CurlySuzy Q&A: Do you like Moroccanoil's Intense Curl Cream?

2010-10-04 20:02:51

CurlySuzy Q&A: Do you like Moroccanoil's Intense Curl Cream?

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Dear CurlySuzy: I am a 2b/3a hair type and I was wondering what your take on Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream for my hair type? I am on the hunt for the perfect product, like the Holy Grail. I have stuff I like but Moroccanoil Intense Curl Cream gets a lot of accolades from people I trust.

Dear Amanda: I have heard good and not so good things about it. Here is a link to our review page on this product.

I wish I could say that I have tried it, but I have not. I am a little hesitant also because of the 2b parts of your hair. It might be too heavy. So sorry I could not be more helpful. Please email me again if you have more questions.

I love it--it makes curls bouncy and shiny. I have 3c hair, but I'd imagine if you have a looser curl pattern it would be too heavy. There is another product they have, which might be better for looser curl, called "Curl Control Cream" which wasn't heavy enough for my hair. My stylist introduced me to it, but said before hand that I would probably get better results from the intense curl cream, and I did.