By far, the best decision I ever made in my natural hair journey was to have my chop turned into a Deva Cut at the end of my transition. Not only was there a tremendous amount of care put into cutting my hair curl-by-curl, the resulting shape of my hair (both curly and straight) was awesome:

But that was in December. According to several popular stylists that work with natural hair like Felicia Leatherwood, as a rule of thumb natural and curly girls should look to trim their ends every time the seasons change -- every 3 to 4 months. It doesn't have to be a drastic trim, but just enough to get the split, dry, damaged, or uneven ends away from the bulk of the healthy hair.

As much as I love my Devachan stylist Sergio, I can't afford a Deva Cut every 3 months. Besides, he travels back and forth between New York and LA, so getting appointments that regularly would be insane.

The solution? Do it myself.

Although there are about 54,648 different reasons to not take scissors to your hair yourself, a small trim at home does have some benefits:

1. You save money --you're only major cost is shears. I spent around $12 for a pretty decent pair from Target.

2. You have a reason to play in your hair, and doesn't love playing in their hair?

3. You're able to learn even more about the unique characteristics of each section, coil, kink, or curl--thus becoming intimate with your natural hair.

4. You'll become better at trimming. Because of number 3, the more times you work with your hair, the better at trimming it you get. If you know that one side shrinks more than the other, or one section has looser curls, you can trim accordingly to help maintain the best shape.

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