When Priscilla went in for her free blowout, she got a lot less than she expected.

Priscilla with flat twist-out and flat twists on the sideWe can do it better! (flat-twist out)

Independence Day

I would not go back there to get anything done to my hair unless they actually paid me a large enough quantity of money and expected to get nothing, especially not any endorsement, in return. Why? Why would I not go back for a free full service blow-out? I think the simplest answer is not even about the treatment I received while I was there. No, it is simply this: The fact that the full service blow-out would be free does not change the fact that there was not a soul in that salon who would know what to do with my hair.

The average blow-out bar may seem like something short of a miracle to those with much looser textures. For their sake, I can appreciate the blow-out bar from afar. However, if you haven't at least been entertained by my bitter tail of a blow-out that (pardon my French) blows, at least be warned, my curlier and coiler friends: blow-out bars are not for everyone. When your stylist finishes up by asking, "Since you don't have a relaxer, how do you get your hair straight?" (because, why would a person with curly hair actually want to wear their hair curly?) you know that we still have a long way to go to get through to professional stylists that it is worth it to learn how to cater to us curly, coily people. If that market doesn't seem to exist, it's because of experiences like what I have just related to you that have created a culture of curlies who are not so enthusiastic about taking a trip to the salon.

Have you had any success with getting your coily, curly hair taken care of properly at a salon? What stories do you have of professional styling disasters? 

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