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Frizz Solutions for All Textures

Now that you’ve pinpointed the type(s) of frizz you’re experiencing, what can you do about it? Since all types of curls have, undoubtedly, experienced one or more of the different types of frizz, it’s hard to say which products will work best for specific types of frizz. There are too many variables to consider.

Are you a type 2 with Poof ball Frizz? Perhaps you’re a type 3 with a mixture of Fly-a-way Frizz and In-The-Ends Frizz? Or maybe you’re a type 4 with In-The-Ends Frizz? Thankfully, there are products that tend to work best for certain hair types.

Type 2: Wavy

Curl Junkie’s Curls in a Bottle ALWAYS gets amazing reviews from all types of curlies, many of whom are 2s and 2/3 combos. Coffee-Coco’s Curl Creme Lite is another great choice for type 2s who tend to have finer hair that cannot tolerate anything that will weigh it down. In addition to adding moisture (a major cause of frizz), this product will kill the frizzes and give your hair some definition.

Type 3: Curly

Blended Beauty’s Curly Frizz Pudding gets rave reviews from our 3b and 3c curls. It’s an aloe-based curly pudding that helps define and shape curls while controlling the frizz. Curlies also report getting fantastic results from AG Hair Cosmetics’ Curl Trigger Curl Defining Spray. This spray helps eliminate frizz while trapping in moisture and shine.

Type 4: Coily

Carol’s Daughter’s Hair Milk Curl Perfecting Shampoo is a great choice for type 4s who often have a lot of product buildup. This shampoo gets great reviews from our type 4s who need something to break through dirt and product while, at the same time, controlling frizz. You can combine this with their Macadamia Heat Protection Gloss, which will strengthen the hair and leave it soft while keeping the frizzies under control.

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This is a useful article. I used to think of frizz as just 'frizz', not realising there were many types. I've now worked out I have surface/halo frizz, although it's not severe, fortunately!