After some searching, I found The Pixiecurl Method. Thanks to some Pixiecurl Method threads on Curltalk and Waterlily176 's video, I was seriously tempted to try this new method. Would it work for me, and could it really make a difference? I had read about it before, but never really paid that much attention to it. I decided the experiment was on.

The Pixiecurl Method

  1. I co-washed my curls, added my favorite products, scrunched with the towel and got my hair dryer and diffuser out.
  2. I put a section of my curls in the diffuser with the hair dryer OFF, and then moved the diffuser up to the crown of my head. I didn't go all the way to the scalp because that seemed to smash the root volume. It also created a weird bend on the top of my curls — not a good thing.
  3. With diffuser almost to my head, I turned the hair dryer ON for about 45 seconds using the warm/low setting.
  4. I then turned OFF the hair dryer. I continued this all the way around my head, stopping when all the sections were almost dry. It took two passes around my head to get my curls 85 percent dry.

If you have super thick hair this may not be for you, because it would take forever. I did not hang my head upside down through out the whole process.

Curl Revelation

This experiment was a huge curl revelation for me. I had no frizz, great clumping and super curl definition. It really worked! Why hadn't I thought about it before? My hair needed to stay still and have the curls scrunched (kind of like plopping) and baked gently until almost dry. I still got lots of volume AND kept the precious clumping. A tricky look to achieve with my hair. My life hasn't been the same since I embraced experimenting and discovering my many moments of curly joy. I really love all my curl revelations, and now the Pixiecurl Method is another great one to add to the list.

What was your most significant curl revelation?


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Hi! I've been using the Pixie Curl method for about a year, and I was just wondering if hanging your head upside down can affect the curl formation negatively. I enjoy how fast it dries when I do this and the extra volume that it gives me, but the curls do seem kind of looser. My hair is pretty thick (but not crazily so) and reaches just past my chest, if that changes anything. Also, is putting the diffuser on my scalp necessarily a bad thing? Sorry this is so long, thanks!