Ouidad Q&A: Straw on Top, Nice Underneath. Why?

2010-10-04 19:57:00

Ouidad Q&A: Straw on Top, Nice Underneath. Why?

The Queen of Curl answers your questions

Dear Ouidad: My hair is like straw on the top layers and my curls are so pretty underneath. What do I do to fix this problem? Please help.

A: Use the Deep Treatment regularly, starting every 2 weeks and then when in better condition, transition to monthly. This will bring back the health of top layers. The Deep Treatment can also be used as a leave in conditioner, particularly on the dry/damaged area.

I have the same exact problem. This is what I have been doing and it seems to be helping. I have 3b/3c hair, also very porous. 1. No poo routine 2. Once I week I use a deep conditioner (I have been using Ouidad deep conditoner, but it is expensive and I am sure any good deep condiitoner will do). I put on one of those heat caps and let it sit for about 1 hour. 2. I use Devacurl no poo about twice a week and devacurl one condition almost every day fo a co-wash. 3. for styling use Jessicurl confident coils. I have found it be the most moisturinzing for my hair and gives it good curl formation. I have had old highlights on the top and have been growing out layers on the top too. I think that the highlights and old dead ends definitely add to the problem. I hope this helps !!!
This is my hair! Any recommendations for products? I have 3b hair, and highly porous.