The Sexy Hair Guide

2012-05-10 14:01:08

The Sexy Hair Guide

Tips for your making your mane your best accessory.

Pile it Up

For all you lazy girls, the best way to hide unwashed hair is to pile it into an updo. Updos actually work better with dirty hair because the oils hold a style better than newly washed strands, especially if they're curled.








Lift Limp Locks

Voluminous hair can be yours when you coat your hair with products infused with collagen, which plumps up your locks. Apply mousse to your roots, and lift them up with your hands while diffusing section by section. Turn your head upside down while drying to get more body.







Find Your Center

Middle parts draw attention to your smile and frame the face. They also emphasize the nose, so if that's not one of your favorite assets, a side part is flattering and flirty on everyone.

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Real Beauty

Real Beauty

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