How to Use Curl Cream

2012-08-31 11:21:12

How to Use Curl Cream

Are gels making your curls dried out and frizzy? Curl creams can give you the moisture you need.

Gels may be your curly styling product of choice so, why use a curl cream? If you find that your curls get dried out and frizzy, you may need a styling product that is more nourishing than a gel. Curl creams tend to be more moisturizing and have fewer harsh drying ingredients than the average styling gel. If the idea of using a curl cream as a styler is new to you, check out these quick tips on how to use curl creams.

  • Use a light moisturizing curl cream as a leave-in when your curls are thirsty. Mix it with a gel that plays well with others for a combination of moisture and curl definition.
  • Heavier curl creams are better for fall and winter when the air is cooler and drier. Try a heavier curl cream that has both moisturizing and defining properties so that you don't have to add gel and be concerned about having limp curls.
  • Make sure the curl cream mixes well with gels or work well by itself. Before covering your whole head and ending up with a crunchy flakey mess, test a smaller section of your hair with the cream and your choice of gel to be sure they work well together. To use a curl cream by itself, look for one that says it defines curls or enhances curls. Sometime curl creams like this are called gel-creams.

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