Willow Smith Debuts Music Video for "Whip My Hair"

2010-12-28 15:32:07

Willow Smith Debuts Music Video for "Whip My Hair"

Nine-year-old Willow Smith whips up Internet sensation

Willow Smith's music video for "Whip My Hair" is finally here! The 9-year-old continues to stand out with her style and hair 'dos in this video. Willow is known for being a fashionista and rocking a new hair style wherever she goes.

Willow, daughter of actors Will Smith and Jada Pinkett Smith, talked to Ryan Seacrest about the meaning of the video. “You can’t be afraid to be yourself...and you can’t let anyone tell you that it’s wrong!”

Look for Willow to do a live performance of the song on "The Ellen DeGeneres Show" on Tuesday, Nov. 2.

@ "Young, Blk & Gray: Great comeback! I'm serious, your words said it all. I like the beat and the energy and the lyrics of this song. Do your thing, Willow. Will and Jada have got to be proud!
I agree with reminded me of Raven's song too....i was 6 yrs old when that song came out! Lol!!!....good times....i LOVE the song and WIllow is just SO adorable to me....this is a song i can blast while i'm ridin down the love love it!
Reminds me of early Raven- "That's What Little Girls are made of." Great to have good young role models for our young ladies.
The video is AWESOME!!! Love the beat and the lyrics. grown up of you to put down a 9 yr old. And how in the world is it sterotyping? She's having clean fun. Oh, I guess you prefer to have Mylie Cyrus as a role model for young girls. Willow, shake off the haters and keep your head up.
I hate this video. I think it's tacky and stereotyping.
Alright, I see you little Willow. Lol.
Honestly, she certainly has talent, but the music could be better. That "whip my hair back and forth" chorus, repeating to no end, was too much for my ears and sanity.
Love the Energy :)