How to Cut Your Own Bangs

Still not sure how to rock curly hair bangs yourself? Here are some tips for cutting your own bangs. Just be sure to take more time and patience than the girl in this picture!

  1. Get a good pair of scissors at a beauty supply store.
  2. Cleanse your hair.
  3. Let the wet hair fall forward for a "Cousin It'" look and let it dry like that. "That's the beginning of where your true bangs are." Massey says.
  4. When it's dry, position yourself in front of the mirror and cut each ringlet or wave individually, making sure they're no shorter than the tip of your nose. Don't pull the ringlets with your hand. "It almost has to be too long," Massey suggests. "But not annoying." Give it three days, and if it still seems too long, cut a little more off.
  5. Keep the bangs around the face, looking at the way the hair truly falls around the hairline.

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I love my fringe (that's what they call a "bangs" in England.) I've always had one because, for me, it frames my face better than my hair being took off my forehead.