Frizzy hair remedies to help you look fabulous this summer.

Frizzy hair

Here comes the frizz!

Open season for frizz

The frizzy hair season is officially here, which means frizzy ends, frizzy curls and a lot of questions. For example, why are my curls frizzy? What frizzy hair remedies work best? Why is my hair more frizzy when it is humid? Find the answers to these and other frizzy mysteries below.

Why does curly hair frizz so much?

Straight hair has a smooth cuticle with the layers lying tightly together. With curly hair, the hair follicle is curved causing the outer layer or cuticle to bend. This bending results in the cuticle being permanently lifted and becoming very fragile. Add the damage caused by chemicals, heat and friction (brushing, rubbing with a towel, touching, sleeping) and your smooth curls become frizzy curls.

What is porosity?

Hair porosity refers to the ability of hair to absorb and retain moisture. Hair with high porosity is like a sponge with many tiny holes that can absorb a lot of water. Low porosity is like a sponge with uneven holes and tears which can’t absorb or retain as much water. Curly hair cuticles are like torn sponges, while damaged curly hair is a torn sponge in really bad shape.

Do oils moisturize damaged, frizzy curls?

Many oils, including heavy cholesterols, do not have the ability to penetrate into the hair shaft. Instead, they lay on top of the cuticle, coating just the outer surface. Oils can add some shine to your hair, but they will also lead to build-up of product on your hair, which can damage your curly locks.