Profound Beauty: Melissa Fights Frizz

2013-05-17 12:03:31

Profound Beauty: Melissa Fights Frizz

Step-by-step instructions for bouncy curly hair

Zap away frizzy hair

April showers may bring May flowers, but they also bring frizzy hair. Profound Beauty showed Melissa how to treat her hair properly and zap the frizz away!


step 1

We washed Melissa's hair with ANATOMY 50/50 Shampoo, our most emollient and hydrating shampoo, perfect for her dry hair. We then massaged ANATOMY 1/99 Anti-Oxidant Mask from root to tip to restore suppleness and provide intense moisture.


step 2

After rinsing out the Mask, we gently patted her hair dry with a towel, sectioned the hair into 4 parts, and applied HUSH Time-Out Treatment to each section.


step 3

We then twisted each section to prevent frizz and create a soft wave formation.


step 4

We applied HUSH Frizz-Zero Mousse, retwisted each section and scrunched to help prevent frizz and create soft, pliable, shiny waves.


step 5

We used a diffuser to gently dry the hair without moving it around too much.

FRIZZ-ZAPPING TIP: Use HUSH Frizz-Zero Spray to tame a frizzy hairline.


the result

Melissa’s hair is soft to the touch, bouncy and of course, frizz free.

No ingredients listed on the website = no potential sales.
I think i'm a little confused. Is this someone who does not have curly hair? And if she does have curly hair, why are they twisting to 'create a wave pattern'?
Thanks for your honesty Mircurls!
Anyone have 30 bucks to spend on their hair every time they wash? I don't! I went to the PB site and found that the HUSH treatment that is being generously applied to each section sells in a 2 oz tube that's reg priced at $30 and sale priced at $22.50. FOR TWO OUNCES. That's not counting all the other pricey products in the line. So, that's one expensive frizz-fighting regimen. I'll pass.