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Here at, we often talk about different hair types. Before stumbling upon our site, you may not have even known about different types of curls, but you do now!

Now that we’ve given you the information on your hair type, how about diagnosing the types of frizz you’re having? Different products and techniques work to control different types of frizz, so the first thing is figuring out your frizz type.

12 Frizz Types

1. Surface Frizz

This type of frizz only occurs on the surface of the hair. That is, it’s on the outer layers of your hair, but not on the layers underneath. Almost any Curly has dealt with this type of frizz. If you live in a humid climate, you probably deal with this all the time since humidity can definitely “activate” surface frizz.

2. Poof Ball Frizz

As the name suggests, the poof ball frizz looks like a giant poof ball. Curls are nearly unrecognizable once they’ve reached this state. To be blunt, it looks like a hot mess.

3. Application Frizz

This type of frizz results from over-applying products, thus touching your hair too much.

4. Spider Web Frizz

This type is very much like Fly-a-way Frizz, except it tends to linger around the top of the hair. Different strands of hair separate from one another, creating a “web” look on the surface of the hair. Causes for this type of frizz range from the wind to not enough hold. Additionally, Spider Web Frizz can be the result of a bad reaction to hair products.

5. Halo Frizz

Frizz that centers on the crown of your head.

6. In-The-Curls Frizz

Just like it sounds, this type of frizz occurs within the curls. In-The-Curls Frizz takes away from the smooth look of your curls. Some of your hair will look great while other parts are frizzy.

7. Frizzy Tubes

These types of curls are both good and bad. The good: they tend to prevent the rest of the hair from frizzing. The bad: they also prevent the rest of the hair from looking good. Usually curlies with spiral “tubes” (often our Type 3s) have this issue.

8. Frizz At The Ends

Just the opposite of Halo Frizz, this type of frizz occurs at the ends of the hair.

9. Product Frizz

This type of frizz is the direct result of product. You can usually see this on curls who have loads of envy-inducing shine. Not all curls with perfect shine have this issue, but for those who do, it detracts from the pleasant shine. Unfortunately, the products used to create shine often make Product Frizz more apparent.

10. Crimped Frizz

This type of frizz happens when individual pieces of hair have a sort of “crimped” look to them. It’s generally a result of suffocation, heat and humidity combined.

11. Dry Frizz

This type of frizzy hair is essentially bone dry. It both feels and looks extremely dry.

12. Fluffy Frizz

This is very similar to Poof ball Frizz. The difference is that where Poof ball Frizzy hair is together in one massive poof, Fluffy Frizz means your hair has separated into individual poofs. It’s generally the result of a lack of moisture.

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This is a useful article. I used to think of frizz as just 'frizz', not realising there were many types. I've now worked out I have surface/halo frizz, although it's not severe, fortunately!