitis, so I need more cleansing than most people, I think. It did "look clean" and never smelled bad though.
I use the Pro Naturals Moroccan Argan oil Conditioner (I got mine online at beyas) and it's a silicone free conditioner that is based on argan oil to really hydrate and moisturize your hair. I love it :) Although I occasionally use a sulfate-free shampoo too, but with the no-poo method this conditioner is the best. :D
Shampoo should be used but twice or thrice in a week.We should also use a shampoo which is best for our hair type according to texture and natural hair type.Follow blindly others can harmful for us and. Disney
Been doing this for about 4 months now and the results are amazing! My hair is way more moisturized now than it's even been before. Also stopped using heat on my hair and it's made a major difference.
@curlyjille I also have SD with the condition its important to keep the scalp clean so u can cowash I do everydayI wash my hair once a week with a natural soap bar. Also I apply scalpin scalp after I wash it or cowash. Also don't use alot of oil on your hair try to use raw shea butter. Its the excessive oil that is causing the condition.
I am new to this and in the process of transitioning and I am very excited! Thank you for the tips I cannot wait to go to the beauty store tonight to start this process. Thank you for the tips and motivation!
Also, I have seborrheic dermatitis on my scalp and use Neutrogena T Gel Stubborn Itch, which doesn't list ingredients. Is it bad for my hair (fine, high porosity)? And is leaving my conditioner possibly making my condition worse?
I haven't been rinsing conditioner out of my hair after shampooing because it has always made my hair less frizzy and more moisturized. Should I not be doing this?
I can't seem to get beyond 2-3 days of no poo before I get flake build up. It's kinda gross.
I do- I've gone 8 years without shampooing my hair. Scrubbing your scalp with conditioner works well, as does the brown sugar scrub, and it doesn't dry out and frizz up hair like shampoo does. It does take a while for the process to take hold, but once it does you'll love your hair and never look back.
Do you no-poo everyday???
I would like to start the no-poo thing but I need some advice and a little help. We are supposed to avoid products with sulfates in them correct? Do some conditioners have sulfates as well? And if so which ones don't. Currently, I am living in South Korea teaching English, and everything on the back of my conditioner and shampoo bottle is in Korean so that means I can't read it. I am using Pantene pro-v. Can anyone tell me if that is ok. Also I would like to clarify a couple of things. So in the no-poo method you wash your hair with conditioner once or twice a week, so the other days that you are showering, do you just use conditioner regularly? Thanx for the help.
i've been doing the no-shampoo routine for months and loving it
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