Ouidad Q&A: Are Ponytails Bad?

2010-08-12 10:15:07

Ouidad Q&A: Are Ponytails Bad?

The Queen of Curls answers your questions

Dear Ouidad: Is it damaging to constantly have my hair in a ponytail during the day? Does this damage my hair at the root?

A: Yes, and yes. You are stretching out your curls and can be ripping out hair along your hairline. You can put it back but more loosely, not tight, so you don't stretch out your curl pattern. And I would certaily not recommend a ponytail every day.

I'm not military but I am in the healthcare field and that also requires my hair to be up daily. I started CG only 2 days ago and am afraid that I wont get good results because of it. I Think I'll try and just put in a claw clip in an upside down twisty thing with the bottom of my hair loose at the top of the clip. Make sense? Thats better than a pony right? I'm a wavy and my curl pattern has not fully emerged, do you think it will still be worthwhile to be CG??
Hello. I am also in the military and have to pull my hairback everyday in a ponytail. Has anyone come up with ideas for this? Our hair has to be above our collar and secured. Thanks for any help.
I was doing EVERYTHING I was supposed to do. Sulfate free poo, condish, DT's, PT's, no blow drying often. And I was still getting damage- it was my CONSTANT ponytail. I used to put it in one every night so that'd be a full 24 hours at least if I wore it during the day too. It's REALLY bad for your hair. Since I went pony free and now only use scrunchies at night (if i *have* to) and metal free elastics, it's helped TONS! Wovensilk- The only way I can not get damage from a pony is to put it in a VERY loose bun. Honestly, you're better off securing your hair with bobby pins if possible. Or try those good spin pins. It's that pressure on the hair from the pony that absolutely kills your hair. If you remove that pressure mid hair, and just secure from the ends, it's just putting your hair in a constant 'scrunch'.
I am in the military and I must pull my hair back into a bun or some type of updo within regulations. Ouidad, do you have any suggestions on how i can style my medium length, curly, 3B hair without damaging it? I have to wear it back, it's just a choice I don't have.
Is the any way to revert to curls back from the root damage?