Ouidad Q&A: I Need Moisture

2010-09-30 16:08:23

Ouidad Q&A: I Need Moisture

Ouidad suggests ways of increasing hydration


Ouidad Moisture Lock

Dear Ouidad: My hair is several different textures but the middle is extremely dry. I use Carol’s Daughter hair milk and healthy hair butter on my ends. I put in 2 French braids at night and tie with a silk scarf. I undo the braids in the morning. My hair feels soft all day but it still looks dry. Help!!!

A: Dryness occurs from the inside out for curly hair. Condition the inside with a deep treatment product with proteins and amino acids every two weeks and ensure you use a moisturizing shampoo when you wash your hair such as my Curl Quencher. For styling apply leave-in conditioner and comb through to create a moisture foundation; experiment with amounts, but I recommend a half-dollar-size amount or less.