Humectants attract water to the hair to keep the moisture content high. Look for these ingredients in hair care products if you're looking for a humectant.

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1,2,6 hexanetriol Butylene Glycol Dipropylene glycol Glycerin Hexylene Glycol Panthenol Phytantriol -- enhances moisture-retention, increases absorption of vitamins, panthenol, and amino acids into hair shaft, imparts gloss Propylene glycol Sodium PCA Sorbitol Triethylene glycol Polyglyceryl sorbitol Glucose Fructose Polydextrose Potassium PCA Urea Hydrogenated Honey Hyaluronic Acid Inositol Hexanediol beeswax Hexanetriol Beeswax Hydrolyzed Elastin Hydrolyzed Collagen Hydrolyzed Silk Hydrolyzed Keratin Erythritol Capryl glycol Isoceteth-(3-10, 20, 30) Isolaureth-(3-10, 20, 30) Laneth-(5-50) Laureth-(1-30) Steareth-(4-20) Trideceth-(5-50)

THANK YOU!!! I've been racking my brain over humectants and anti-humectant ingredients and I was wishing for a definitive list. I'm printing this out and adding to my hair notebook.