Model wearing braided cornrows

Twisted Sister

Knitted knots and head-hugging braids have gotten a modern makoever in recent seasons, thanks to elaborate updos, like the cornrows seen here at Alexander McQueen. Whether you're creating a regal halo, like this look, or something more casual, just remember to pamper strands in between stylings with moisturizing masks—repeated pulling and tugging on the same, stressed out hair follicles can cause permanent breakage.







Chloe Moretz wearing frizzy braids

Twisted Sister

Rising starlet, Chloe Moretz, takes her braids to the next level with this fresh and frizzy coiff. We love how she anchors the ethereal style with one strong French braid that starts at the center of her forehead and wraps around to the left.









Charlize Theron wearing a side French braid

Twisted Sister

At an awards show this year, Charlize Theron shows off her highlights (and cheekbones!) with a delicately woven French braid on one side...

And this coiled creation on the other side. A great idea for summer brides looking to keep hair off their neck, this intricate style requires a handful of extensions to ensure that each braid is long enough for proper placement.







Deborah Ann Woll with woven basket braids

Twisted Sister

Outie braids, like Deborah Ann Woll's plaits seen here, are a cool (though advanced) technique for achieving the woven-basket aesthetic. Unlike regular braids, you cross hair under, as opposed to over, the other sections to give your strands an inverted effect.








Alicia Keys wearing a French-braided pompadour

Twisted Sister

The best way to complement an over-the-top pompadour? A French-braided seam, of course. Seen here at the Grammy Awards, Alicia Keys balances out her front-heavy bouffant with an upside-down braid that starts at the nape of her neck.

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