10 Winter Curly Hair Tips You Can’t Live Without

2011-12-07 14:13:47

10 Winter Curly Hair Tips You Can’t Live Without

Essential winter tips to protect your locks from drying out and creating frizz.

4. Work the Ends!

Refresh with lavender essential oil.

The ends of our hair can be especially exposed during winter months. Follow these curly hair tips for extra moisturizing when you shower and style.

  1. Type 2 (Waves) Apply conditioner to the ends of your hair in the shower and leave on for three to five more minutes.
  2. Type 3 (Curls) Apply extra conditioner, or a deep conditioning treatment to ends for a few extra minutes while showering.
  3. Type 4 (Kinks) Apply deep conditioner or shea butter to ends of your curls while showering and don’t rinse out all of the treatment.

5. No More Terrycloth Towels!

You need something smooth and absorbent that won’t cause frizz. Steer clear of terrycloth and textured towels. Be sure to blot and not rub your curls as you dry.  Dry your curls with:

  1. Type 2 (Waves): a paper towel or cotton t-shirt.
  2. Type 3 (Curls): microfiber towel or a cotton t- shirt.
  3. Type 4 (Kinks): fiber towel, old satin pillowcase or a cotton t- shirt.

6. Refresh Throughout the Day

All curls and waves can benefit from a mid-day and evening “spritz” of refreshing spray. You can find sprays in drug stores or even make your own. A popular refreshening spray is made with lavender essential oil and can be used on any curl type.

Boil two quarts of water and simmer for one hour, remove from heat and add five drops of pure lavender essential oil, and stir. Allow it to cool and pour into spray bottles. Bring a mini-spray bottle in your purse or keep one at work. It’s a great way to freshen up your locks throughout the day.

7. Avoid Humectants

Try to not use products with honey, glycerin, panthenol and wheat protein. These items are great in the summer, attracting moisture to our hair when we need it. However, they do the opposite in the winter time.

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