OK, so at the request of one of my fave Curlys, I am posting this method. FYI: I have very, very thick, 3A (3B in spots) medium porosity and medium texture hair.

Any who, I have A LOT of hair; I have always found that when I scrunch product in, while it does promote curl formation, it also breaks them up, resulting in massive volume, with thinner separated curls. Last summer I had success with the Denman as far as creating clumps, but they were generally "pulled out" clumps, due to the brushing.

I wanted both my coils AND my clumps — I have found that with this method, I can have both, and with pretty much any product combos that are "good" for my hair.

I suggest reading this through these tips and explanations before viewing the video at the end. OK, so here goes:

  • Basically, I do my thing in the shower (co-wash, rinse out, conditioner).
This is one of several articles that came from the great people in the CurlTalk message boards. These articles are a labor of love from those in the community who just want to help everyone have the best curly hair around.
  • Next, I rake through my leave-in (if I am using one) and then my curl cream (I refer to these as "base coats").
  • This next step can be done either while still in the shower or out, standing by the sink. The sink method is messier, but I get better covergae and thus better clumps, the shower can be done, but you have to make sure you REALLY fill those palms with water.
  • I step out of the shower and to the sink; I brush my base coats through my hair thoroughly with the Denman: first the nape, then the back of my head (some sectioning/lifting is required due to my volume), then the temples and crown.
  • Always brush (whether with this method or otherwise) with CAUTION: Use products with slip, good quality brushes and combs, and if you hit a knot/snarl DO NOT PULL. This is even more important for those who may be more prone to breakage (those with fine/dry/damaged hair, etc)
  • Next I use the Denman to "place" my hair (ie: Left Part, Right Part, etc.)
  • Next (this is important), I do a final brushing of the crown, OUT AND AWAY FROM MY SCALP. This is CRUCIAL to avoid the dreaded Flat-Top.
  • Last step (this is where the clumps come in), I lean over the sink to one side, cup my hands under running water, and gently scrunch palmfuls of water into my hair. Repeat to the other side (those with bangs or shorter crown layers, get those too!) Don't scrunch firm and tight like you are creating curls, but slowly and softly to really soak the hair.