How to get the most out of it

  • CN henna gloss

To take your henna session to the next level and get the most out of it you can add 1 cup of your favorite deep conditioner or regular conditioner to your already prepared henna mix. This treatment will not only give you the benefits of henna but will allow you to distribute it easier, will cut down rinsing time and avoid the drying effect you get right after the henna is rinsed out.

  • Green tea

For curlies who fear the acidity of lime and what it could do to your hair then you could use gentler green tea instead which is slightly acidic and still effective at bringing out the red colour of henna. To use it simply substitute it for the warm water and lemon juice.

  • Hibiscus to increase red

If you're really looking to make those curls pop with a red tint then why not add hibiscus petal powder to your henna mix. To use it mix about 3 tbsp of hibiscus powder for every 100 grams of henna in your bowl and thoroughly combine the two powders before adding your water and other ingredients.

  • Amla to reduce curl loosening

Henna does have a curl loosening effect for some women so if you're worried about that then don't write off henna just yet. Adding amla to your henna mix can counteract its loosening so you won’t feel like you got an accidental texturizer. To do this substitute 1/4 of your henna powder for amla powder. Also if you do use amla you won’t need to use lemon or any other acidic liquid as the amla is already acidic.

Hope this helped naturalistas and as always remember to have love, peace and curly haired bliss!

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